Fated to Love You [命中註定我愛你] Episode 1 Recap

Woooo episode one! 🙂 Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Greengrassjelly and I will be posting these everyday, so stay tuned!

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We open to our panicked protagonist Chen Xin Yi running full speed towards an office building carrying coffee. She drops it off with various people in her office, and they all request jobs of her, sticking sticky notes on her all the time. Some complain about how slow she is, and she apologizes one after the other. Xin Yi narrates as we watch her with her co-workers in the background, introducing herself as ordinary, with an ordinary personality, and unable to say no when people ask her for favours, even though she’s clearly got too much to do. Xin Yi compares herself to a sticky note, convenient and easy to toss away once you’re done with it. Basically, our heroine has no self-esteem.

We learn that from birth, she was never appreciated. Her mother had wanted to abort her, but because she was so cheap and the pharmacist gave her the wrong medicine, she ended up being born. Even the day that she’d been born, her mother had finished washing all the laundry before returning home. So…the mother gave birth by herself? How?? Though Xin Yi lived a Cinderella life, only receiving hand-me-downs from her two older sisters, her father doted on her until he prematurely passed away.

Cue fantastic dream about a prince dressed all in white asking Cinderella Xin Yi to dance. Xin Yi’s father promised her that one day, her prince would come and make her the most beautiful princess of their family. He also told her that being ordinary was not bad, and sometimes was the greatest power of all.

We meet Xin Yi’s boyfriend Shi Gu Chi in a flashback as well, when he’d stopped by her desk one night after resigning from the company and had given her his number. They start dating, but it seems that Xin Yi’s habit of going overtime and doing work for others is putting a strain on her relationship.

It’s Christmas season, and Xin Yi is spending it all alone after leaving work late. She wishes for a miracle, and then sneezes. It begins to snow, and as Xin Yi looks around in wonder, she hears someone call her name. Turns out it’s a girl on a billboard poster, and she magically turns into Xin Yi wearing the santa outfit in the poster. “Santa” Xin Yi claims to want to help Sticky Note Xin Yi [original Xin Yi] and explains that the magazine she’s holding has an article about 18 ways to win back your boyfriend. She hands Xin Yi the magazine [is this magic going to be explained?], and has her turn to page 163. She recommends going on a short vacation as the perfect chance to rediscover their love, along with a sexy dress and a romantic candle-lit dinner. Though Xin Yi protests at the idea of sleeping with her boyfriend before marriage, “santa” Xin Yi tells her to think it over again before snapping her fingers. Xin Yi sneezes once more, and the snow and “santa” Xin Yi disappear.

Looks like Xin Yi took “Santa” Xin Yi’s words to heart though, as our next scene shows STAR CRUISES. We immediately cut to a guy diving into the water and swimming laps – this is our male lead Ji Cun Xi. His assistant Anson congratulates him on his swim time [and wouldn’t you know? It’s Lei Wu Wu from Absolute Boyfriend!], and we learn that Cun Xi is the director of Mo Fa Ling, Asia’s biggest chemical engineering company. Cun Xi is preparing to propose to his girlfriend Anna, whom I’m sure we’ll meet soon. He’s booked a ticket on STAR CRUISES as well, and had Anson deliver flowers and the ticket to Anna.

Anson hands him the ring box, and they both admire it. Cun Xi takes it out, and vows that tonight, Anna will be his. After he leaves, Anson creepily mimics him, and pokes fun, switching “you will be mine” with “I will sleep with you”. Ha. Can’t tell if he’s sane though…

Xin Yi and Gu Chi arrive, and Gu Chi clarifies that if she hadn’t explained that they could have gotten a 15% discount using her credit card, he wouldn’t have let her pay. Xin Yi tries to cheer him up, but he says that “whether or not he’ll be happy depends on when they go on the bed [aka, have sex]”. Looks like boyfriend is a jerk. When she stutters in surprise, he plays it off as going on the boat [boat and bed sound similar in Chinese], and says that he wouldn’t sleep with her. He’s just digging himself a deeper hole, which he tries to rectify by saying that he knows she’s not that type of girl. Still stinks like a jerk… specially with how he turns to stare at a passing woman.

