Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 4 Recap

“Oh god!  I wish the groom weren’t me!”

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After everyone realized that the baby was still there, they all gather at Xi Shi’s house.

Cun Xi has a glazed over look that screams “my life is over”, Xi Shi is tapping her feather duster and glaring at Cun Xi, and Grandma Zhen Zhu is smiling overenthusiastically at Xin Yi’s family.


Finally Xi Shi breaks the silence with a slap of her feather duster, scaring everybody.  Xi Shi pulls a piece of paper out of her shirt with her speech written on it.

She protests to the grandma how the parasite of the Ji family (Cun Xi) has not only forcefully taken the Wu Liu Liu Shampoo Factory but has also “raped and pillaged” the women of Jiang Mu Island.  She continues to ask Grandma Zhen Zhu to see how her grandson has bullied, threatened, and taken advantage of their family’s flowering Xin Yi.  To which Cun Xi rolls his eyes.  Pahahahaha!  Grandma Zhen Zhu apologizes for Cun Xi and says that it was all his fault, and Xi Shi asks what he plans to do now.  Cun Xi says that he can give Xin Yi some money after the baby is born to restart her life, but he can’t make any other promises at this time.  Grandma comes in and says that she is most definitely going to accept both her granddaughter in-law and her great-grandchild, but Cun Xi protests.  Xi Shi says she refuses to let her daughter carry and give birth to an illegitimate child with no name and no identity, and that she will take her daughter to the hospital to get an abortion.  Qing Xia says that since the harm has already been done, they should let Xin Yi give birth to the child under the one condition that Cun Xi doesn’t fire any of the workers in the Wu Liu Liu Shampoo Factory.  Xi Shi refuses, saying that she isn’t going to do something so low as sell her daughter.  They continue to argue when Xin Yi’s second sister, Feng Jiao, and her husband Qi Qi, come in with all their workers.  Feng Jiao and Qi Qi kneel down to Xin Yi, saying that they’re there on behalf of not only themselves but also all their workers who depend on their jobs to put food on the table.

Liu Liu comes in and tells everyone to get up.  He says that it’s his own fault that he can’t keep his company up and running, and that he has no right to force Xin Yi to sacrifice her happiness for his company.  Grandma Zhen Zhu interrupts to say that as long as Xin Yi marries Cun Xi and gives birth to the child, she will make sure that none of the Wu Liu Liu Shampoo Factory workers are fired.  Xin Yi hesitates, looking from her sister and brother-in-law to her mother to Wu Liu Liu.

Her mother responds for her, saying that unless Cun Xi also is willing to marry Xin Yi, she will not let her daughter marry into the Ji family.  Grandma Zhen Zhu asks them to give her some time, and she pulls Cun Xi aside.  Cun Xi tells her that letting Xin Yi give birth to the child is already his limit, he is not going to marry her.  Grandma says she knows, but then slyly takes out the CD that was sent to her house.  She tells him how she watched this exciting rated R video the other day, and for some reason, the lead actor looked a lot like Cun Xi.  Haha, Cun Xi’s expressions are priceless.

His grandma threatens to call and tell Anna about the whole thing, and Cun Xi begs her not to.  She says even if he can get her to not tell, he can’t get the whole Jiang Mu Island population to keep it a secret for him.  Just realizing this fact, he is even more frustrated.

We skip to Xin Yi and the Chen family’s 113th family meeting.  Qing Xia still thinks Xin Yi should use the baby to get Cun Xi to not get rid of the shampoo factory, and Feng Jiao agrees that she should marry into the Ji family.  Xi Shi asks if nobody cares about Xin Yi’s happiness, and Qing Xia says that they are.  With Xin Yi’s appearance, she is lucky that she was able to find someone with as good conditions as Cun Xi.  😦


Xin Yi tries to put in a good word for Cun Xi though.  She tells her family that it was Cun Xi who pulled her out of the operation room that morning, so he really isn’t such a bad guy.  Which makes it even clearer to the family that she should marry him.  Xin Yi brings up one problem though: even if she were willing, he wouldn’t necessarily want to marry her.  Just then, he comes in asking to hold a family meeting with just him and Xin Yi (he said “family meeting”!).

Xin Yi tells Cun Xi that she wants to help the Jiang Mu Island, but doesn’t want to give Cun Xi a hard time.  To which he says, “Lets get married.”  Xin Yi’s face has “Huh?” written all over it. Haha!

Cun Xi continues that besides the unlucky him, who else is going to be willing to marry her?  He can’t trust her taste in men, because, for example, her boyfriend on the cruise ship was poor, irresponsible, and held no moral integrity etc.  Therefore, since he already can’t choose the mother, the least he can do is to make sure that his kid can only call him dad and no other scumbag dad (aww).

Xin Yi starts to cry, asking when do you ever see someone propose in such a mean and forceful way?  (She’s probably also crying because inside, she’s touched that he’s concerned about her future!)  I also couldn’t resist putting in these pictures 🙂


Xin Yi thinks about her sister and about the islanders, and agrees to marry Cun Xi under the condition that he doesn’t fire anyone from the island.  He immediately agrees.  However, to their surprise, everyone was listening in on their conversation, so although Cun Xi hopes to agree to marry Xin Yi temporarily to let things die down first, Xi Shi and Grandma Zhen Zhu insist that they get married right then and there in case Cun Xi tries to go back on his word.


