Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 7 Recap

Love triangle is back!

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We left off when Xiao Fei had actually managed to learn to swim in the space of two seconds. Yeah…anyways, Zhong Shi helps her out of the water, and she looks around for Ni Te. Zhong Shi points out that she managed to hold her breath underwater, and she raises her arm for a high five. Zhong Shi half-heartedly hits her hand, and offers to teach her how to swim properly on one condition: that if she learns to swim and Ni Te still doesn’t return to her side, she gives up on him.

Mei Jia is sitting in that restaurant again, folding more cranes. We see the boss look at her, but don’t get to see all of his face. Guess she has a silent fan? Ni Te joins her for breakfast, and she invites him over to cook her dinner. She isn’t accepting him however, just testing him. He promises to show up at 7:30 with all the dinner ingredients ready.

Cut to…Ni Te having a photo shoot in armour? What? Xiao Fei sees him posing, and decides to run up next to him. She asks him what he is doing, and it turns out he is demonstrating the Art and Design department’s new video game character design. He notices that Xiao Fei has a fever, and tells her to go to a doctor. She asks if he’s worrying about her, and he says he isn’t. She comments that no wonder she felt dizzy earlier, and starts coughing. Ni Te pats her on the back, and she asks him again if he’s worrying about her, to which he stops patting her on the back right away and says no. LOL. When Xiao Fei learns that the clothing is hard to move in, she grins like a Cheshire cat and threatens to kiss him. She makes that stupid kissy face, and then stops because she realizes this isn’t sincere. Ni Te tells her that he and Mei Jia are going to do that tonight, and Xiao Fei hurriedly makes him promise to meet her by the pool so she can show him she can swim.

She gets a call from Lei Wu Wu telling her that the dispatch team has already been released, and we see him sitting nervously with them. Xiao Fei tells him she’s about to go swimming, and he tries to cover up his panic by hiccuping. Haha.

Xiao Fei runs into Zhong Shi on her way out, and he asks her to wait if she’s going swimming, he just needs to grab his stuff. She tells him that she’s going to swim for Ni Te to see, and Zhong Shi asks her why, since she obviously can’t swim yet [what happened to her amazing skills when she picked up the keys]? He tells her not to play with her life, especially for that guy, and Xiao Fei just looks down. Zhong Shi sighs, and says that he gets it – Xiao Fei never answered his offer to teach her on the condition that she gives up Ni Te, and Zhong Shi has realized that no matter what, she’s always going to think of Ni Te before him. Xiao Fei tries to explain [without revealing that Ni Te is a robot] why she has to get him back. Zhong Shi looks at her sadly and tells her if that’s the case, she might as well go. He won’t be going with her though, because if she loses he’ll see her sad, and he’ll get sad. If she wins…he’ll be even sadder. 😦 Zhong Shi you’re killing me.

Xiao Fei jumps in the water, but obviously can’t swim. Ni Te tells her to stop trying, and as she continues swimming, gets a lot of error messages on his screen. He can’t handle it, and tells her to stop. She calls out for him, but he walks off.

Zhong Shi waits for Xiao Fei to get back, and his little brother asks him if he’s peeping on Xiao Fei. Zhong Shi asks him if he wants to starve for 10 days, and little bro takes back what he said. Little bro does tell Zhong Shi that Xiao Fei is most likely with Ni Te, since Ni Te just left their building. Meanwhile, Ni Te checks his ring, and sees that it’s purple. Except, when he tries to look at Mei Jia’s information, he pulls up Xiao Fei’s instead. He tells himself that he can’t be concerned with Xiao Fei, and that Mei Jia is his girlfriend. We see a lot of images of Mei Jia and Xiao Fei popping up, and Ni Te sounds more and more desperate.

Zhong Shi walks into the pool area looking for Xiao Fei, and spots her floating in the water. He’s about to dive in, when a white blur speeds past him and Ni Te dives in. Ni Te calls her Miss Guan Miss Guan [something he’s been calling her since he started “liking” Mei Jia] and gives her mouth to mouth. Looks more like a make-out kiss but okay, I’m too glad to care. Ni Te undergoes a quick reset, and swims her over to the side of the pool where Zhong Shi is waiting. Xiao Fei tentatively asks Ni Te who she is, and who she is to him. When he says that she’s his girlfriend forever, she hugs him in glee and kisses him on the cheek. My heart is breaking for Zhong Shi as he walks out of the building.

Lei Wu Wu proudly looks upon the scene, and happily directs the officers from the company to go back.

Mei Jia is folding more cranes, and only stops once she notices that all her napkins are gone. As she asks the boss for more, she realizes that Ni Te is late. She berates herself for believing in Ni Te’s words, and the boss asks her if she’s going to eat dinner.

Ni Te takes care of Xiao Fei at home, and settles in next to her. She nervously asks him what he’s doing, and he explains that his body can automatically adjust it’s temperature, so she’s warmer if he hugs her. Xiao Fei asks him if he remembers the past few days, and he says he doesn’t at all. She tells him that he was reactivated by Mei Jia, and he apologizes for not being more careful. Ni Te leans in, and Xiao Fei nervously wonders if he wants to do “that”. Ni Te dispels her fears however, saying that he understands she isn’t ready for “that” yet, but he needs to put an encryption on his system so that he’s less likely to be reset. She asks what it is, and he leans in and kisses her. Kiss count: 3 [counting that “cpr” from the pool and activation], but their first real kiss. Xiao Fei tells him she didn’t set him to be a liar, but he tells her that she did set him up to be romantic. Touché. More kisses 😀 but I’ll count it as 1. Kiss count: 4.

They walk out the next morning, and Xiao Fei realizes she forgot her cell phone. Ni Te promises to go look for it, and after he leaves Zhong Shi comes out. They awkwardly greet each other, and he asks how she’s feeling. He wonders aloud that she was able to steal Ni Te back from Mei Jia, when she’s clearly an airport. She asks him to say it again, and when he does, pinches him first with one hand, and then the other. HAHA. Looks like Zhong Shi is being pinched harder than her though. Zhong Shi’s little bro calls them childish, and they let go on the count of three. As Zhong Shi leaves, he tells her he hasn’t give up on her, and even his little brother swoons. Momma hen comes back to drag his brother away by the ear though, and they go off with their arms around each other.

When Xiao Fei and Ni Te show up at work, they find out that Mei Jia has been transferred to the other branch. Ni Te goes to tell her, and also explain about him and Xiao Fei getting back together. He finds Mei Jia at the restaurant she likes to frequent, and she says she doesn’t want to see him. When he says that she was transferred to the other branch, she says that she already knew, and already promised to be the manager’s secretary there. Ni Te explains that he’s returned to Xiao Fei’s side, and apologizes for abusing her trust and feelings. Ni Te says that he will accept any punishment that Mei Jia gives him, and she kicks him in the leg. Cue hilariously delayed reaction haha. Ni Te tells her that he believes she will find a guy who will love her whole-heartedly, and leaves after telling her that Xiao Fei still thinks back to the beautiful times she and Mei Jia had together.

Mei Jia looks down at her empty wrist, and accidentally knocks into the boss, spilling orange juice. After she cleans up, she notices that her cranes are hanging up, and sees the nerdy looking manager. He sweetly says that he thought they looked so cute and pretty, and that throwing them away would be a shame. He grins bashfully, and Mei Jia thinks back to what Ni Te says about a man loving her whole-heartedly. Aw 🙂

Xiao Fei and Ni Te meet with Lei Wu Wu, and he tells them that they should really do “that” soon. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want that security of not having to worry about Ni Te being stolen again, and Xiao Fei thinks to herself that whenever they get close to doing it, she stops because she remembers Ni Te is a robot. Fair point. Lei Wu Wu bemoans that last time when Ni Te was reset, he was scolded by his boss and his salary was lowered. He then looks at Ni Te and tells him to “start”. Ni Te nods, and starts to strip, Xiao Fei begs him to stop, and he admits that he really wants to do “that” with her. Lei Wu Wu tells them to go ahead, and covers his eyes. HA. Xiao Fei runs out of the coffee shop, and Ni Te runs to follow her.

At work, Zhong Shi tells her to stop hitting her head, and points out that she’s very absent minded. She stood in front of an elevator that is under maintenance, and forgot to pick up the documents for their meeting. She says that she should thank him for being such a good friend, always watching out for her, and he walks closer as he says that he doesn’t want to only be her friend. Rawr. 😀 She asks if he isn’t going to go in the elevator, and he says that he doesn’t want to make things too awkward. Xiao Fei goes to the bathroom to antagonize which guy she should pick, and Zhi Xi walks out of one of the stalls. She gives Xiao Fei some good advice, saying that the one she likes more is the one who she wants to share her happy and sad times with. Xiao Fei says that they both understand her equally, so that doesn’t help. Zhi Xi asks when she encounters difficulties, who is the first person she thinks of? It’s a quote from Gong Kui Xue Wu, and Xiao Fei asks who Gong Kui Xue Wu is. Turns out to be the character of a book.

Zhong Shi walks up to Ni Te, and asks to talk to him. He asks if Ni Te has quit that “idiotic employment”, and if he has resolved his relationship with Mei Jia. Ni Te nods, and adds that he will forever be with Xiao Fei. Zhong Shi says that his faith in Ni Te has long been reduced, and that he came to tell Ni Te that he also likes Xiao Fei. Zhong Shi admits that he only realized he liked Xiao Fei when Ni Te appeared, but says that unless Ni Te is someone that he’d approve of for Xiao Fei, he won’t back off. Zhong Shi tells Ni Te that they should start competing fairly from now on.

Lei Wu Wu has been watching all this through a telescope, and growls that at this rate Xiao Fei and Ni Te will never do “that”. He decides to resort to his “Nirvana”, and actually starts growling. o.O

As Xiao Fei and Ni Te walk home that night, two officers show up behind them, and Lei Wu Wu shows up in front of them. He places shiny metal glasses on Xiao Fei’s head, and she can’t take them off. He explains that they are going on vacation to KRONOS’s exclusive island, and tells Ni Te to go pack. Lei Wu Wu escorts her to the car, and tells Ni Te to use this opportunity to finally defeat Zhong Shi. Ni Te thinks of Zhong Shi’s words to compete fairly as Lei Wu Wu drives away.