When Xin Yi accidentally sneezes on him, he tells her that maybe they should keep their distance for now until she gets better, and that he’ll walk around the cruise ship to look for fun things to do if she takes their luggage to their room. We see him catch up to the woman who passed by earlier, and they exchange a knowing look.

Cut to Cun Xi and Anson making sure every detail is perfect, down to the fireworks for the celebration. As Cun Xi walks through the VIP walkway, he bumps into Xin Yi trying to move all her luggage. With the bright lights behind him, she dreamily thinks that he looks like the prince of her dreams. Said dream is broken however, when he crossly tells her to watch where she’s going and not leave her glasses on the ground next time.

As Cun Xi and Anson board the ship, we see that two hooligans [father and son] have followed them. It seems that Cun Xi has bought their factory, and they are out for revenge.

We see both Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s rooms, one lavishly decorated for a proposal, the other plain and simple. Xin Yi throws on some of her own decorations, while Anson tells Cun Xi to get the deed done right away and get Anna pregnant with twins. Perv much? The Chairman is anxious for grand-kids, but Anna is a ballerina and doesn’t want to ruin her figure yet. Because Anna doesn’t want children yet, she refuses to marry Cun Xi.

We see Cun Xi and Xin Yi practice their speeches in their respective rooms [1009, 1006], but Xin Yi ruins hers with a sneeze. She pulls out her cold medicine, and reads that a small minority of people are affected by drowsiness and dizziness after taking it. Xin Yi ignores it and takes a pill. Any bets that she’s in the minority?

We finally meet Anna, riding in a car holding the cruise ticket. Flashback to her ballet audition for Odette [the white swan] in Swan Lake. We see that she received his letter, inviting her to the cruise and asking her to become the “Odette of his heart”. She smiles and smells the paper [spritzed with the smell of the wine they ordered the first time they watched swan lake together], when the NY Royal director offers her plan tickets and a contract to play Odile. She turns him down, explaining that rather than play a supporting role, she might as well stay by her boyfriend’s side and forever be his leading actress. Aw 🙂

She arrives at the docks, and receives a call from Cun Xi. He teases her about how she once stood him up five times at the Paris airport, twice at Grand Central Station in New York, and asks if this is going to be the first time at Cim Sha Cui dock. She tells him that she’s already at the dock, and they agree to meet up in his room, 1009. As she’s leaving the taxi though, she gets a call from her manager. Turns out the NY Royal finally decided to let her be the first Asian to play Odette at the Lincoln Center. Dilemma dilemma..

The ship leaves, but we still don’t know whether or not Cun Xi is going to get stood up again. He is approached by the father son duo at the bar, and we finally learn their names, Wu Liu Liu and Wu Qi Qi. They demand their factory back, and yell at him for laying off all the workers. 70% of the residents on Jiang Mu Island worked at the factory, and by laying them off, Cun Xi has thrown the island into poverty. They accuse him of trying to get their secret hair growing shampoo formula, which he confirms.

Xin Yi walks to the bar area looking for Gu Chi, and sees his stroking the hand of the same woman he met up with. When she interrupts them, he makes an excuse that he was just chatting with a friend. He then accuses her of suspecting him and not trusting him, so she immediately backs off. Gu Chi tries to get her to go back to the room when he finds out she’s dizzy, and says that he didn’t bring any money, he can’t take her anywhere fun. Unless, of course, she gives him her credit card…MAJOR RED FLAG. Which she does in the end. Sigh.

Back to Cun Xi, Liu Liu and Qi Qi. One of them pours some white powder in his drink while the other distracts him. They all drink to “make amends”, and grab the cup when he tries to dispose of it. Apparently, they put their island’s famous “Dragon in Bed” medicine in his cup, and have hired a girl to go to his room. They plan on taking pictures of him with the hooker and using them as blackmail. When their inside man goes to check the door, he finds it jammed at first, and so hits the door until it opens. In the process, the 9 gets flipped down, so that the number becomes 1006. The waiter isn’t careful though, and leaves the door slightly ajar.

