Fated to Love You [命中註定我愛你] Episode 5 Recap

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We left off when Dylan had noticed that Xin Yi’s folder had a divorce notice in there. He asks if she got married, and she wonders aloud how he knew. Dylan surmises that Xin Yi doesn’t actually know the divorce agreement is inside, because when he asks her what the papers are, she says that they are important documents for her husband from her boss. Dylan offers her a ride home, and he thinks to himself that seeing how happily she talks about Cun Xi, there shouldn’t be any problems in their relationship. Xin Yi deflects a question asking why her husband wouldn’t pick up his wife, saying that she’s a sticky note girl, and easy to forget. Dylan picks up a sticky note off his dashboard and says that sticky notes are really important, because they remind people of important things. Xin Yi smiles, and thanks him for being the first one to show her how important sticky notes are.

As Xin Yi is leaving, Dylan asks her if she listens to God’s words. He tells her that when you might look forward to an event or have high expectations for someone, and they disappoint, the feeling of disappointment is even greater. He gives her his number, and tells her to dial it whenever she needs help. Xin Yi is so overcome with emotion that she grabs his hand [which he stares at], and thanks him profusely for his words and encouragement. Dylan might want to clear up his “father” status soon…

Xin Yi slowly pushes open the gates to her new home, and has to run out of the way as a car pulls in. She scuttles through the gates after the car, and out steps Xiu Ling. She mistakes Xin Yi for the new maid, and hands her all of her shopping bags to carry. She tells Xin Yi that she’s in charge of dinner, and we cut to Grandma looking at the dinner dishes. Which are all cooked with ginger. HAHA. She yells at Xiu Ling, telling her that she and Cun Xi hate to eat ginger – not even baby Ji will eat it. Xiu Ling proceeds to yell at Xin Yi using the same words that Grandma used to yell at her. Except…Grandma fawns over Xin Yi, and Xiu Ling belatedly realizes her mistake.

Grandma sneakily puts Xiu Ling in charge of housework, and takes Xin Yi to look at all the pictures of the ancestors. Which are pictures of Cun Xi dressed up in clothing from different decades. Hahaha. When Xin Yi says that it was an accident that she and Cun Xi did that, Grandma tells her that it was fate which allowed her to come into their household. She tells Xin Yi to be happy and proud of being a Ji, and that she should put her chin up. Aw 🙂

In Cun Xi’s room, Xin Yi noticed that he still has the love doll from the cruise ship. She accidentally stumbles against the leg of the table, and sit on the TV remote. The TV turns on, and Xin Yi sees that Cun Xi was watching all of his tapes with Anna. She marvels at how beautiful Anna is, and thinks out loud that only a woman like this could be paired with Cun Xi. The TV suddenly turns off, and Cun Xi accuses her of snooping around. He asks who let her put her stuff in his room, and tells her to get her dirty belongings off the rug that Anna bought for him. Ugh someone’s cranky.

Cun Xi tells her that he doesn’t plan on giving up on Anna, and says that he will make an agreement with her on three conditions: 1. She cannot touch anything that belongs to Anna or him in the bedroom 2. She can’t tell people they are married [he even compares their marriage to an extra set of chopsticks] 3. They will divorce on the birth day of their child, and he will give her $5 million as alimony before she leaves his world. Harsh. Cun Xi adds that since their marriage is not one for love, during the time as a married couple she must not fall in love with him or care about him. If she does, their contract is broken.

Cun Xi hands her a pen to sign the divorce agreement, and Xin Yi tearfully says that she finally understands how much he hates her for ruining his life, and the residents of Jiang Mu island for forcing him to marry her. Err…he had a role in screwing up his own life too. She adds however, that if he promises to protect the people of Jiang Mu island – where her family lives, and where her beloved father is buried – she will follow his conditions and leave without a trace once the child is born. She adds that treating someone well does not come with conditions, and crosses out the $5 million alimony.

That night, Xin Yi wonders why Cun Xi has become almost a different person overnight, and wonders if it’s because she did something wrong. Meanwhile, Cun Xi tosses and turns all night, thinking about her words before she signed the divorce agreement. He thinks to himself that he had expected to be happy after hurting her, but in reality still feels guilt.

The next morning, Cun Xi wakes up to find a sticky note on his alarm clock, telling him she’s making him breakfast. He finds another on her luggage after he trips over it, telling him not to trip, and another in the bathroom telling him she moved his razor so it wouldn’t rust as quickly. When he finds a fourth one telling him to hang his towels nicely so they dry quickly, he grabs every single hand towel and throws it on the counter. Haha so childish. He goes against what every sticky note told him to do, and throws a pile of them in front of her at breakfast. Though Grandma tries to smooth things over, Cun Xi scolds Xin Yi and tells her to find something else for herself to do, rather than meddling in other people’s business.

Grandma pulls rank when Cun Xi tries to leave for work, and orders him to take a day off. She tells him that he must accompany Xin Yi to her body check-up, and won’t take no for an answer.

