Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 4 Recap

I’m sorry I’m sorry I know I promised to post an Absolute Boyfriend Recap every day but some stuff came up. I’ll be on schedule next time I promise 🙂

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Xiao Fei explains that she chose white wine because although mutton technically is red meat, baby lamb is used in the dish and is considered more of a white meat. In addition, the general manager had discussed wine on his blog, and mentioned that asparagus would ruin red wine. Because the chef of the hotel restaurant is going to serve the dish with asparagus, Xiao Fei guessed that the general manager would choose white wine.

The manager chuckles, and praises her for being meticulous and thorough in her research. He tells her to go take the two bottles of wine to the restaurant waitstaff.

As she giddily skips down the hall with the wine, Mei Jia runs up behind her. She tentatively says that her period is here, and that she forgot to bring pads. When Xiao Fei tells her to wait a moment after she delivers the wine, Mei Jia grabs her arm and offers to take it instead, saying that if she [Mei Jia] stains her clothes, she’ll be embarrassed. Xiao Fei hands them over, and runs to grab the pads.

We see Mei Jia walk out of a doorway, and she stops when she sees Ni Te waiting for her. He’s very suspicious, and asks her where she’s been. She shiftily looks around, and Ni Te can pick up that she’s lying. He blocks her way when she tries to get by, and as she turns to leave, trips. Ni Te pushed her out of the way and catches the wine, but Mei Jia hits the wall and sustains a head injury. Zhong Shi calls an ambulance, and Ni Te explains that Mei Jia refused to answer his questions and tripped while trying to run away. He had pushed her out of the way to save the wine. Xiao Fei gets very upset at him however, and when he tries to help, pushes him away.

Once at the hospital, Mei Jia guilt trips Xiao Fei, saying that she was merely taking the wine with her to the ladies room, and Ni Te kept harassing her. Zhong Shi notices that they’re both wearing their bracelets, but Mei Jia’s is black.

Cut to the general manager’s dinner, where the guests compliment him on his choice of wine, and then try it. They immediately make faces, and he asks nervously if something is wrong. Cue English actor speaking in bad Chinese. When the general manager calls Xiao Fei in and demands to know what she did to the wine, she stutters and apologizes. Ni Te bursts in to offer the possibility that Mei Jia tampered with the wine, although he doesn’t have any concrete evidence. Xiao Fei cuts Ni Te off, and the general manager asks her why she left the wine in someone else’s care rather than chilling it right away. He reveals that he originally intended to transfer her to the secretary department, but it appears that she needs to mature some more.

Outside, Xiao Fei asks Ni Te why he seems to hate her friends so much. He broke the wall between her and Zhong Shi’s house, injuring Zhong Shi in the process. Now he’s injured Mei Jia and accused her of tampering with the wine. Poor Ni Te is like a lost puppy – he smiles as he assures her he’ll always be by her side, but Xiao Fei just storms off leaving him confused and dejected. He looks at his ring [now orange], and can’t figure out why she’s angry again.

Zhong Shi finds Xiao Fei sitting by a fountain deep in thought. He wonders why she’s up, and asks if she’s upset because the general manager reprimanded her about the wine. She explains that she’s over that already, and that she doesn’t know why the wine went bad. The reason she’s upset is because Ni Te injured Mei Jia. She poses a hypothetical question to Zhong Shi, asking if a new refrigerator in his house short circuited and hurt someone in his family, what would he do? Obviously she’s referring to Ni Te, and Zhong Shi replies that he wouldn’t get mad at the refrigerator because it doesn’t know any better, but most likely would replace it if it was faulty. Uhoh…

The group travels back from the retreat, and Xiao Fei turns down Zhong Shi when he asks if they want to share a cab. She tells him that she and Ni Te have someplace to be, and yanks her suitcase out of Ni Te’s hand.

They end up at the docks and Ni Te asks Xiao Fei why she brought him there. She explains that they’re meeting Lei Wu Wu here, and when Ni Te tries to put his arms around her, she throws him off. She explains that she studied his manual yesterday and he gets excited asks if she’s going to test his main function [doing that]. Xiao Fei says that though Lei Wu Wu had claimed Ni Te was not returnable, the manual states that if Ni Te hurts a human, she can pay to have him returned. Ni Te runs a quick check, and cheerfully says that he’s not malfunctioning, so she doesn’t need to return him. Xiao Fei lays it out for him though, saying that she can’t keep him by her side and risk her friends accidentally getting hurt.