Xin Yi groggily makes her way back to her room, and falls to the ground. When she gets up, she grabs onto Cun Xi’s room door and looks at the numbers, 1006. She walks in and closes the blinds before crawling under the covers. Up above, the waiter gives Liu Liu and Qi Qi the room key. Cun Xi appears to be feeling the effects of the medicine, and starts unbuttoning his shirt as he walks down the hallway to his room. He gets onto the bed with Xin Yi, and though the two of them have a conversation, they are too out of it to realize their voices are different.

We see clips of them kissing, intermingled with clips of airplanes, rockets, missiles, and trains. Ha! Liu Liu and Qi Qi sit outside in the hallway, and decide to walk in and take a picture of the lovers in 10 minutes. Inside the room, Cun Xi puts the ring on Xin Yi’s finger, still not realizing because of the dark that it’s not Anna. It’s only when Xin Yi says, “I love you Gu Chi” that the two know something is wrong. They spring apart, and Liu Liu and Qi Qi start taking pictures. That’s when they discover the Indonesian girl never showed, and Xin Yi showed up instead. Xin Yi…their daughter/sister-in-law. They cutely wrap her up in the blankets, all the while telling Cun Xi not to look, and whisk her into the bathroom.

Cun Xi gets security, and Liu Liu and Qi Qi take off running. Unfortunately for them, their camera gets thrown into the ocean. Back in the room, Cun Xi interrogates Xin Yi, accusing her of planning to extort money from him. She denies it, crying that this is her room, 1006. Sure enough, when Cun Xi goes to check, his room says 1006. He discovers that the 9 has flipped, but tells Xin Yi there is no such thing as coincidence. She starts to cry, saying that she never would have used her first time on someone she doesn’t know, and ends up running out of the room to hers.

There, she discovers Gu Chi giving the woman [now dressed in Xin Yi’s sexy lingerie] a massage, and he makes some feeble excuses about checking her back pain. Cun Xi walks into their room to return Xin Yi’s clothes and get the ring back, and Gu Chi accuses her of cheating on him. When she yells at the woman [Rebecca], for insinuating that she’s easy to lie to and easy, Gu Chi breaks up with her. Cun Xi watches this all happen, and realizes that Xin Yi really was telling the truth. He watches her get humiliated when Gu Chi reveals that he only used her, and calls her stupid. Gu Chi and Rebecca force Xin Yi out of the room, and as Cun Xi comes to her defense, he gets a text from Anna explaining that she left for New York.

As Cun Xi and Xin Yi brood by the boat railings, Xin Yi gets a text saying that Gu Chi has maxed out her credit card, and drops her phone into the ocean in surprise. She leans over the railing to watch it fall, and Cun Xi grabs her off, thinking that she’s trying to commit suicide. They tumble to the ground, and she yells that everything is gone. Her money, her cellphone, her prince charming, even her first time. In the end, Gu Chi treated her just like everyone else did – a sticky note that he could rip up and toss out when he was finished with it. Cun Xi doesn’t understand what she means by sticky note girl, and she tearfully explains to him what kind of girl she is. When she says that she hopes Gu Chi and Rebecca feel guilt, Cun Xi loses his patience and yells at her. She picks up on the fact that he isn’t happy either, and realizes that he probably has a girlfriend.

When Xin Yi apologizes after Cun Xi tells her he’s been dumped and his girlfriend never came on the cruise ship, Cun Xi yells at her again. He decides to help her out, and tells her to be like super glue, so that even if she is torn off, she still rips out a layer of skin. Graphic, but maybe what she needs…He tells her to show people that she can’t be bullied, and drags her to the salon so that she can get a makeover. When she protests and says she already looks okay, he tells her that they’ll have to prepare if they’re going to fight her boyfriend.

Cue makeover scene! ^Cun Xi’s shocked face after seeing her transformation.

They go to the casino, where Gu Chi is gambling away Xin Yi’s money. The director of the boat sees that Xin Yi is wearing the ring, and tells the crew members to ready the celebration. Cun Xi tells her not to worry, just hold her heard up high, take a deep breath, and let “that person” see how beautiful she is. Aw. They walk over to the casino table where Gu Chi is playing and when Xin Yi says they should bet 500, Cun Xi bets 5 million [500 of 10,000 is how it’s pronounced in Chinese]. A crowd gathers around, and the game begins.