At the doctor’s office, Cun Xi and Xin Yi see lots of couples getting scolded for not reading the doctor’s book. They sit for a few minutes in silence while the doctor is writing, and Cun Xi checks his watch impatiently. During the actual check up, Cun Xi takes phone calls every couple of minutes, and the doctor gets extremely angry. The doctor tests Cun Xi when he pretends that there is a very serious problem with the baby, but Cun Xi ignores him and continues with his phone conversation. It’s only after Xin Yi tugs on Cun Xi’s jacket so hard he snaps at her that he finally pays attention. The doctor tells Cun Xi that he must accompany his wife throughout her pregnancy, and when Cun Xi laughs and says that Xin Yi was only pregnant by accident, the doctor kicks him out and tells him to only come back when he respects his wife’s pregnancy. Good going doctor 🙂

Cun Xi ditches Xin Yi to go to a golf course, but tells her not to go home until 7:15 so he doesn’t look bad. He gives her a whole list of instructions about Baby Ji, and sweetly kisses Baby Ji goodbye. He then tells Xin Yi that Anna is first, Baby Ji is second, and if anything happens he will never forgive her. Xin Yi wonders what position her baby will be in after it’s born. Good question…

Because Xin Yi forgot to bring money, she decides to take Baby Ji to the orphanage and let the kids play with it. Dylan comes up behind her and she goes off to see his painting, leaving the kids to watch Baby Ji. I have a bad feeling about that. Dylan shows her the walls painted with the kids doodles and drawings, and explains that he wanted pictures of happiness and dreams surrounding them. He offers Xin Yi some paint, and they set to work. Xin Yi paints a family, but paints the dad with an unhappy face. Dylan asks if she’s unhappy because she saw the divorce agreement, and asks if she’s okay. She says that by the time she has her baby, she will be like a ripped up sticky note and leave without a trace.

Xin Yi asks about Dylan’s drawing, and he explains that he’s always wanted to live in a house with his younger sister, who is also named Xin Yi. We learn that Xin Yi was left in a truck bed to stay warm while Dylan went to go buy a strawberry bun for her. The truck left, and Dylan was punished by the store owner when he tried to leave without paying for the bun. A father took pity on him, and raised him in the orphanage. Since then he’s done everything he can to try and find her.

A little boy comes in, and tells them that Baby Ji has disappeared. Called it. Dylan tries to calm Xin Yi down, and tells her to go back first while he looks for the dog. She can try and buy some time.

Cun Xi is talking to a potential buyer for the island, and says that he only wants the secret formula. They shake on the sale, and arrange to sign the contract as soon as possible. The buyer reveals that he only wanted to buy land to bury mercury, and laughs that the water, vegetables, and even people will be polluted and abnormal. Cun Xi looks at him in shock, asking about the incinerator plans. The buyer reveals that they were only a cover for the mercury, and it looks like Cun Xi’s conscience is tugging at him. He wonders what the right thing to do is, and hits the steering wheel after staring at his ring.

Cun Xi comes home to find Xiu Ling scolding Xin Yi, while Grandma stews in anger. Looks like the cat dog is out of the bag. Grandma yells at Xiu Ling to go sweep the floor, and Cun Xi yells at Xin Yi for only saying sorry and for losing Baby Ji. He reminds Xin Yi that her position in the household is just to have the baby and leave, and Grandma interrupts to tell him that the dog has been spoiled by him, and it’s good that it disappeared. She tells Cun Xi not to scold Xin Yi, but Xin Yi runs off to try and find Baby Ji. Grandma yells for Cun Xi to run after her, and when he says that Xin Yi ruined his life, Grandma sets him straight and says that he ruined Xin Yi’s life, making her put it on hold just to have a baby.

Grandma asks him to put himself in Xin Yi’s shoes, just for once. She uses Cun Xi’s words about Baby Ji being lost and frightened it a foreign world against him, saying that Xin Yi is all alone in his world which is so unfamiliar and frightening to her. Baby Ji has others to take care of him, but who will take care of Xin Yi? Cun Xi finally leaves, as Dylan catches up to Xin Yi. Dylan gives her something, and Cun Xi runs up to bat his hand away. Dylan sizes up Cun Xi, and comments that he’s the man who gave his wife a divorce agreement the day after they got married.

Cun Xi remarks that Xin Yi really knows how to complain to others, and Dylan says that fathers [priests] were meant to be complained to. Cun Xi sputters, and then spits out that no matter what, Xin Yi can’t let Dylan touch her. Dylan smirks and says that he’s never seen someone this jealous before, leaving Cun Xi speechless. Dylan gets up close to Xin Yi and tells her to call him if she ever gets thrown out, and Cun Xi tries to drag her away. Dylan cutely gives her a fist bump, and remarks that at least Cun Xi values her more than the dog now.

Cun Xi watches Xin Yi as they try and look for Baby Ji, wondering to himself why she tries so hard even after he scolded her so much. Turns out Baby Ji is being kept by a creepy guy who collects dogs. As Xin Yi and Cun Xi wander the streets, they hear about a “Texas Chainsaw Dog Killer”. They see his shop, and peer around the corner to see the creepy guy wielding his chainsaw. Cun Xi is about the call the police, but Xin Yi rushes in to snatch Baby Ji. Cun Xi follows and holds off the man while Xin Yi runs to safety, and accuses him of selling dog meat. The man denies it, and explains that he runs a sausage shop [one of the characters was missing]. He takes in abandoned dogs on the street and feeds them left over sausages. