Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 5 Recap

Love triangle begins!

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Ni Te doesn’t seem to know why Xiao Fei is blushing so hard, even when his body temperature tells him that she doesn’t have a fever. Xiao Fei tells him not to touch her or follow her since they’re both at work and she doesn’t want him to draw attention to their relationship. Ni Te doesn’t seem to understand how these two are correlated, which is odd since he’s able to pick up on other behaviours.

Xiao Fei is so busy pondering her troubles that she bumps into her worker with the short hair bob, Fang Zhi Xi, causing Zhi Xi to drop all her files. After giving Zhi Xi back all her paperwork however, Xiao Fei spies a small booklet, and opens it to find Zhi Xi’s bank account information. She then proceeds to look at her current balance [what?? Doesn’t she know to respect Zhi Shi’s privacy?] and is shocked to find it at 3.5 million.

Xiao Fei right away grabs on to Zhi Shi’s arm, calling her master and begging Zhi Shi to teach her. Zhi Shi tries to explain stocks and shares to Xiao Fei, but Xiao Fei doesn’t really grasp the concept. She asks if there is any way to make money that involves labour and not brains. Sigh… Zhi Shi seems to think the same way, and offers Xiao Fei a “decent” job where the pay is $30,000 NT. Zhi Shi explains that the section manager had put her in charge of organizing a luncheon for foreign researchers from France, but because she is taking the day off to work on a case for $200,000 NT, she’s offering Xiao Fei the chance to work in her stead. Knowing Xiao Fei’s chances for tripping up, plus the fact that she doesn’t speak French…I’m not sure this is too good of an idea.

That night in Zhong Shi’s apartment, Zhong Shi starts putting veggies and rice into a Tupperware container. When his younger brother comments that he should be packing two portions if he’s giving that to Xiao Fei, Zhong Shi freezes for a moment before saying he’s packing lunch, and not giving food to Xiao Fei. He starts to rearrange the Tupperware, and little bro wanders over to give relationship advice. Hehe :D. He ponders how nice it would be if human relationship [i.e. love and friendship] could be put in separate Tupperwares, with clear defined lines so that one sullied relationship won’t spoil the others. Unfortunately, human relationships aren’t like that, and he asks Zhong Shi if it’s a shame that he’ll lose a friend as well his chance with her. Cue Zhong Shi running away, leaving his little brother to put away the Tupperware.

Xiao Fei gets dressed for her luncheon, and when Ni Te asks her where she’s going, she lies and says she’s having a girls night with Zhi Shi. She explains that everyone needs their personal space from time to time, and tells Ni Te to enjoy his personal time today. After Xiao Fei leaves however, Ni Te wonders aloud why Xiao Fei is lying.

Doesn’t look like Xiao Fei really knows what she’s doing at the luncheon, as when the head butler asks her questions about the number of guests and when he should serve dinner, she frantically flips through her folder. Zhong Shi shows up, and it turns out he’s the representative for their company at the luncheon today. When he asks Xiao Fei what she’s doing here, she gleefully holds up her pass. She explains that she needs the money, when the first French researcher shows up. Xiao Fei thinks to herself that she’s never seen Zhong Shi likes this before.

Ordering goes well, until the last guest refuses to speak English and only speaks to her in French. Xiao Fei gestures with her finger at the menu, and doesn’t understand that he wants a vegetarian dish. She mimes eating her pen, which is a little insulting to the director because she’s treating him like a child. Ni Te shows up out of the blue speaking perfect French (turns out that was a random quality Xiao Fei wanted him to have). He saves her, and says that he followed her because he knew that she was lying to him. When she tells him that she’s broke after spending $300,000 on him, he smiles and gives her a hug.

Zhong Shi comes across them, and crossly asks them both to keep their lovey-dovey acts at home in private. He forces them to separate by asking to pass…hehe so petty. He ignores Xiao Fei later on, and she charges forward to demand to know why. In the process, she crashes into a waitress carrying bottles of wine, causing her to spill it all over a guest. Ni Te sees the man yelling at Xiao Fei, and pushes the man. Ni Te demands an apology from the man, and Zhong Shi steps in. He gives the guest his business card and offers to pay for dry cleaning or suit costs, and the man leaves appeased.

Zhong Shi scolds Ni Te, telling him there is more than one way to protect Xiao Fei. He says that he shouldn’t interfere with Ni Te and Xiao Fei’s relationship, and starts to walk away. Xiao Fei tries to chase after him, and winces in pain. Turns out she got cut on her leg again, and Zhong Shi beats Ni Te to the punch when he swoops in to take care of her. Ni Te: 0, Zhong Shi: 1.

Xiao Fei doesn’t seem to register Zhong Shi’s feelings, and cluelessly asks him why he’s mad. He tells her that she shouldn’t be working herself so hard just to spend money on Ni Te [which makes sense if Ni Te is human, but Xiao Fei can’t explain that he’s a robot with maintenance fees], and says she should go home. Xiao Fei sticks her tongue out at Zhong Shi, and the mood lightens after that. Ni Te notices that his ring has turned red, and wonders if Xiao Fei is happier with Zhong Shi. Zhong Shi meanwhile, gets put out when Xiao Fei wonders where Ni Te is.

