Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 2 Recap

“Pregnant?! Don’t joke with me, Cupid!”

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Cun Xi and Xin Yi leave the cruise ship together in the morning, and Xin Yi apologizes for drinking too much the night before and causing Cun Xi to have to take care of her.  Cun Xi responds that he couldn’t have left her on the dock in the cold by herself, especially after she did him a favor (dancing with him and keeping him company when Anna wasn’t there).  They pause and he looks at her for a moment, then reaches forward to take off her glasses.

He tells her she would be prettier without glasses on, but she smiles shyly and puts them back on anyway.  She asks for one last favor, which is for Cun Xi to not give Wu Liu Liu and Wu Qi Qi a hard time for having tried to blackmail him.  He agrees that as long as they don’t come to his office to bother him, he will let the matter slide.  As Cun Xi gets ready to leave, he asks her to forget everything that happened the night before.  She looks a little uncomfortable, but manages to smile and say that last night was an accident and shouldn’t have happened, so they should both forget about it.   She returns the Anna’s ring to him and wishes that he can tie the knot with Anna soon.

As everyone is leaving the boat, we see Wu Liu Liu and Wu Qi Qi and learn that they pulled the memory card from the camera before it was thrown in the ocean.  They discuss plans to make Cun Xi look bad without hurting Xin Yi.

We move to an auction, where Cun Xi’s step-mother and step-brother Ji Liu Xiu Ling and Ji Zheng Ren are attending artist Zhong Shan Long’s auctioning of his “Nuo” collection.  Zheng Ren  reminds his mom that they’re putting all their money into buying “Nuo” but they only have 1,020,000 NT (only about $34,000 USD), and 80% of that money was borrowed from an underground bank.  Xiu Ling tells her son that his grandma, Grandma Zhen Zhu, loves Zhong Shan Long’s artwork, so if they’re able to buy the ceramic bowl for her 80th birthday, she might be so happy that she will welcome Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren back into the family.  We eventually learn that Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren left the family five years ago when the family company was in danger of bankruptcy, and occasionally come back only to ask for money.  As the auction starts, everyone is asked to preview six different “Nuo”’s inside a display case to choose which bowl is the real creation of Zhong Shan Long.  Xiu Ling sees Dylan, a young man known for commonly bidding large amounts of money and creating a lot of commotion over no-name works.  He also has a lot of experience with auctions, so Xiu Ling tells her son to copy down Dylan’s answer for the correct version of the bowl.

Turns out Dylan had covered up part of the number so Zheng Ren bid for the wrong “Nuo,” while Dylan bought the real “Nuo.”  Xiu Ling and her son try to get away with not paying for the fake bowl and are kicked out of the auction.

As Grandma Zhen Zhu is playing Wii tennis at home, she gets a video call from Dylan, sharing with her the good news that he had bought her Zhong Shan Long’s “Nuo.”  We learn that Dylan is almost like another grandson to Grandma Zhen Zhu.  Just as they’re talking, Cun Xi comes home, so Grandma Zhen Zhu redirects her attention to hear about Cun Xi’s proposal to Anna.  As she hears that he has been “dumped” again, she complains that he is crushing her dreams and making her wait another three years to have a great- grandchild.  He defends Anna and says that being on the stage at the Lincoln Center has always been her dream, but inside, we know that he’s also just as disappointed as his grandma (even if it’s for a different reason).  Grandma Zhen Zhu argues that even if he is willing to wait for Anna, they’re across the world from each other that their physical distance will eventually affect their emotional distance, hinting at the possibility that their love might gradually fade away.  Cun Xi waves off her worries and goes to his room.  Anna happens to be calling him, so they start a video conference.

Anna apologizes and holds up a poster she made that says “Forgive Me”  Then she holds up another one saying “Listen to what I have to say…”  His anger becomes apparent here when he tells her that she only thinks about what she wants but not about what he wants.  She says she knows what he wants, and that he already has it—her heart (dawwwww).  He asks her if she isn’t worried that his lonely heart will go to find comfort in another woman’s arms, and she says with a proud smile that she knows he wouldn’t.  Even as he tries to be serious with her, she only responds with smiles and jokes, not realizing the guilt as wells as sadness that is in Cun Xi’s heart now.  Anna asks if Cun Xi has received the package she sent him, and it turns out to be the dog that he had given Anna, Baby Ji.  Grandma Zhen Zhu is eavesdropping on their conversation, so Cun Xi tells her to come in.  As Grandma Zhen Zhu picks up Baby Ji, Anna tells her that she knows she can’t fulfill Grandma’s wishes yet, so she sent Baby Ji to keep Cun Xi and Grandma company for the time being.  Grandma Zhen Zhu complains that she doesn’t want a dog to replace a great-grandchild, because a dog can’t call her “Grandma.”  As Grandma Zhen Zhu leaves, Anna tells Cun Xi that being the daughter-in-law of the Ji family is too much pressure.  When Anna hangs up, Cun Xi sees the doll that was given to him on the cruise ship and thinks about Xin Yi.