So they get married in a temple on the island, and they sign documents to legalize their marriage.  They are now husband and wife!!!



As they exchange rings, Cun Xi unwillingly gives her the ring that was originally for Anna (the one he wore on a necklace), but to Xin Yi, it’s a dream come true.  She only sees that she has finally met her Prince Charming.

Everyone heads off to the dock to say goodbye, since Xin Yi will stay one more night on the Jiang Mu Island with her family before heading back to Taipei to reunite with Cun Xi.

As Grandma Zhen Zhu is talking to Xin Yi, Liu Liu and Qi Qi pull Cun Xi aside to have a “men’s talk.”  They give him a bottle of a special reproductive formula to help him, and Qi Qi lets it slip that that’s the only reason Xin Yi became pregnant in the first place.  Cun Xi, Grandma, and Anson all get on the boat to head back to Taipei when it finally clicks for Cun Xi and he realizes Liu Liu and Qi Qi had put something in his drink and that he had been set up.  Cun Xi tries to jump off the boat, which makes everyone think he’s already missing his wife.  Haha!


Back at home, Xin Yi looks through her sticky notes and thinks about Cun Xi’s dream of finding someone who loves him and who he loves back.  She asks her dad if her dream has come true.  Her mom comes in, bringing her her dowry bag that her mom and dad prepared for her.  Xin Yi says she doesn’t need it, but her mom worries that if she doesn’t have her own belongings and jewelry with her, her in-laws will look down on her and treat her poorly since they come from such a wealthy background.  Xin Yi apologizes for being a shame to the family, but her mom tells her that she felt bad for Xin Yi because she was always the forgotten one, never getting any love or attention, but that it was her that saved the Jiang Mu Island.


Although their family can be full of jokes, laughter, and snappy comments about one another, it’s clear that under any circumstance, a mother will always get teary-eyed when she is marrying off her daughter.  Xi Shi tells her daughter that if she is bullied or isn’t treated well at the Ji family, she can come home to her mom anytime and she’ll stick up for Xin Yi.

In Taipei, Cun Xi is drinking away on his last night of being single, and goes through his videos with Anna.  He asks Baby Ji if his mommy will ever forgive him, but says that he doesn’t even know how to forgive himself.


Even Baby Ji misses his mommy…

The more and more Cun Xi thinks about it, the more he can’t stand the situation.  He declares that even if he’s married to Xin Yi, he won’t surrender.  He calls up Lawyer Chen and orders him to prepare some papers for him to give to Xin Yi to take home.

The next day Xin Yi goes back to her office to resign and all her co-workers suck up to her because they depend on her to run all their errands for them etc.  She tells them that she has married Cun Xi and he will be coming to pick her up.  They all laugh at her, saying that she should think of a better excuse.

As she says goodbye, nobody responds to her, re-emphasizing her feeling of being a “sticky-note girl”—used once and then easily tossed away and forgotten.  Her boss (Lawyer Chen) comes out to hand her a folder, saying Cun Xi had told him to give it to her to take home.  He also tells her that if she has any problems in her marriage, she can come back to him and employees get a 20% discount.  He can help her with alimonies or child guardianship issues, etc. (oh no, foreshadow!)  He says that their company doesn’t usually take on those cases, but since she was an employee, he’s willing to help her in the future.  She gives him a quizzical look but still doesn’t seem to get it.

Back at Cun Xi’s office, Zheng Ren tells Cun Xi that the president of a rival company, Stephen Zhou, had lost the bid for the rights to the Jiang Mu Island factory.  Cun Xi tells Zheng Ren to set up an appointment with Stephen Zhou to sell the property.  Cun Xi continues to work, as Xin Yi waits for him outside the lawyer’s office.  She waits until even her co-workers get off work, and as they pass her, they make fun of her for still waiting outside in the cold for her “honey” to come pick her up.

She finally decides to call Cun Xi, but he replies snappily that he’s busy and scolds her for calling him.  She decides to take the bus home by herself, but as she crosses the street, she drops papers left and right and almost gets run over by a car.


It just so happens that Dylan was driving the car, so he gets out to help her.  As he’s helping her pick up the papers though, he sees that one of the folders contains a divorce agreement.


It turns out that the paperwork Cun Xi had Lawyer Chen prepare was a divorce agreement.  Cun Xi is already planning for the day when he and Xin Yi will get divorced!

Comments:  I had mixed feelings about this episode as we get to know our lead characters some more.  There are times when I really like Cun Xi (when he “proposes”), but there are other times when I can’t understand how he can be so cold towards Xin Yi (not picking her up from work).  Similarly, it bothers me that Xin Yi is so weak and doesn’t ever stand up for herself, but at the same time, I guess her soft and timid personality now can be used to contrast with her change later on?  I don’t know, but we’ll find out soon!


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