Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 2 Recap

Phew! A lot happened in this episode, so sit back and relax!

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Xiao Fei receives some text messages – one from Zhong Shi reminding her to eat, one from Mei Jia trying to cheer her up. After closing her text messages, she sees her background of Shi Guang and angrily deletes it. Ni Te sees that his ring has turned blue, and asks her what’s wrong. Xiao Fei shrugs it off, and asks if he’d be offended or upset if at the end of the two days she didn’t buy him. Ni Te assures her that he won’t be angry, because he just wants her to be happy. When Xiao Fei asks if she set him to say that, he replies that he thought it himself. It seems that this really touches her.

Xiao Fei goes to see him in the middle of the night, and tentatively asks if he can sleep next to her [but hastens to tell him that they won’t do “it”]. Ni Te tucks her in, and they fall asleep looking at each other. Xiao Fei thanks him mentally for keeping her company, and for making her not feel so lonely. I think she’s really starting to fall for him…

After dreaming that Ni Te is her mystery stranger who taught her the finger trick, Xiao Fei wakes up and rolls over to see Ni Te watching her. When she asks how long he’s been watching her, he replies “8 hours 17 minutes and 8 seconds”. A little creepy, but he reminds her that robots don’t need to sleep.

It seems that Xiao Fei is really enjoying having Ni Te around, as she squeals when he tells her to rest some more while he makes breakfast, and asks her if she wants French toast. Her happiness is ruined however, when Lei Wu Wu drops by to visit.

Xiao Fei can’t seem to remember Lei Wu Wu’s name at all, and it looks to be a running gag. When she asks Lei Wu Wu if he’s here to take Ni Te back, he sassily points out that they are still holding hands. Then, he pulls out an ipad and calculates the 48 hours down to the minute. Xiao Fei was late by 4 minutes, and so has effectively “purchased” Ni Te.

Xiao Fei begs Lei Wu Wu to reconsider and take Ni Te back, but he assures her that his company has given her a discount and she need only pay 100,000,000 dollars NT [$3342198.54 in USD]. Ni Te adorably raises his hand to ask exactly how much money this is, and Lei Wu Wu explains that Ni Te is worth one million bento lunches. Ni Te adorably perks up at this, but Xiao Fei grows more and more desperate. Lei Wu Wu shows her the contract she agreed to, and that each “condition” she selected in Ni Te surpasses the amount the company has agreed to sell Ni Te to her for.

After much back and forth begging and arguing, Lei Wu Wu shrugs and says, “I can’t sell a used product”. This elicits shock and surprise on the part of Ni Te and Xiao Fei, who deny any interactions of the sort. Lei Wu Wu leaves out of the blue, telling them that he’ll call later.

Xiao Fei decides to get a part time job, resigning herself to the fact that she’ll “sell her body” and go work construction. Lei Wu Wu pops in to comment, and I think he’s got some magic teleportation device that lets him in wherever. Though Ni Te offers to help by finding a job as well, Xiao Fei is embarrassed that people might find out she bought a robot boyfriend, and forbids him to help.

At work, Xiao Fei opens a magazine to start looking for jobs. Mei Jia sneaks up on her and asks her why she needs to find another job. Xiao Fei quickly makes up an excuse, and Mei Jia promises to help her out. Zhong Shi seems to be stuck in the friend/neighbour-zone, as he tries to check on Xiao Fei and she huffily brushes him off.

Cut to Xiao Fei dressed in a little black dress. Turns out Mei Jia recommended a party girl waitressing job, and at the interview Xiao Fei acts sickingly cute. The manager isn’t too impressed however, until Ni Te shows up asking for a job as well. He gets a little touchy feely with Ni Te, and agrees to hire Xiao Fei if Ni Te cross dresses as a woman.

Cue hilarious makeover scenes, where Xiao Fei and Ni Te watch as three ordinary guys are transformed into cutesy Barbie dolls before they themselves are made over.

We see Xiao Fei dressed as a cat, complete with furry boots. Then we see her watching Ni Te, who is entertaining a group of drunks. Xiao Fei stares in horror as one of the guys trails his hand up Ni Te’s thigh, and ends up spilling alcohol on one of the patrons. The patron scolds her, and then gropes her butt. Ni Te can’t stand to see Xiao Fei treated this way, and fights the guy. The manager is pissed, but gives them one more chance.

Then we see the “show” begin, and Ni Te dances saucily on stage. Xiao Fei is pulled along by another patron though, and Ni Te hear her protests again. Since Xiao Fei told him not to hit people with his fists anymore, he uses his legs to kick all the patrons. There’s a bit of an awkward scene where he opens his legs in a V shape to knock out a guy, and the guy’s eyes nearly bug out of his head. Me thinks he noticed that Ni Te was actually a guy.

