Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 3 Recap

Lots of flashbacks in this episode, and we learn more about Mei Jia and Xiao Fei’s relationship.

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We left off after finding out that Ni Te will be working at the same office as Xiao Fei, Zhong Shi, and Mei Jia. Xiao Fei demands to know why he is here, and Ni Te explains that he wants to spend every minute with her – the moment she leaves home he starts to miss her. He reaches for her hands, and Xiao Fei bashfully smiles. Lei Wu Wu pops in to disrupt the moment again, arguing that Ni Te should, in fact, come work here.

He explains that this way Ni Te will have much more opportunities to interact with females and collect information [i.e., facial expressions]. I’m a little confused by how Ni Te was able to get hired without references and any personal history, but given the amounts of fancy gizmos Lei Wu Wu has, I’m guessing he just waved a wand or something.

Xiao Fei reluctantly agrees, since theoretically her debt will be cleared the faster Ni Te gathers data and the sooner robot hottie #2 is produced. Lei Wu Wu asks if she’d miss Ni Te if he left, and she defensively says that she wouldn’t miss him, it’d be like a washing machine that broke. Ni Te takes her literally though, and assures her he can last for a hundred years. This brings up a mental image of old Xiao Fei still young Ni Te. Guess forever doesn’t seem so peachy after all.

Therefore, Xiao Fei decides that no one can know that he is her boyfriend, and that he will be introduced as her cousin. During introductions, Ni Te picks up that Mei Jia is awkward, and bluntly states as such. Does someone has the hots for Ni Te? Turns out Mei Jia might not be the only one… Ni Te picks up that “the female hormone levels are on the upsurge in the building and they all want to do “that””, he also points out that Xiao Fei’s gay co-worker’s “female hormone levels” are rising as well. We see Ni Te’s picture get passed around through texting, and Mei Jia seems to know something is up with the “cousin” story.

Mei Jia leaves the lunch room with a bag, and meets up with three clones dressed in pink, yellow, and blue jackets. She interrupts them as they are swooning over Ni Te. Looks like the three girls are part of the Secretary division, a high up department [say what??], and Mei Jia is dropping off some samples. Cai Yu Fei is the leader in pink, and she invites Xiao Fei’s and Zhong Shi’s respective departments to the company retreat. When Ni Te happily picks up Xiao Fei’s hand, Yu Fei angrily marches over. She flirts with Ni Te a bit before she leaves, leaving Xiao Fei worried.

A guy’s voice indentifies Ni Te as Xiao Fei’s boyfriend, and then passes the phone to Mei Jia. The camera pans up to reveal Shi Guang standing next to her, and he gives her a back hug as he says that they can finally be together now. Uhoh, looks like Mei Jia promised to get together with him if he rejected Xiao Fei, and only arranged it to make Xiao Fei unhappy. Two-faced traitor…

Xiao Fei is packing for the company retreat tomorrow, and nervously hides her underwear behind her back when Ni Te brings it to her. He’s excited to finally go on vacation with her, and explains that he’s found 572 expressions that had not been previously recorded, though each expression was followed by a wanting to do…”that”.

Ni Te checks her emotions again, and notes that his ring is now a light orange. He asks if she’s angry in general, or angry because of jealously. She crossly responds that she wouldn’t care if her fridge was being stared by others, and Ni Te hugs her, assuring her that he hopes to finish collecting data soon.

The doorbell rings, and Xiao Fei rudely tells Zhong Shi she already ate. Poor momma hen, does so much and doesn’t get much thanks for it. He rudely asks back if anyone said he was going to feed her, and Xiao Fei comments that the way he speaks is very un-adorable. Haha momma hen can’t win either way, can he? He gives her medicine, and she confusedly asks why. He explains that it’s car sickness medication [aww], and she asks why he’s the only one from the RD department attending the retreat. Turns out the RD department is a pretty big deal, and the only one higher than the Secretary department.

Xiao Fei is about to shut the door, when Zhong Shi stops her and asks if Ni Te is going as well. He also asks why she’s telling everyone that Ni Te is her cousin, when it’s clear that he’s her boyfriend. She starts threatening him not to tell about her and Ni Te’s relationship, but ends up pouting and worrying about being killed by Yu Fei and her clones. Zhong Shi asks if Ni Te suggested the cousin charade, and Xiao Fei shakes her head. Zhong Shi learns that their relationship isn’t stable yet, giving him hope [he even gives a little chuckle and smirks]. Their interactions are so cute 🙂

Xiao Fei explains to Ni Te that when her parents left, they asked Zhong Shi to promise to watch over her. Ni Te asks with a poker face is she is cheating on him then, because statistically “when guys take care of girls, 95% of the time they’re dating”. HAHAHA. Xiao Fei denies it right away, and tries to explain that because they’ve been friends from childhood, her family trusts him a lot. Though they fight and bicker, they’ve always been friends.

The next morning on the bus, Zhong Shi looks a little worried, and when Ni Te and Xiao Fei look around for seats, Yu Fei and her clones jump up to insist that Ni Te sit with them in the back. Xiao Fei sits next to Mei Jia, who sneakily asks “having your boyfriend get taken away by other people must be very sad, right?” She claims that her ‘best friend’ intuition allowed her know that they were dating [yeah right], and when Ni Te asks Xiao Fei if she wants some fruit, the three clones give her death glares. It’s rather funny how petty they are.

Zhong Shi seems to be looking out for her constantly, asking if Ni Te is really being a good boyfriend if he hangs out with other girls and enjoys their company. Too bad he doesn’t understand Ni Te is a robot, and so will always be loyal to Xiao Fei. Xiao Fei surprises Mei Jia with two friendship bracelets, and Mei Jia looks at it strangely. I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll change her act, but we’ll see. Zhong Shi takes note of how happy they look with their bracelets.

Everyone gets their room divisions, and most people aren’t too happy with theirs. Ni Te and Zhong Shi are put together, and Ni Te asks if he can share a room with Xiao Fei. There’s a moment of panic, but Xiao Fei brushes it off as them sleeping together in preschool. Xiao Fei and Yu Fei are rooming together, meaning Yu Fei has something up her sleeve.

Ni Te starts changing, and Zhong Shi asks him if it look him a long time to work out and get those muscles. Looks like someone is jealous. Ni Te cutely wonders if it would take a long time to get those muscles. Mei Jia walks by Xiao Fei and Yu Fei’s room, and overhears Yu Fei promise to consider Xiao Fei for a position in the secretary department if she creates “alone time” for Yu Fei and Ni Te. Uhoh…

Flashback to when Mei Jia had made a mistake and forgotten to place a document on the Manager’s desk. She had quickly tried to cover up by saying that she thought she told someone else to do it, but then Xiao Fei exposed her as a liar when she brought the document in and explained that Mei Jia must have accidentally taken it home in her bag. People wouldn’t stop laughing at Mei Jia, and Xiao Fei never clued in on the embarrassment she was causing her friend. Since then, Mei Jia vowed to embarrass Xiao Fei just as much, and pay back every set back she’d experienced after that event.

Lost in her memories, Mei Jia doesn’t notice that Xiao Fei has sat down next to her with a bag of rice cakes. Apparently Xiao Fei eats them when she’s not feeling happy, and Ni Te pops in behind them to ask Xiao Fei to feed him. Super cute, but it’s going to get her in trouble with the secretaries. Fed up, Xiao Fei stuffs an entire piece in his mouth. Yu Fei shows up with the clones, and asks Ni Te why he would eat such cheap stuff. She purposely “accidentally bumps” Xiao Fei, so that she loses her balance and starts to fall down the stairs. Everyone watches in horror, until she is caught by Zhong Shi. It brings her uncomfortably close to his face, and they quickly shrug apart. Zhong Shi scolds Yu Fei while Ni Te checks if Xiao Fei is okay.

While everyone runs to the tandem bikes, Zhong Shi asks Ni Te to at least keep a low profile, just for Xiao Fei.

While Mei Jia and Xiao Fei ride their bikes, Mei Jia guilt trips Xiao Fei about the secretary department. She explains that she also applied for the secretary department, and expresses her sadness about not being a likely pick. Xiao Fei of course decides to help out Mei Jia, and fakes a leg cramp so that Ni Te stays with her and Yu Fei gets mad.

They hang out by the river, and Xiao Fei explains why she lied about the leg cramp to everyone. Xiao Fei reminisces about how Mei Jia would always try to find a way to cheer her up, and we learn that Mei Jia is the one who made puffed rice cakes such an important memory. Xiao Fei promises to eat rice cakes with Ni Te sometime, and Ni Te kisses her on the cheek. Little do they know that Mei Jia has doubled back and taken a picture of them.