Cut to a tropical paradise!  Xiao Fei calls Lei Wu Wu crazy, and tells him that no one would tell him if “that” actually happened between her and Ni Te. Lei Wu Wu chuckles and points out that Ni Te would send back yellow data anyways, so it’s not like it’d be much of a secret. Haha fair point. He tells Ni Te not to pick up the suitcase, because he wants him to have as much stamina as possible. The suitcase that Ni Te was going to pick up moves, and Ni Te opens it to show…Zhong Shi. HAHAHAHA. He’s bound and gagged, and it turns out that Ni Te knocked him out and kidnapped him to make things fair. Hehe 😀

Lei Wu Wu leads the way as Ni Te and Xiao Fei walk on. Zhong Shi is left to carry the big suitcase – guess Lei Wu Wu doesn’t want him to have stamina. Zhong Shi tries to get signal, and Xiao Fei apologizes for Ni Te kidnapping him. Xiao Fei says that Lei Wu Wu probably has a solution, and as they walk to go ask him, Zhong Shi asks how she knows Lei Wu Wu. He calls him strange, and she explains that Lei Wu Wu is Ni Te’s internet friend.

Inside, Lei Wu Wu asks Ni Te why in the world he would bring Zhong Shi to the island. When Ni Te explains that he wanted to compete fairly with Zhong Shi, Lei Wu Wu laughs and says that a robot wants to compete fairly with humans now. Doesn’t seem like he has much faith in his own product. Xiao Fei walks up and asks Lei Wu Wu to get a ship to pick Zhong Shi up, and Lei Wu Wu is beyond happy. Zhong Shi asks why his phone works, and Lei Wu Wu explains that normal phones won’t work here. He tells Zhong Shi that it’s so great for him to leave, so as not to disturb Xiao Fei and Ni Te’s first night together.

Zhong Shi is outraged, and when Ni Te tells him to leave if he doesn’t want to compete, Zhong Shi decides that he’s going to stay on the island. Yay! Intense stare off occurs between Zhong Shi and Ni Te as Lei Wu Wu groans. Xiao Fei and Ni Te prepare to go to the beach, and Zhong Shi sits inside and mopes. Lei Wu Wu comes in and assures Zhong Shi he took care of everything with Qi Shi for him, and thanks him for giving Xiao Fei and Ni Te alone time. That spurs Zhong Shi to compete, and he runs out to claim some of Xiao Fei’s attention. They bicker over which activity Xiao Fei should play, and I’m starting to think that Xiao Fei should pick her own activity. They each grab an arm, and ask her to pick between them. Sigh…

At lunch, Zhong Shi is about to give Xiao Fei a cut piece of meat when Ni Te beats him to it. Uhoh, looks like the robot is finally catching up. Zhong Shi asks Lei Wu Wu if he’s sure they can leave the day after tomorrow, and Lei Wu Wu says of course, since after tonight Xiao Fei will be like a brand new person! Zhong Shi stares daggers, and Xiao Fei makes up a flimsy excuse that Lei Wu Wu is referring to how tan she’ll be. Lei Wu Wu is about to clarify, when Xiao Fei stomps on his foot.

That night, Lei Wu Wu gives them their room keys, and Zhong Shi protests that Xiao Fei and Ni Te are sharing a room. Xiao Fei grabs a single key and says she’ll sleep alone, leaving Ni Te and Zhong Shi to share a room. Zhong Shi is happy, Ni Te isn’t. Xiao Fei worries about how she’s going to deal with both Zhong Shi and Ni Te in her room, and blames Lei Wu Wu for all her problems. As Zhong Shi and Ni Te enter their room, they both try and walk through the door at the same time. Cue competing for alpha male, until Ni Te pushes Zhong Shi so hard he falls against the door. Inside however, Zhong Shi carefully asks if Ni Te and Xiao Fei really didn’t sleep together, and is happy to find out it is true. He’s surprised when Ni Te says that he’s envious of Zhong Shi, saying that Xiao Fei is really happy whenever she’s in his presence.

Xiao Fei goes for a walk that night, thinking about Ni Te and Zhong Shi. She gets lost, and sees a rabbit. She tries to chase it, and follows it as it wanders in the brush. Xiao Fei you are not Alice in Wonderland! As she’s walking, she falls into a giant hole in the ground. Back in the boy’s room, Ni Te wakes up and says something happened to Xiao Fei. They rush out, and find Lei Wu Wu asking them if they’ve seen her. Ni Te takes off into the night, followed by Zong Shi.

Comments: Yes! I’m so glad that the competition is the main focus now that Ni Te isn’t blindly following Mei Jia anymore. I like that Zhong Shi isn’t backing down, and his childish interactions with Ni Te are funny. Still, can’t wait to recap the next episode!!


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