Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 1 Recap

First drama recap! Enjoy 🙂 [I’ll include my initial thoughts at the bottom of each premiere episode I recap]

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Info Snippet: Absolute Boyfriend – based off the Japanese manga [there was also a popular Japanese drama that aired in 2008, and a Korean version will premiere in 2012]. Absolute Boyfriend is about a young woman who has never had a boyfriend and was rejected in every single one of her confessions. Through a series of events, she gets directed towards Kronos Heaven and accidentally orders a robot “perfect boyfriend”. Jiro Wang [from Fahrenheit] and Goo Hye Sun [from BOF] will be co-stars.


We open to hear a voiceover of a young man asking a school girl [presumably our main character] if she is okay and if she is unhappy. He kneels down, and asks her if she wants to play a game. He puts his hands together, and shows her a trick about not being able to move your fourth fingers apart. He explains how this is like love, how two people will never separate and that this is why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger. After she happily agrees and promises to find her other ring finger and live a happy life, she looks up to find that he has disappeared.

Cut to the opening sequence of cute scenes of each character, particularly between Jiro and Goo Hye Sun. The drama also incorporates an interesting way of showing that Jiro is a robot, with numbers and target circles swirling across his vision.

We see our heroine Guan Xiao Fei lying in bed, while an alarm clock ticks. Once it goes off, she measures her bust size, and then bemoans the fact that internet products never work. We see a lot of outfit changes, some spritzing of perfume, and a desperate search for a pink bracelet. How disorganized is this girl? Cut to a different household, where the contrast in cleanliness is almost comical. Our second lead Yan Zhong Shi lays a delicious breakfast in front of his younger brother Yan Qing Shi. Zhong Shi then scolds his little brother’s hygiene habits, and we easily see that he’s almost like a mother hen, even preparing his little brother’s backpack and gym clothes for him.

We find out that Guan Xiao Fei and Yan Zhong Shi are neighbors, and that Zhong Shi finds her obnoxious. That, or he’s had her underwear fly onto his head more than once. Xiao Fei finds her bracelet and prepares a gift bag filled with dry noodles, all the while thinking of “Shi Guan”. She opens the door to leave and sees Zhong Shi, who grumpily holds up her bra. He shuts down her accusation that he’s a pervert, asking if she thinks he’d really be interested in such ugly and unsexy lingerie. She hurriedly stuffs it into the gift bag without thinking, and ignores Zhong Shi when he asks if she’s confessing again. They proceed to insult each other about their love lives [neither has been successful], until she punches him when he calls her an airport that no one has ever flown with [a pun on her name]. It seems like this isn’t the first time she’s punched him.

Skip to confession, and we see the guy of her affections, Shi Guan. He seems to be picking up on the fact that she likes him, and awkwardly tries to get away before the confession happens. Unluckily for him, she doesn’t get the hint and bashfully presents him with the bag of noodles before confessing. He shuts her down by saying he already has a girlfriend, and it turns out she’s the one who actually likes dried noodles. The girlfriend eagerly digs into the giftbag…when she discovers the bra Xiao Fei forgot to take out. Awkwardness ensues, and Xiao Fei can’t stand up in embarrassment. To make matters worse, Zhong Shi rubs it in her face that he told her to put it away, before walking off.

We meet Mei Jia, Xiao Fei’s best friend, as a series of men try to offer her a variety of beverages. She coolly turns them all down, and eagerly asks Xiao Fei is she succeeded with her confession. Mei Jia is pretty nice as she tries to cheer Xiao Fei up, and we see a bit of meta humor as Mei Jia compares Xiao Fei to the actress who starred in Boys Over Flowers [Goo Hye Sun, the actress playing Xiao Fei]. Zhong Shi gets punched again after he taunts her as an airport again, and it seems that everyone at work is aware of how he constantly gets punched by her. It seems that they’ve known each other since kindergarten, having gone to the same schools and now having worked at the same company. The relationship seems merely platonic though, to the point of a brother sister relationship.

Xiao Fei seems to be a bit klutzy and more disorganized than it originally seemed, and she gets scolded by her boss. He takes out the cost of her mistake from her monthly wage, and send Mei Jia to fix it. Xiao Fei desolately walks home, passing couple after couple on her way. We see a flashback of all her confessions – I’m thinking that the guys she likes aren’t very nice, because they all take her gifts but flatly reject her, and in one case even dump an ice cream cone on her head.

While at the park, Xiao Fei finds a cell phone. She answers the call, and arranges to meet up with the rather eccentric looking owner Lei Wu Wu to return it. After meeting him at a house? Café? He thanks her profusely and offers her anything she wants, even asking if she wants Fahrenheit’s CD [meta humor]. Rather frustrated, she finally asks if he can give her a boyfriend, not expecting him to be able to. He smiles and drops a business card in her hands for “KRONOS HEAVEN”, warns her to keep it secret, and leaves. She only belated wonders how he knew her name.

Zhong Shi comes over to bring her dinner, and to help her clean up a little. We learn that her parents had asked him to promise to take care of her, and it seems he’s been pretty faithful to this promise.

Though sceptical of Lian Wu Wu, Xiao Fei decides that it couldn’t hurt to check out the website. We see that KRONOS HEAVEN’s goal is to create an absolute boyfriend, and customers can write down any specifications they want, from body type to personality type. Xiao Fei proceeds to enter the site, and her jaw almost drops at the picture of the absolute boyfriend [Jiro]. She muses that he seems familiar though, and we the audience know that he looks just like the man from the beginning who taught her the finger trick. Xiao Fei decides to try out the product for the 2-day free trial period, and then begins to select the traits she wants in her perfect lover.