Later that night, Yu Fei gets Xiao Fei to help her look for a lost earring on the bus. Xiao Fei goes down into the luggage compartment to look for the earring, and is promptly shut in by the three clones. They accuse her of lying about her relationship with Ni Te, and tell her she has no right to be with him. Turns out someone *cough Mei Jia cough * sent them the picture of Ni Te and Xiao Fei together, though the three clones don’t know who it was yet.

Ni Te is soaking in the pool with the boss and gay co-worker, who pats Ni Te’s muscles and stares at him adoringly. Though Ni Te’s ring turns purple/black, he doesn’t seem to notice. Zhong Shi goes to check in on Xiao Fei at her room, and overhears the secretaries gloating over their victory. He threatens to report them to General Manager, using his standing in the RD department over them. Yay for confident white knight 🙂 Ni Te finally notices his ring, and it’s a race to see who opens the luggage compartment first.

Cut to the door of the luggage compartment opening, and we see Zhong Shi gently bringing Xiao Fei out. He notices that her hand it hurt, and blows on it to get rid of dirt. Ni Te rushes up, but Zhong Shi scolds him for being a bad boyfriend and letting the three witches clones hurt her. Though Zhong Shi talked to the hotel already for an extra bed to be added, Xiao Fei will be staying in Mei Jia’s room until it’s been prepared.

Ni Te stares into space as Zhong Shi enters the room, and asks him if he knows where one can buy puffed rice cakes. Zhong Shi doesn’t know, but seems to think better of Ni Te when he hears him talk about wanting to cheer Xiao Fei up. Ni Te gets a phone call from the front desk saying that Xiao Fei left a note for him, and he cheerfully walks out. Zhong Shi resigns himself to the fact that the only person who can really be by Xiao Fei’s side right now is her boyfriend.

Though Ni Te thinks it’s odd that Xiao Fei would suddenly ask him to meet her at the hot springs, he wonders excitedly if she wants to do “that”. Alas when he gets there, it’s Mei Jia who set him up. She lies about Xiao Fei wanting to break up with him, and offers herself as a distraction. After half collapsing on him, she confesses that she liked him since she first saw him. As she goes in to kiss him, Ni Te comments that her female hormones aren’t rising, and that even Sky’s [the gay co-worker] hormone levels rise when they see each other. Ni Te deduces that she doesn’t actually like him, and though Mei Jia turns on the charm and shakes out her hair, he announces that even if Xiao Fei wants to break up with him, as long as it makes her happier, he doesn’t mind.

Mei Jia gets downright hurtful, and lies that Xiao Fei confessed to Zhong Shi last weekend. She claims that Ni Te doesn’t understand Xiao Fei at all, but Ni Te counters that she was supposed to be Xiao Fei’s friend, but seems to understand her even less than him. With that, he leaves.

The next morning, Xiao Fei walks in arm in arm with Mei Jia. What? Ni Te, did you not tell Xiao Fei about Mei Jia?? When the clones invite Ni Te to sit with them, he firmly shuts them down, and asks them not to trouble him or Xiao Fei in the future.  The general manager comes in for breakfast, and greets everyone. He offers a challenge for Xiao Fei and Mei Jia, since they have both applied to transfer to the secretary department.

He present them with two bottles of wine, one white, one red. They must decide which bottle to pair with the main course of his business dinner that night, and tell him after breakfast.

Mei Jia sits down with the three clones, and asks them which wine she should choose. The three clones laugh themselves silly, until Mei Jia reveals that she was the one who sent them the photo of Ni Te and Xiao Fei. She explains that she’s willing to help them steal Ni Te away, in return for a better chance of getting into the Secretary department.

The guys have gathered around Xiao Fei and are trying to help her out. Turns out the dish in question is lamb, and Xiao Fei found it while going through his blog. Resourceful girl, I like her :D. Ni Te is busying pulling an iron man and searching the internet in the air, but I’m guessing only he can see the “screen” because Sky comes up next to him looking very confused.

Zhong Shi has found photos of the the president and restaurant owner together, and Ni Te jumps up to grab it off the wall. They see that there are two bottles of wine in the photo, and Ni Te identifies them with his super vision as the same two wines the manager brought today. Zhong Shi tells her to choose the red wine, because red meat goes with red wine. Ni Te tells her to choose a white wine. Xiao Fei seems to have made up her mind, but we don’t know what it is yet.

When the time comes, Mia Jia chooses red wine on the advice of the secretaries, and Xiao Fei chooses the white wine. Who is right? Come back for the recap of ep 4 😀



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