Fated to Love You [命中註定我愛你] Episode 3 Recap

Lots of baby-drama in this ep!

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After Xin Yi comes off the boat and lets slip that she’s pregnant, her mother and Qing Xia escort her home for a scolding. Feng Jiao stays with the protest group, and because none of them have ever meet Cun Xi, captures Anson instead of him. Meanwhile, Cun Xi crawls to shore drenched and exhausted. He realizes that he’s lost his cell phone in the water, but hears Wu Liu Liu and a villager Ah Rong talking about their plans to capture him at the port. Liu Liu and Ah Rong also conveniently discuss where the memory card is [at the factory with Qi Qi] and all the traps in the factory [a bag of flour, a mouse trap, and a bucket].

While Qi Qi prepares to eat a hot dog, Cun Xi shows up and demands the memory card. Cun Xi walks upstairs, but doesn’t dare move for fear of falling into the aforementioned traps. Qi Qi tries to bait him, and accidentally trips…which sends him straight into the string, releases the bag of flour, sends his hand into the mousetrap, and momentarily stuns him with the bucket. Qi Qi smiles at Cun Xi and shows him the memory card, but ends up falling off the second story onto a pile of boxes. He passes out, and Cun Xi quickly grabs the card and leaves. I noticed that Cun Xi is wearing Anna’s ring on a necklace, which is actually pretty sweet.

The villagers march into the factory, and discover Qi Qi passed out on the boxes. They take him for dead at first, until he opens his eyes and tells them he was just taking a nap. His father berates him for losing the memory card, and Qi Qi proudly explains that he made another copy….which he mailed to Cun Xi a few days ago. Anson watches all of this with a stunned expression on his face – me too.

Cun Xi throws the memory card into the ocean, and is about to walk to the dock when he sees the dock master walk out with three villagers. They chuckle to themselves that Cun Xi won’t be able to leave with the gate to the dock lost, and decide to search everywhere – except for Xi Shi’s house [Xin Yi’s mom] because Xin Yi is getting scolded. Cun Xi decides to head over there [the scolding is audible outside the house], and discovers that Xin Yi is the one who lives here.

He hears Xin Yi take responsibility for the one night stand, and wonders aloud that he “scored with one try”. Haha. Xi Shi tries to call her daughter stupid in English, but ends up saying “snoopy” instead. Xin Yi explains that the mystery man was already in a serious relationship, and that it was a mistake and she had no right to mess up their relationship. Xi Shi is about to hit Xin Yi with the feather duster when the search party comes near and Cun Xi decides to risk it and jumps in to face Xi Shi’s wrath. He gets hit a couple times, and then they ask him if he swam to the island. When he confirms it, they assume he is an illegal immigrant. He denies it, but has no identity card to prove it because his wallet fell out when he was in the water. Xi Shi hits him some more, and Qing Xia asks Cun Xi how much he makes. He laughs and says he doesn’t have a salary, he just gets bonuses [seeing as he’s the owner of the Mo Fa Ling company]. Xi Shi and Qing Xia take this completely different however, and assume he’s a gigolo. HA.

When the search party comes by asking if there are any strangers in the house, they decide that it can’t be known that Xin Yi slept with an illegal immigrant pervert gigolo, and tell the search party their quarry ran elsewhere.

Cun Xi asks to call his Grandma, and tells Xi Shi to tell her to send people over.

Meanwhile, Grandma is busy admiring the “Nuo” that Dylan bought for her. She comments that it’s been so long since she’s seen this “Nuo”, which Dylan picks up on and he asks her if she’s seen it before. Grandma hastily covers it up, and promises to help Dylan with his charity auction for the orphanage. Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren walk in, noticing Dylan and the “Nuo” that is sitting next to Grandma. They play the CD for Grandma, and Dylan makes the connection that the Xin Yi from confessional is the blurred out girl in the photos. Grandma appears extremely angry, and starts out by scolding Cun Xi for not telling her about this event. She then stands up and congratulates him, saying that she never thought he’d be “enlightened”. Phew – glad that secret was revealed early. Grandma is determined to find the girl in the photos, and announces that she will have the photos published. The Ji family will take responsibility! I like her spunk 😀

Just then, the telephone rings and Grandma picks up to find Xi Shi on the line. Xi Shi asks if their family doesn’t want to take responsibility for getting her daughter pregnant, and Grandma happily agrees to take full responsibility. She promises to go to the island early tomorrow morning to meet the family. Grandma does a little happy dance, and tells Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren to get lost. Dylan takes “Nuo” and accompanies Grandma, only taking one last look at Xin Yi on the screen.

Cun Xi gets locked in a storage room with a blanket for the night, and tries to make a bed out of straw. Xin Yi tells her baby that he’s really lucky, because dad saved them both again. Cun Xi can’t get comfortable, and throws the blanket off because it smells like ginger. Xin Yi enters with food for him, and Cun Xi it out because…yup. It too contains ginger. He yells and yells, frustrated with his circumstances. He finally calms down and strips his shirt to change into a sweatshirt, and Xin Yi sees the welts on his back from the beating. He tells her that he came because Qi Qi and Liu Liu didn’t destroy the photos, and asks her what she does here. She lists things that every girl does at home, and he yells that that wasn’t what he meant – what talents does she have.