Gu Chi and Rebecca are winning and winning and winning, until Cun Xi gets an Ace of hearts and gets to place his first bet. He bets 1 million NT, and though Gu Chi panics, Rebecca tries to call a bluff and puts in 1 million NT as well. Cun Xi gets another ace, and puts it another 1 million NT. Rebecca prissily follows suit, declaring that even if he gets all four aces, he won’t be able to win over their royal flush. The dealer puts down one more card, and Cun Xi has three aces. The fourth ace gets put down in front of Rebecca. Gu Chi is giddy with happiness, and bets all in that Cun Xi’s three aces won’t beat his royal flush.

Gu Chi turns over his cards, and he has a straight, but not royal flush. Cun Xi asks Xin Yi to flip over his cards, revealing…two kings. They won! A bouncer comes to fly Gu Chi to the police station, but Cun Xi offers him a way to win back his chips – Gu Chi must kneel down and apologize to Xin Yi. [just a side note – for those who aren’t aware, kneeling in front of someone who isn’t an older family member is very shameful in Chinese culture]
Gu Chi stammers, but finally swallows his pride and apologizes for every horrid thing he’s done to Xin Yi. As soon as Rebecca hears him apologize for getting with her, she grabs his arm and slaps his face. He turns to Xin Yi and asks for the money, and with tears in her eyes she throws chips at him before storming off.

Cun Xi rushes out after her, and finds her on the top deck looking out over the water. She apologizes for appearing weak after all his hard work to help her, and explains that she doesn’t pity Gu Chi, but wanted to cut off herself from him. When she saw him kneel before her for 1 million NT, she realized how blind she had been in the past. She won’t long for him, and has no need to be upset now that there is nothing between her and Gu Shi.

We hear Cun Xi’s voice narrate that this was the moment he first realized how attractive the “sticky note girl” could be when she is serious. He gives her a 100 NT chip as a souvenir for changing her life, and tells her that as long as she has a chip in her hand, she will always have hope – no matter what happens in the future, fate is always in her hand. Xin Yi realizes that she is still wearing his ring, and while she tries to take it off, introduces herself.

The staff appear at that moment bearing flowers and noisemakers to congratulate them on their engagement. When Cun Xi tries to explain that Anna did not accept his proposal, the staff begin chanting “marry him!”. Xin Yi tells him that since he helped her, she’ll help him back. She steps forward and raises her hand with the ring, but then crowd calls for a kiss.

Cun Xi kisses Xin Yi on her forehead, and the cruise ship director tells them that any couple that gets engaged on this cruise ship stays in love forever. He gives them two special love dolls, and Cun Xi and Xin Yi nod awkwardly. Violinist begin to play, and Cun Xi extends his arm to Xin Yi. She whispers that she only knows folk dances, but he assures her that he’ll teach her. They stumble quite a few times, and she keeps apologizing, but he tells her to press on, and not to apologize. Aw 😀

Xin Yi is starting to fall for Cun Xi, and she thinks to herself how jealous she is of his girlfriend. We later see that Xin Yi fell asleep on Cun Xi’s shoulder, and that he’s freezing out on deck because he wrapped his jacket around her. Double aw. He tucks her in in his room, and thinks to himself that if Anna had been there, it would have been too perfect. As he settles in on the sofa, he looks at Xin Yi asleep with her love doll.

Comments: I’m sorry, Cun Xi’s face in the picture above was too good not to put in this recap. Our main couple is set up, and though we knew most of the stuff would happen [the description made it clear she does get pregnant], it’ll be interesting to see how their dynamics change over the drama. I’m just glad Xin Yi is finally out of that terrible relationship with Gu Chi. Up next is greengrassjelly’s recap of ep 2!


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  1. You don’t know how long I scoured the internet for a written recap of this drama. You’ve been on hiatus long enough. C’mon! Get back to work! Just kidding😉😉:)

    1. Unfortunately I’ve got my hands full at the moment with recapping/reviewing WGM, Fall in Love With Me, and Lovestore at the Corner, but I will talk to Greengrassjelly about what to do with Fated to Love You!

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