She gets woken up the next morning to find two delivery men dressed like policemen standing at her door, who drop off her order Nightly 01 from KRONOS HEAVEN. She presses a button to open the container, and we catch our first glimpse of her robot lover [Jiro]. Quick look reveals a nice six pack, bare chest and broad shoulders. Though we don’t see below the waist, I’d presume he’s naked. He falls out of the container and Xiao Fei pushes him off of her. She prods him with a mosquito racquet, to no response. She then looks to the left, squeals and covers her eyes, looks again, and squeals some more. Luckily for her she gets a call from Lei Wu Wu a minute later, and he asks if she’s satisfied with the product and tells her about the instruction manual to “power up” the robot. After frantically reading the manual, Xiao Fei grimaces and nervously gives Nightly 01 a peck on the lips.

Nightly 01 “wakes up”, and recognizes her through data analysis. He puts his arms around her while calling her darling, and asks if she’s rather “do it” here or in the bedroom. Xiao Fei freaks out and crosses her arms over herself, and Nightly 01 asks why he doesn’t like her. She says it’s not that, and then screams again when she realizes that he’s naked. When she tells him to cover up, he mimics her and covers his face, and she motions for him to move his hands down further.

Zhong Shi rings the door bell, and Xiao Fei frantically hides all evidence of Nightly 01 out of sight. Her nervousness is evident as she greets Zhong Shi, and she pushes to keep him out of her apartment. Nightly 01 sneezes, and though Zhong Shi hears it and tries to investigate, Xiao Fei pushes him out the door and locks it. Once she goes back to check on Nightly, she finds out that he was just testing his ability to sneeze. He then picks her up, places her on the bed, takes off the pyjama shirt that Xiao Fei told him to put on, and lies down next to her. She pushes him away, and he asks if she doesn’t want “it”. She claims that she’s innocent, and that “it” is something that two people who gradually fall in love do. Nightly 01 smiles, and after Xiao Fei tells him her name, asks to be given one as well. Xiao Fei brushes him off, and prepares to go to work, warning him not to walk through her apartment door [meaning he can’t leave the apartment].

At work, Xiao Fei brushes off invitations to hang out with Mei Jia, and decides to go clothes shopping for Nightly 01. She runs into Shi Guan on her way home, and overhears him calling her lame in front of his friends. She angrily follows him to hear what else he has to say, grows more and more angry at his comments. She finally dumps water on his face, and then we cut to Nightly 01 who pauses his cleaning to look at his ring, and then rushes to the door to leave. Shi Guan shows how much of a jerk he is by humiliating her in front of his friends, and then Nightly 01 appears behind her.

Once Shi Guan pushes Nightly 01 at the urging of his friends, Nightly 01 twists his arm, and blocks every punch he throws. Nightly 01 proceeds to fight off the rest of the friends, before sweetly taking Xiao Fei’s hand. He warns them not to mess with her in the future, saying that they will be like a certain table, which he strikes with his hand. When the friends go to check the table, they don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s only after a minute that the table suddenly breaks. As the jerks go to chase after Nightly 01 and Xiao Fei, Zhong Shi pushes a small chair in their way, tripping them. He then proceeds to follow Nightly 01 and Xiao Fei, wondering who Nightly 01 is.

When Xiao Fei asks Nightly 01 why he didn’t follow her request to not walk through her apartment door, Nightly 01 smiles and says he jumped through the window. Lei Wu Wu watches them through a telescope and comments that interactions seem to be going smoothly.

Once they return home, Xiao Fei exclaims over the cleanliness of the apartment. Nightly 01 explains that it’s because she chose the cleanliness trait. She panics when Nightly 01 offers to sleep with her, and tells him she’d rather sleep by herself.

Once in her room, Xiao Fei looks at her phone background [of Shi Guan] and recalls the painful things he said earlier. Nightly 01 looks at his ring again, and then comments on how she is still sad.

The next day, Xiao Fei wakes up to Nightly 01 making her breakfast. Nightly 01 sweetly expresses his wish to eat with her since she doesn’t have work today. A bit of meta humor comes up again when Xiao Fei asks Nightly 01 if he won’t explode from eating food, and he smiles and says that only happens in movies, not dramas. He sneakily checks his ring again, and we see that it’s now a light grey colour. When Xiao Fei announces she has no plans for going out today, Nightly 01 gets up and strips, announcing that this is the only way he can cheer her up if they stay inside. Xiao Fei panics, and agrees to go shopping.

While out shopping, a little boy accidentally bumps her, knocking her cell phone over the bridge. Nightly 01 jumps after it, catching it before landing on his feet. A crowd gathers around him, and he cutely gives her back her cell phone. Xiao Fei admits that she was worried about him, and we see that his ring has changed to pink.

Xiao Fei seems to be developing feelings for Nightly 01, and wonders why her heart goes “thump thump” whenever she looks at him. She decides to come up with a name for him, and finally settles on Ni Te.

[i couldn’t resist throwing this in :)]

Comments: I’ll admit, I’ve seen Jiro act before in Hana Kimi [I’ll recap that another day] and I’ve always thought he fit a goofy role well. He seems to be doing pretty well here though. I saw Goo Hye Sun in Boy’s Over Flowers, and while I thought she was okay, I didn’t think it was anything spectacular. I was a little worried at first because this is the second Korean star crossover into a TW drama [the first one I saw was Skip Beat! with Siwon and Donghae], and I wasn’t sure if the acting would be natural. The acting between actors is fine, but I don’t really like the dubbing voice for Xiao Fei. I also think Goo Hye Sun makes some faces that are a little too…silly or extreme for my taste. What do you guys think?


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