Ni Te doesn’t argue, but does state that he hasn’t cheered her up yet, or really been her girlfriend. He asks if she would like to experience it before returning him. Horny robot…haha He’s still surprised when he checks his ring and still finds it orange though, and asks why she’s still angry when he supports her decision. Xiao Fei bitterly says that he doesn’t understand her thinking or feelings, and that a real boyfriend wouldn’t have to check a ring to understand her moods or cheerily suggest experiencing that before breaking up. She’s realized that Ni Te doesn’t feel emotions, and doesn’t believe that a robot can be her perfect boyfriend anymore. Aw, Ni Te doesn’t understand what she’s saying because there is no definition of “break-up” in his vocabulary data base. Xiao Fei shrugs him off, and walks away. Ni Te calls after her, saying that they haven’t gotten puffed rice cakes yet, and runs next to her taxi. Though he runs super fast, he suddenly stops.

Lei Wu Wu appears, asking why he isn’t chasing after her. Ni Te explains that the ring has turned black, and that Xiao Fei was sad because he was chasing her taxi. He was programmed to make his girlfriend happy, and won’t chase after her if it makes her sad. Lei Wu Wu wonders if Ni Te has evolved to judge the order of his owner’s preferences, and rushes after him.

In the taxi, Xiao Fei cries and cries, wondering why she feels so sad. She looks out and sees a man setting up his machine for making puffed rice cakes, and thinks back to every time Ni Te made her smile by kissing her on the cheek or hugging her. Suddenly, she asks the taxi driver to turn around, and anxiously looks for Ni Te. She can’t find him anywhere though and calls out to him begging him to come back…

Until she turns around and sees him standing with a bag of puffed rice. He explains that he was going to go home and look for her, but sensed that she was at the docks. She grabs him in a hug, and he holds up the bag, asking if she wants to dry her tears. He explains that they had made a pact to buy it, and he couldn’t break it. Aw. He wonders why the ring is red when Xiao Fei is crying, and she calls him a dunce. He giddily hugs her when she explains that she’s not returning him anymore, and we see them skip home.

Zhong Shi meets with the general mananger, and asks him for a favour. He wants to resolve a doubt he has.

Xiao Fei woke up to see Ni Te looking at her, and panics that they might have done it. Ni Te assures her that though they had a romantic dinner and drank 750 mL of wine, “unfortunately we didn’t do it”. He’s so funny 😛 He explains that she was talking in her sleep, saying Mei Jia’s name over and over, and held onto her cell phone all night. Mei Jia hasn’t returned a single call yet, and Ni Te comments that neither he nor Xiao Fei is responsible for her anger. This gets Xiao Fei’s attention, and he starts explaining what happened at the resort, but then stops, saying that she programmed him not to gossip about girls. He warns her to be more careful, and that Mei Jia might not be the person she thinks Mei Jia is.

While Xiao Fei wonders aloud what Ni Te means by this at work, she spies Vivian [Shi Guang’s girlfriend from episode 1] slap Mei Jia across the face and accuse her of being a boyfriend stealer. When Xiao Fei asks Mei Jia if it’s true, Mei Jia walks off. The three secretary clones gleefully explain that she’s a cunning “other woman”, and when Xiao Fei denies it, let slip that Mei Jia was the one who circulated the photo of her and Ni Te kissing at the resort. They also reveal that Mei Jia asked them which wine to choose, and accuse her of trying to cheat to get recruited to the Secretary department. Is it bad that it’s satisfying to see two-faced Mei Jia get done in by the clones?

Xiao Fei sits in her chair staring into the distance, and can’t accept what the secretaries have said. She says that Mei Jia was her best friend, and would never backstab her. Zhong Shi shows up then, and asks her to rethink things. He explains that when they had rushed Mei Jia to the hospital, he’d noticed that her silver bracelet had turned black, while Xiao Fei’s was still clean. Apart from normal oxidation, chemicals such as sulfide will cause silver to discolour. The hot springs at the resort contained sulfide, and Zhong Shi deduced that Mei Jia had tampered with the wine by heating it in the pool. He had gone to the general manager and restaurant owner at the resort to use the security tapes as evidence, and had seen Mei Jia place the wine bottles in a plastic bag and submerge it in the female hotspring. Nice to have smart guys who do their research 😀

Xiao Fei takes off running, and Zhong Shi stops Ni Te from running after her, saying she needs to confront Mei Jia on her own.