When Xiao Fei is about to leave, the head butler explains that she has to pay for the expensive Austrian wine glass she broke. She tentatively asks if there is a way she can pay for it without actually forking out money, and we cut to her standing in front of a long pile of dishes. Zhong Shi shows up and starts to help her, explaining that he’s trying to make sure she doesn’t get into any more accidents. He starts to hint at his long time crush for Xiao Fei, saying that he’s a bit envious of their relationship, and Xiao Fei asks who the lucky girl is. Zhong Shi proceeds to describe Xiao Fei – but the dense girl just doesn’t get it. Sigh. She even comments that the girl sounds just like her, but just brushes it off.

Zhong Shi grabs her gloved hand [yes! Finally!], and Xiao Fei slips her hand out before insisting that she can do the dishes on her own. Zhong Shi hugs her and starts to confess when the head butler walks in. He apologies for interrupting, and Xiao Fei says that Zhong Shi was feeling dizzy so she was supporting him. The head butler nervously tells them to keep on being dizzy, and leaves. HA. Xiao Fei leaves, and Zhong Shi is left to do the dishes on his own. 😦

Xiao Fei sees Ni Te standing outside, and they go home together. All the while, she thinks about what Zhong Shi said, not able to decide if Zhong Shi was talking about her or not. I think she just doesn’t want to accept the truth. Ni Te suddenly asks if she likes Zhong Shi, and explains that his ring was red when she was with him. Xiao Fei quickly says that she only likes him as a friend, and finds Lei Wu Wu waiting for her at home. She’s in a bad mood, and slams the door in Lei Wu Wu’s face. Everything checks in OK during the maintenance check, and Ni Te aks Lei Wu Wu how he can gather information quickly so that he can be Xiao Fei’s perfect boyfriend. Ni Te holds Lei Wu Wu over the edge of the balcony until he reveals where he can go to gather information.

Xiao Fei wakes up the next morning and wonders where Ni Te is. He walks in, and brushes it off when she asks where he was. They’re running late, and catch an elevator just as it’s closing. Wouldn’t you know it, Zhong Shi is in there. Awkward. Xiao Fei and Zhong Shi reach to press the elevator button at the same time, and sparks fly. Ni Te, picking up on the awkward, squeezes himself between the two.

At work, Xiao Fei gives Ni Te a document to deliver and he promptly leaves. Xiao Fei thinks to herself that he’s acting odd, noting that before, he’d always ask if she needed him, and try and kiss her. Sky asks if there is a problem with their relationship, observing that Ni Te hasn’t been acting clingy. When they’re about to get off work, Xiao Fei tells Ni Te to leave earlier, and talks to him without realizing that he left a long time ago.

Zhong Shi notices that she’s staying late, and pops in with some snacks for her. She makes a horrible excuse that she needs to buy more staples, and Zhong Shi sees right through it. He asks her if she thinks that he likes her, and she says that she doesn’t have a great figure. Zhong Shi confirms it, but says that even so he…Xiao Fei interrupts, saying that the girl he likes is probably so unlucky because he’s so mean and will probably bully her. She offers to teach him about confessing, and he says that there’s no need, he’s already been rejected. He thinks to himself as he leaves that even though she isn’t pretty and doesn’t have a great figure, he still likes her for who she is. Aw.

Lei Wu Wu meets her as she gets off work, and he starts to ask her why Ni Te hasn’t transmitted any information about doing that. She says that he should be worrying that Ni Te has a problem, and that his level of clingyness has dropped. Lei Wu Wu shiftily looks around, and Xiao Fei accuses him of doing something. Hold up – she can tell when Lei Wu Wu is hiding something but can’t figure out that Zhong Shi likes her after he pretty much confessed? Lei Wu Wu takes Xiao Fei to a Gentleman’s escort club, and drags Ni Te out when she sees him with a girl named Victoria. He explains that he’s working so that Xiao Fei doesn’t have to support him, and says no when she tells him to resign. He’s starting to make his own decisions!

Lei Wu Wu starts to explain that there is a reset function for Ni Te, but she walks off before he can finish. Not a good idea…

Xiao Fei interjects herself between Victoria and Ni Te, drinking his liquor so that he doesn’t get drunk. Victoria calls security over, and Xiao Fei relocates to the bar. This repeats every night [including one time when she cross dresses].

Comments: I wasn’t too happy with how this episode ended, because Xiao Fei was getting really childish with her actions at the escort club, and I’d been hoping for a cliff hanger. Looks like they used that for the preview for episode 6, because we see Mei Jia kiss Ni Te. Uhoh…One other thing I’m glad of is that Zhong Shi has finally stepped up and made an effort to convey his feelings. Of course, the only way it seems Xiao Fei will understand his feelings are through a direct confession, but hey, I’ll give it time.


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