She shows him her secret pottery stash, and he comments that his Grandma would have liked her. He picks up a little ceramic box, and notices that Xin Yi doesn’t want him to look at it. He opens it and starts reading the notes inside – “ I wish someone would remember my birthday”, “I wish someone would clean the classrooms with me”, “I wish that when we play hide and go seek, my classmates would find me and return home, rather than forgetting about me.”, and the oldest one “I wish I will find someone who loves me, and I will love him just as much in return”. So depressing.

Xin Yi comments that he already achieved the last one, but Cun Xi contradicts her and says that he’s almost there. He can never truly get mad at Anna though, because he understands that she works hard for her dreams and will do anything for them. He then challenges her by asking what she stands out for, commenting that all she ever does is go with the majority. He gets up and asks Xin Yi what she’s going to do with the baby. He explains that money isn’t the issue, it’s the fact that he already has a long time girlfriend who he loves, and he and Xin Yi are still strangers. He turns to see her silently crying, and comments that towards her, he’s become a selfish person.

Xin Yi says that she’s never been elected to a position of power during school, so she probably won’t be a good mother either. She promises to overcome her fear with needles and go to the hospital the next day to get an abortion. This is just downright depressing. This way, she explains, she and Cun Xi can each get back to their respective lives. Not if Grandma has anything to do with it I wager…

Cun Xi promises to go with Xin Yi to the hospital, and tells her to lie down on the straw. He covers them both with the blanket, but Xin Yi can’t stop talking about fate. Cun Xi keeps tossing and turning, and explains that he needs his own strawberry blanket to sleep. Big softie 😀 Xin Yi turns to look at him, and tries to help him sleep, first by having him imagine a sea, and later by singing him to sleep. Cute!

The next morning, Cun Xi wakes up alone. He finds a sticky note attached to his clean shirt, telling him not to worry, she [Xin Yi] can go to the hospital by herself. Cun Xi rushes out, and runs to the tree overlooking the lake, just missing Xin Yi. Xin Yi, meanwhile, is staring at the sketchiest looking hospital. She looks down at the 100 chip that Cun Xi had given her, and walks into the hospital. She sits next to a couple who are eagerly awaiting their baby, and that’s when Cun Xi runs in. The doctor comes in with paperwork for them both to sign, and when it comes time for Cun Xi to sign, he pauses for a long moment.

The doctor does an ultrasound check, and they see the little baby shape on the screen with its heartbeat. Cun Xi and Xin Yi learn that at this stage, the parents would normally be talking to their babies. Cun Xi takes Xin Yi’s hand, and she decides to continue with the operation. They are led to an operating room, and Cun Xi is left outside. He wanders downstairs, and overhears a couple arguing over whether or not to keep the baby. Cun Xi hits the man for not listening to his girlfriend and not understanding how scared she is, and the man fires right back at him saying, “Your girlfriend isn’t scared? Huh? Having an abortion isn’t scary?”.

Xi Shi and Qing Xia run out of the house worrying about Xin Yi aborting the baby, when Grandma pulls up in a shiny car. She introduces herself as the chairman of Mo Fa Ling, and asks to see her new granddaughter-in-law and her great-grandson. Xi Shi and Qing Xia are drooling over the car, and belatedly tell her that Xin Yi has gone to get an abortion. Grandma orders them to go stop it, and tells her chauffeur to floor it. As the needle is prepared, Cun Xi looks up at the ceiling, the other man’s words ringing in his head. He then rushes up the stairs and tells Xin Yi that he wants to keep the baby. He tells her that he wants the baby to arrive in this world safely, and marches her down the stairs. Cun Xi gets slapped with a fine however, for breaking down the door. Haha.

Up pulls grandma, and she starts hitting Cun Xi with her fists, calling him murderer. She moans the fact that he could have had the 10th successor to Mo Fa Ling, and Qing Xia realizes right away that there is hope for the company. Cun Xi finally gets a word in, and reveals the baby was not in fact aborted. Except when Grandma turns around, she thinks that the secretary who is collecting the fine is Xin Yi. Grandma praises the girl in front of everyone, calling her beautiful and complimenting her features. When she sees the real Xin Yi however, she barely hides her disappointment and praises Cun Xi for maturing and recognizing “inner beauty”. Ouch – this scene is so painfully awkward.

When Grandma comments that the car isn’t even that nice, and that all her nice cars and money at home will go to her baby great-grandson, Xi Shi and Qing Xia perk up right away. They comment that the car isn’t bad – they even touched it. Grandma decides to talk over the matter at their house, and all the girls pile into the car. Cun Xi is left out, and Grandma tells him to just run behind the car. As they pull away, Cun Xi wonders in amazement that Grandma doesn’t want him anymore. LOL!

Comments: Yay they kept the baby! I like that Cun Xi finally made up his mind, and that even though he gets frustrated with his situation, still encourages and challenges Xin Yi to not be a sticky note girl. One detail that I liked was that when the secretary came out to ask for the fine, he immediately tried to put Xin Yi behind him so that she wouldn’t get grabbed into the hospital. The best part though, is that he did this without thinking 😀 Grandma currently is my favourite character – her spunk and charisma is so funny! Since the main issue in this episode – whether or not Xin Yi was going to keep the baby – was resolved, I’m hoping for a lot of interesting plot movements in the next episode! Of course, you’ll have to check back tomorrow for greengrassjelly’s  recap of ep 4! 😀


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