Mei Jia shows her true bitch-face, and admits to every horrid thing she’s done to Xiao Fei. She blames her for being nosey and going through her bag four years ago and ruining her life. She explains that she used Xiao Fei as a foil, and had people reject her so she’d also feel shame and embarrassment. Mei Jia takes the bracelet and throws it to the ground, and Xiao Fei kneels to pick it up. Mei Jia tells her to stay away now, and Xiao Fei slaps her. Xiao Fei gives her the bracelet again, and angrily thanks her for being there all this while before marching off.

Zhong Shi waits for Ni Te and Xiao Fei after work, and asks them if they want to eat dinner. Xiao Fei hooks her arm around Zhong Shi’s neck, and asks Ni Te if he’s jealous. He smiles and says that any friend of Xiao Fei is his friend.

They drink and eat hot pot, but poor Xhong Shi ends up being a third wheel. At breakfast the next morning, Xiao Fei stares at her friendship bracelet, remembering when she gave it to Mei Jia. Ni Te can’t figure out why she’s laughing when she’s sad, and when she explains that it’s so that he won’t worry, he explains that he likes the real Xiao Fei, and she can cry, laugh, smile, or be angry and it won’t matter.

Ni Te notices that Xiao Fei’s mood has cheered up, and quickly disrobes. Xiao Fei asks him how can he strip so quickly, and finds out that he actually hasn’t been wearing underwear at all because she never gave him any. She takes him shopping and pushes him into a co-ed underwear store, where he immediately attracts a lot of attention. The girls offer to demonstrate underwear sets for him, and we find out that he thought he was buying underwear for Xiao Fei. Hahaha. Xiao Fei gets jealous and drags him out of the store, until she hears the store girls badmouthing her and drags him back in to announce that he will only ever love her and her only. Ni Te never stops smiling the entire time 😀

Once they get back home, Ni Te announces that now he’s wearing the underwear she bought him, can they do “that” now? Xiao Fei quickly refuses, but when Ni Te checks his ring, it shows pink. He cutely points it out, smiling. Cue beet red Xiao Fei, and she locks herself in the bathroom. Ni Te comments that while she says one thing, her body says another. Looks like he expects it to happen…

The doorbell rings while Xiao Fei is taking a bath, and she yells for Ni Te to get it. Which he does – dressed only in his underwear. What?? From the look on Zhong Shi’s face, he wasn’t expecting it either. He tentatively walks in after Ni Te invites him, and Xiao Fei runs out in her bathroom, screaming when she sees Ni Te wearing only underwear. He proudly announces that he’s wearing her boxers of love, and she tries to tell Zhong Shi that it isn’t what it looks like and they don’t have that type of relationship. Poor momma hen, he congratulates her on finally having an airplane land and lies through his teeth on wishing them happiness. He leaves her with hot chocolate, and tells her to drink it while it’s hot. 😦

Zhong Shi stands in his backyard and thinks back to a few years ago, when high school Xiao Fei had asked him to wake her up early. Zhong Shi explains that he had agreed to her parents’ request because he though she’d be moving in with him [and hence, be easier to take care of], but she crossly tells him that she’s a virgin and could never live with a guy like him. She announces that she’ll get a boyfriend who will live with her and take care of her.

Ni Te walks out onto Xiao Fei’s deck as well, and greets Zhong Shi. Zhong Shi overhears Ni Te tell Xiao Fei he’s already prepared her breakfast and to get a lot of sleep.

When Xiao Fei runs into work the next morning, Sky shushes her as they hear Mei Jia ask for a transfer. Xiao Fei realizes that Mei Jia might be transferring because of her, and thinks sadly to herself. Lei Wu Wu pops in for a bit, reminding her that she needs to pay Ni Te’s maintenance fees – approximately $100,000 NT a month for three months.

At lunch, Xiao Fei can only afford a small salad now that most of her money is gone. Sky asks if she’s dieting to try and match Ni Te in terms of appearance, and Ni Te grows worried as he quickly assures her she’s perfect the way she is. He brings his forehead close to hers to try and feel if she is sick [could have used your hand…], and everyone freaks out. Zhong Shi looks very put out.

Comments: Haha nerdy high school Zhong Shi! Couldn’t resist screenshotting it 😛 I’m glad we didn’t dwell too long on the Mei Jia story, because I’m eager to see more of Zhong Shi vs Ni Te. It’s nice to see Xiao Fei appreciate Ni Te more as well, since before she always took him for granted.


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