Xin Yi has arrived home and is going through her mail, worrying about all her bills that she’s going to have to pay off.  She too looks at the cupid doll and pulls out the 100 NT chip and thinks about how although she won’t ever see the “prince” (Cun Xi) again, she was happy to have gotten to be treated like a princess for one night.  We see that she goes immediately back to being a “sticky note girl”—picking up coffee or lunch, running errands, etc.  As she watches a co-worker eat a hotdog, she feels like vomiting (dun-dun-dun…) but she thinks it’s because the seafood she ate earlier wasn’t clean and brushes the worry aside.

We see Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren come back to the Ji family company, Mo Fa Ling, to try to talk Cun Xi into letting them back into the family.  They insist that they’re back to make an effort to better the family company, but Cun Xi knows that they’re just after money.  After a lot of nagging, Cun Xi agrees to give them jobs to help them earn some money.  He sends Zheng Ren to be an operator in the packaging factory, to which Zheng Ren and Xiu Ling are furious.  At this moment, Wu Liu Liu and Wu Qi Qi are back to see Cun Xi.  They wave a CD, called “The Secret That Cannot Be Told,” (a reference to Jay Chou’s movie by the same name) in front of Cun Xi saying that he should consider watching the exciting video before he decides to kick them out.

They emphasize that this is not the version starring Jay Chou but rather a certain Mr. Ji…on a boat.  Cun Xi gets nervous and takes the CD.  Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren see all of this and become curious as to what it is in the CD that is causing Cun Xi to bow down to the two hooligans.  Anson finds out about what happened on the ship, and as they’re talking, Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren are listening in and find out.  Cun Xi puts the CD away and tells Anson to call his lawyer as they leave his office, and Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren immediately enter his office and make a copy of the CD.

Meanwhile, Cun Xi and Anson go to find Lawyer Chen, who also happens to be Xin Yi’s boss.  Lawyer Chen says they can sue Wu Liu Liu and Wu Qi Qi, but if he does, the press will find out and everything will be exposed.  Lawyer Chen suggests that Cun Xi go to Jiang Mu Island and try to make a settlement with the villagers outside of the courtroom.  Cun Xi also clarifies that he isn’t worried about the “main actress” of the CD because she doesn’t know who he is.  But at that moment a girl comes in with coffee saying her name is Xin Yi, and Cun Xi jumps out of his chair and his face goes pale, as he turns and realizes that it’s not the Xin Yi.

Cun Xi is leaving the lawyer’s office as he sees the Xin Yi, as one of her co-workers is pushing more work to her.  Xin Yi is still unable to stand up and say no to her co-workers, so Cun Xi decides to step in.  He says that he is Xin Yi’s date and that nobody should make her work overtime or run errands for them.  He tells the office that from that day forward, he has booked all of Xin Yi’s time (so cute!).

As he pulls her out of the office and they’re talking in the hallway though, she has to vomit again and runs to the bathroom.  Anson wants to know what’s going on, but Cun Xi just tells him to leave first.  As Xin Yi is in the bathroom, she talks through her symptoms with another woman who is pregnant, and the woman congratulates her and tells Xin Yi to get ready to be a mom.

As the woman leaves the bathroom, she tells her husband standing outside about Xin Yi being pregnant and Cun Xi overhears them and begins to worry.  When Xin Yi comes out of the bathroom, Cun Xi nervously asks if she’s okay, and she responds jokingly that it must’ve been the calamari she had for lunch the day before, and assured him that she’s probably just had a mild case of food poisoning.  Cun Xi breathes a deep sigh of relief.

Then Xin Yi asks if he likes children, and he overreacts and is worried again.  She says that she volunteers at an orphanage and the children really need help, especially since lately there have been fewer donations to the orphanage.  Cun Xi breathes another sigh of relief (it seems his heart is riding a roller coaster here…) and hands her some money.  Seeing that he’s willing to give a donation, Xin Yi describes how sometimes, the kids don’t even have money to buy food, and Cun Xi, hearing this, hesitates, then pulls out some more money.  He asks if it’s enough, and she goes on to talk about how the (lunar) new year is approaching, and she is hoping to be able to give the children lucky money pockets, but as a small office worker, she really can’t afford it.  As she looks up at him sadly, he has no other choice but to fish out all the money he has left in his wallet.

In return, to thank him, she wants to get his contact information so she can send him a donation receipt so he can get a tax deduction.  He gives her his phone number, and tells her to contact him in case of any complications or things she “can’t tell other people” (hinting at if she were to be pregnant).

We see Dylan visiting the kids at the orphanage/church, and the kids ask why he hasn’t visited them in such a long time.  Dylan tells the kids that he works in the FBI, and although we know he’s not, we learn that he is searching for his missing younger sister, whose name is also Xin Yi.  When the kids mention an Aunty Xin Yi that volunteers at the orphanage, Dylan immediately takes interest.  The kids decide to play hide-and-seek so Dylan goes into the church to hide inside the confessional (where the priest/father usually listens from), and Xin Yi just so happens to walk in and start her confession, thinking it is really a father on the other side.

She tells him about her one night stand, and how she worries she might be pregnant.  Dylan, hearing this, tells her that she should buy a pregnancy test, going on to describe the numerous kinds out there, such as the ones with circles, lines, tray versions, new electric kinds, etc. to which Xin Yi holds in a giggle commenting how experienced the “Father Dylan” is.  He also reminds her keep a low profile to avoid awkwardness.  She takes this the completely wrong direction, and ends up wearing a bright pink poncho, a bright pink helmet, and a red and pink striped face mask.  She comes into the drug store and pretends to be buying a bunch of things and puts random items in her basket.  She also accidentally grabs a box of condoms but then shudders and puts it back on the shelf.  She then moves towards the health section and “subtly” grabs a pregnancy test.

As luck would have it, on the news is a blurb about a runaway female outlaw dressed exactly like Xin Yi is dressed, who is armed, has wounded a passerby, and is hiding out in a drug store or a clinic.  As the worker sees this news, he tells her everything is free and gets her to leave, and then calls the police.  Xin Yi goes to a public bathroom to use the pregnancy test, but as she’s waiting for results, a whole police unit arrives in the bathroom and surrounds her stall.

They knock but she doesn’t come out, so they break in and in her shock, she tosses the pregnancy test at the police.  At the same time, there are news reporters following the case and filming the situation live, so as they realize that she’s just a normal girl taking a pregnancy test, the news reporter tells one of the policemen to read the test—and it has two bars.

They all congratulate Xin Yi (as all of this is on live national television), and both Dylan and Cun Xi see this on the news.  Cun Xi is driving on the street when he sees this news, so in his shock, he crashes into another car.  The driver gets out and starts yelling at Cun Xi for being a terrible driver etc. and not being responsible, to which Cun Xi takes out all his anger on the other driver.  Cun Xi says that he didn’t know how it happened, he never said he wouldn’t take on the responsibility, he didn’t say he was going to run away, and it’s not like he wanted it to happen either (all of which referred to both the one night stand and the car accident).

Back at Jiang Mu Island, Chen Lin Xi Shi, Xin Yi’s mom, is having dinner with her oldest daughter, Chen Qing Xia.  They are able to hear bits and pieces of the news about an expectant mom in the public restrooms, but as it was about to show the face, the screen got all fuzzy.  As they go back to dinner, the mom says that if one of her daughters were ever to sleep with someone before getting married like the girl on the news, she might as well jump into the ocean and kill herself.  We also learn that Qing Xia has been married and divorced, and Xin Yi’s second sister, Chen Feng Jiao (the one married to Wu Qi Qi), is the owner of the famous Jiang Mu Island shampoo.  As they’re talking Feng Jiao arrives and they start discussing their rally the next day, because Qi Qi had told Feng Jiao that the director of Mo Fa Ling Enterprises (Cun Xi) will be for sure coming on the first boat to Jiang Mu Island the next day.  They also discuss a piece of mail that was addressed to Xin Yi.

At Xin Yi’s house, we see that she has tested another few times but is getting the same answer.

She is about to call Cun Xi and tell him, but her “other self” tells her that there’s no use in telling him.  The “other” Xin Yi says that all men are the same, they’ll sweet talk you into being with them when they want, but when they no longer want you, they’ll pretend they don’t know you even if you bring a child to their doorstep; and they might even spread rumors to hurt you.

Just then her mom calls her to scold her about how she only does what she wants without thinking about repercussions and orders her to come home the next day.

Grandma Zhen Zhu reads an article about a woman who got pregnant and the guy was MIA.  She comments on how any man who denies what he has done is a bastard.  Cun Xi hears this and looks guilty as Grandma Zhen Zhu leaves the room.  Cun Xi says he needs to worry about how to get the CD back, and orders Anson to book a ticket to Jiang Mu Island.  The next day, both Cun Xi and Xin Yi both take the same boat to Jiang Mu Island without knowing that the other is also on the boat.  Later, once they’re on the boat, Cun Xi sees from the back that Xin Yi is also on the boat, and questions whether she’s really pregnant—for there is no other explanation as to why she would follow him onto the boat (ha!).  As he’s squatted down spying on Xin Yi, he accidentally falls into the ocean and he gets left behind as the boat continues forward.

At the dock, all the villagers of Jiang Mu Island are there to protest against the evil director of Mo Fa Ling Enterprise.  As Xin Yi gets off the boat, she walks by them pretending nothing happened, and comments casually that it’s such a coincidence that they’re all there.  They start to scold her, how she is a disgrace to the family, and how she doesn’t think before doing things, to which Xin Yi says that she’ll take care of her pregnancy by herself.  Her family go through a second shock, because they didn’t know the girl on the news was her—they only wanted to scold her about spending 200,000 NT on the cruise ship.

Comments: I love how even though this can be a really serious and stressful part of Xin Yi and Cun Xi’s lives, there can still be so much humor in the episode and in their interactions.  I especially loved the scene with “Father Dylan” and the scene where Xin Yi asks Cun Xi for money for the orphanage.  So far, there still isn’t a dislikable character, and you start to worry for Anna, especially since she seems so sweet, happy, and confident in Cun Xi.  Where will it go from here?  Keep posted to find out what happens next with redbeanmochi!


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