Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 6 Recap

Why Ni Te Why? Also – I think I’m leaning towards Zhong Shi. sigh.

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We left off when Xiao Fei cross dressed and pretended to be a guy. She grabs every drink that Ni Te tries to drink [which is odd, since Ni Te can’t actually get drunk]. Looks like she’s forgetting he’s a robot. She gets caught, and Ni Te carries her out. Fade to Xiao Fei thinking about it, and then we realize this is still her thinking about all her experiences when Zhong Shi asked her what she was doing ever evening that was making her so tired. Blegh, show, don’t do that again. It’s too confusing to follow when you spread a flashback over two episodes.

Sky pops in and gleefully tells Zhong Shi that Xiao Fei and Ni Te’s relationship is at a burnout. Xia Fei denies it, and says that she and Ni Te are together every night. She says that it’d be natural for her to be tired in the mornings, and Sky asks if they do “that” every night. She takes off running after Ni Te, and Zhong Shi crossly walks off.

Adam the club owner comes up to Xiao Fei as she is working on her computer, and she nervously says that she didn’t do anything to be kicked out. Adam guesses that she likes Ni Te, and asks why she doesn’t just reserve him. Apparently Ni Te costs $30,000 NT to book, meaning Xiao Fei would be paying double just to keep him.

That night, Ni Te finds Xiao Fei asleep at the bar. He piggybacks her home, and wonders if he’s doing her more harm than good by working.

He comes face to face with Zhong Shi the next day, and undergoes interrogation as Zhong Shi warns him not to let Xiao Fei gets so tired in the future. Ni Te promises that Xiao Fei won’t be tired anymore, and resigns that night from the club. He explains to Adam that he doesn’t want to make his girlfriend tired, and Adam is shocked to find his girlfriend is Xiao Fei. Adam comments on Ni Te’s taste, and Ni Te tells him it’s because he doesn’t understand Xiao Fei. Granted that she was just obnoxious and unruly in the club, I don’t think she really made such a good impression. Adam agrees to let him resign, as long as he works one last night.

Xiao Fei runs to the club, and is startled to find Zhong Shi there. Such a smart cookie 😀 Xiao Fei drags him outside, and they see Victoria and Ni Te hugging. Zhong Shi looks like he could kill someone, and declares that Ni Te isn’t fit to be her boyfriend. He drags her away, and tells her to break up with Ni Te. They fight, and Zhong Shi declares that he can’t let her go back to Ni Te. She asks why he’s so interested, and he finally spits out that “it’s because I like you and I care about you. I can’t stand to see the person I like in pain!” Xiao Fei FINALLY realizes that Zhong Shi actually did like her all this time, and takes off running. Running? That’s how you solve your problems? Sigh…

Meanwhile, it turns out the Mei Jia booked Ni Te for his last night, and when he tries to leave, kisses him. WHAT?!?! Ni Te has some technological magic going on, which doesn’t seem good. Xiao Fei comes across the two of them kissing, and then she sees Ni Te lean in for a kiss with Mei Jia. Ack please don’t tell me what I think happened just happened.

Xiao Fei interrupts them, and tries to drag Ni Te away. He asks her to please let go of his hand, and happily walks off with Mei Jia. Xiao Fei is left to trudge home by herself, where she finds Tupperware left out for her. Ack Zhong Shi why are you so sweet? As she looks at the food, she thinks to herself that she needs to stop running away to avoid his feelings. Good girl. Except Zhong Shi walks out at that moment, and tells her that if she needs more he has more at home. He admits that he thought she’d return it to him, because she chose Ni Te when she ran from him after he confessed. Xiao Fei thinks it’s amusing, and tells him she wouldn’t turn down his food. She says that her and Ni Te’s relationship isn’t how Zhong Shi thinks it is, just like her feelings towards Zhong Shi aren’t how he thinks they are. Girl, don’t string him along!