They both get fired, and trudge home despairingly. When they stop at a park bench to sit for a bit, Ni Te explains that he likes to see Xiao Fei smile, and that it might be better for her to return him, since he is causing her so much pain and trouble. Hearing Ni Te’s words, Xiao Fei feels sincerely touched and asks what would happen to him if she did indeed return him. Ni Te declares that he doesn’t care what happens to him, as long as he has helped Xiao Fei. He leans closer and closer for a kiss…

Which is interrupted by Lei Wu Wu. Kiss Count: still only 1. Seems like Xiao Fei was also hoping for that kiss, because she has a stank face while Lei Wu Wu is talking. He announces that he’s scored them a super big discount, and happily announces that the 100,000,000 doesn’t need to be paid. Instead, she only need support the company with monthly payments, and “use her body”. Hold up – Lei Wu Wu explains that since Ni Te is their first product, they want to gather as much data about women’s complex personalities so that their later products aren’t “stuck running between 3rd and 4th base”. Basically, she need only give herself all to Ni Te [including that].

We also learn the meaning behind the ring colours – turns out there are 7 which reflect the owner’s mood, and the ring itself allows Ni Te to read her likes and dislikes. White = calm, Red = happiness, Pink = giddiness at seeing someone, Purple = frightened, Blue = troubled, Crying = black, and Bright Yellow = wanting to do “it”, aka lust. If they don’t collect enough information, then the 100 million dollar fee must be immediately repaid. If she tells anyone that Ni Te is a robot, she gets a 100 million dollar fine. This seems like a plot device to encourage skinship/bonding between Xiao Fei and Ni Te, but I’m not complaining yet 😀

They run into Zhong Shi outside of the apartment building, and he sees Ni Te happily pick her up and swing her around in a hug. Seems like Zhong Shi is a little hurt, and he ignores her as he walks by. Poor momma hen, he loses his temper at his brother and brandishes his chopping knife as he yells at him for keeping his house in such a mess and not appreciating the fact that he followed his parent’s wishes to watch over him. We can tell that he’s really yelling at Xiao Fei, and when Zhong Shi’s younger brother brings her up and suggests they date, he angrily crushes an egg in his hand and tells his brother that she’s already got a boyfriend.

Xiao Fei gets a call on her cell from Zhong Shi, and when she picks up hears his little brother invite her over for dinner. Looks like someone is playing matchmaker. Though apprehensive, she agrees to go over in a few minutes. When Zhong Shi finds out that Xiao Fei is coming over in 10 minutes, he leaps into lightening mode and prepares a variety of yummy dishes. Looks like momma hen has skills 🙂 Xiao Fei explains to Ni Te that she is going next door to eat, and that she’ll come back soon.

Tension fills the air, as Zhong Shi nervously straightens his shirt and Xiao Fei awkwardly sits down. Lil bro makes an excuse about skyping his friends for homework, and leaves the two of them alone. They both awkwardly reach for the same dish, and Zhong Shi places some veggies on her bowl. Cute. Xiao Fei is really happy that he isn’t ignoring her anymore, and when asked about Ni Te, just brushes it off by saying it’s none of his business.

Ni Te is feeling a little lonely, and bemoans the fact that Xiao Fei has been gone a while. In the apartment next door, Xiao Fei gets up to wash a bowl and Zhong Shi tries to take it from her. They end up fighting over it and it breaks on the ground, cutting open Xiao Fei’s leg in the process. Ni Te checks his ring and we see that it has turned purple. Zhong Shi grabs Xiao Fei in a back hug, which makes Xiao Fei tense up, but she doesn’t move. Suddenly, Ni Te breaks through the wall, categorizes Xiao Fei’s injury and takes her away. When Zhong Shi and Qing Shi stare in amazement, Lei Wu Wu pops up behind them with three policemen like workers and assures them he’ll fix the mess.

The hole in the wall is patched up, Zhong Shi’s arm gets bandaged, and all the debris is vacuumed up. Then Lei Wu Wu takes out a rod, and pulls a Men in Black by erasing their memories. How many gadgets does he have? The boys “wake up” screaming, and then ask each other why they were screaming. Lots of confusion on both their parts.

Ni Te tales care of Xiao Fei, and she gets up to apologize to Zhong Shi. Seems like her concern for him might be a little stronger than friendship? Lei Wu Wu pops in to assure her that he fixed the situation, and that Zhong Shi won’t remember a thing. Though Xiao Fei appreciates the fact that Ni Te came to help her, she admonishes him that he can’t be that rushed and break anything next time. Ni Te seems to be not too happy, and asks if Zhong Shi is Xiao Fei’s classmate and friend. Seems like the robot is getting jealous!

While Zhong Shi is washing the dishes, he notices that a bowl is missing. When he goes to check around the dining area, he notices a piece of broken debris. Uhoh…

When Xiao Fei goes to work the next day, she bumps into Zhong Shi and remembers the weird hug that happened between them. Of course, Zhong Shi doesn’t remember [or does he?]. We find out there is a new worker in their office….and it’s Ni Te!

Comments: There were a few funny moments in this episode, and Lei Wu Wu is extremely eccentric [the ringtone gag made me laugh]. I like that we see jealousy from both Zhong Shi and Ni Te – Zhong Shi during the dinner scene with his awkward back hug [though it seemed like he was happy] and Ni Te asking about Zhong Shi. I’m assuming that Ni Te showing up at work stems from this jealousy, and it’s sure to complicate things 😀 Can’t wait to see how Xiao Fei explains their relationship!


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    1. I’m afraid I don’t 😦 I re-watched a clip, but his ringtone has no lyrics/isn’t a famous song so I don’t actually know how to look it up. You could try looking around soompi to see if anyone posted about it.

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