Thankfully Zhong Shi asks her what her feelings towards him are then, and when she can’t answer, he fills in saying, “I wouldn’t treat you like Ni Te treats you, I wouldn’t make you work extra for me, I won’t let you get bullied by others, and I wouldn’t go to a gigolo bar and make you sad. I know that you only think of me as a friend since you were young, but I’m asking…if there is a tiny tiny bit of you that thinks the same way, please just consider me.”

That night Xiao Fei thinks she heard the door open, and anxiously runs out asking for Ni Te. I’m not sure if she likes him though, or if she’s just used to the company he provides.

Mei Jia sits in a restaurant folding cranes, and Ni Te wipes the silverware for her. She suspiciously asks him why he’s treating her so nicely, and tells him the only reason why she asked for him was to anger Xiao Fei. Now that Xiao Fei has seen them kissing though, she tells Ni Te to get lost and walks off.

Xiao Fei wakes up the next morning to…no Ni Te. She walks into work to see Ni Te with a giant bouquet, and when she tries to go accept it tries to act demure. That’s when Ni Te says that the flowers are for his girlfriend, but Xiao Fei isn’t his girlfriend anymore. Awks…he runs to give them to Mei Jia and tries to give her the flowers, but she thinks that Xiao Fei and Ni Te are teaming up against her. When Mei Jia sees the shock on Xiao Fei’s face, she decides to take the flowers and walks off with Ni Te. In the end, Zhong Shi watches Xiao Fei who watches Ni Te who watches Mei Jia as she walks up the stairs. Instead of a love triangle we’ve got a love line now.

Lei Wu Wu explains that if Ni Te is kissed by another girl, he “resets” and that girl becomes his new girlfriend/owner. Xiao Fei berates him for having such an easy reset function, and he says that if she had read the manual properly, doing “that” with the robot means that he’s hers and hers only. Meaning the reset button isn’t an issue anymore. At one point, Lei Wu Wu gets so frustrated that he screams “Ni Te is a Night Time Lover! Even if you pushed him on the bed, dribbled wax over him, and whipped him he’d be okay with it! WHY DIDN”T YOU F*** SLEEP WITH HIM???” causing Xiao Fei to stuff a cake in his mouth. Hehe.

Xiao Fei asks what she should do to get Ni Te back, and Lei Wu Wu mimes kissing with his hands. Cue Xiao Fei trying to sneakily be a ninja, except she takes off running straight at him making an awkward kissy face. Sigh…it doesn’t work as predicted, as Ni Te steps aside and she falls over. Xiao Fei tries again later, saying that there’s something on Ni Te’s eyelid. She tells him to close his eyes, and again, makes that damn kissy face before she is interrupted by Mei Jia and Zhi Xi.

It seems like Ni Te still vaguely remembers Xiao Fei though, as he tries to use Xiao Fei’s likes to please Mei Jia. Zhong Shi stops Ni Te to ask him if he really likes Mei Jia, and Zhong Shi scolds him for changing who he likes so easily and even liking Mei Jia. Zhong Shi asks, “What do you take Xiao Fei for??” to which Ni Te replies, “ex-girlfriend.” Ha. When Zhong Shi raises his arm to hit Ni Te, Ni Te warns him that the only reason he never hit him before was because he was Xiao Fei’s friend. Uhoh…luckily Zhong Shi is smart enough to stop, and tells Ni Te that he’s going to steal Xiao Fei away.

Up runs the senior manager and Sky, who tell Zhong Shi and Ni Te that Xiao Fei is committing suicide. Is no one trying to talk her out of it? Or is this another plan to kiss Ni Te?

Turns out just another plan to kiss Ni Te, as we see Xiao Fei and Zhi Xi sitting on a bench, fanning dry ice so that the “smoke” goes under the door. Zhong Shi tries to break open the door and Ni Te asks if Xiao Fei is in there. He looks at the smoke and identifies it as CO2 from dry ice, meaning he knows Xiao Fei is in no danger. Xiao Fei refuses to come out unless Ni Te promises to give her a goodbye kiss, and Ni Te says he can’t promise it. He says that he will never kiss anyone other than his girlfriend.

Zhong Shi gives up, and starts trying to break the door down. Ni Te watches him, and suddenly a picture of Xiao Fei pops up with the word “NEED” on top. Guess the robot didn’t completely reset? Ni Te tells everyone that he will do it, and slowly turns the handle. Ni Te admonishes Xiao Fei that she must stop with her childish acts, and says that even in the future if she wants to die, he won’t help her.

That night Ni Te stops a man from bothering Mei Jia, and they end up going to the same restaurant. Turns out Mei Jia finds different guys to eat with her everyday, not because she wants to sleep with them, but because she doesn’t want to be lonely. Mei Jia decides to make Ni Te prove that he’s not fickle, and sets up challenges for him.

Lei Wu Wu stops by Xiao Fei’s apartment, and when he finds that no one is in, he starts to pick the lock. HA I’d always wondered if he used a gizmo.  He walks around asking for Xiao Fei, and then notices her lying on the floor covered in pillows. He explains that the company knows about Ni Te being reactivated, and that because it is worried about his robot status being found out, they are sending a special team in three days to take him back and shut him down. He promises to help her steal Ni Te back, but Xiao Fi lifelessly says that there is no use, and that Ni Te is already referring to her as his ex-girlfriend.

This catches Lei Wu Wu’s attention, and he starts to do a little dance. She gets mad, but Lei Wu Wu says that because he got reset, he should have forgotten all of the settings and experiences with her. Since he remembers her, she definitely has a chance!

Ni Te gives Mei Jia cheesecake, and announces that he’s moved to a park near her house to show his dedication. Creepy much? Nonetheless, Mei Jia walks off with a smile on her face. When she sees Xiao Fei waiting in front of the office [Xiao Fei an Ni Te match!], her face turns sour. Xiao Fei asks to talk to Ni Te, but he checks his ring and says that that whatever Xiao Fei has to say can be said in front of Mei Jia. Ni Te seems to be having some inner turmoil, and says that a perfect boyfriend would never let another girl kiss him. Xiao Fei begs for the chance, and Mei Jia uses this as an opportunity to test both Xiao Fei and Ni Te. She announces that Xiao Fei needs to learn how to swim, and that since it’s her biggest fear, if Xiao Fei can overcome it, she gets to kiss Ni Te. If Ni Te doesn’t feel any concern over Xiao Fei, Mei Jia will accept him as her boyfriend.

Xiao Fei slowly steps into a pool [by herself?? Is this girl stupid?], and tries to put her head in the water.  Zhong Shi asks her if “that incident” left a scar, and we learn that when Xiao Fei was young, she jumped into the 3m deep pool and passed out in the water. That is why she can’t hold her breath in water, and doesn’t put her head underwater water at all. Zhong Shi offers to teach her, and Xiao Fei gleefully exclaims that this way she can finally kiss Ni Te. Thankfully she realizes how awkward that made it, and Zhong Shi assures her to just ignore his feelings.

Mei Jia folds more cranes at the restaurant, and the boss picks them up after she leaves. She runs into Ni Te waiting for her, and walks off when he picks up that she’s always so lonely. Ni Te watches her leave, and holds up a set of keys before setting off.

In the pool, Xiao Fei is struggling to stay afloat when Zhong Shi lets go of her, and he gently brings her over to the side to rest. Ni Te shows up to return her keys, and tells her that at her current state, the possibility of her learning to swim is 0.00000001%. She grabs his arm, and puts the keys back in his hand. He pulls his hand out of hers, throwing the keys into the water. Xiao Fei looks in shock, and then proceeds to swim for the keys. What?? She comes to the surface holding the keys proudly, but Ni Te is no where in sight.

Comments: Zhong Shi you’re killing me with how cute you are. Why couldn’t you like a girl who loves you back or even just appreciates you? 😥 I know that a lot of people are rooting for Xiao Fei + Ni Te, but Xiao Fei and Zhong Shi are so sweet too…they’re even for me right now. Ni Te is eyecandy and loyal to Xiao Fei, but he doesn’t understand her as well as Zhong Shi does, and has been a step behind when she’s in trouble. Sigh…what do you guys think?


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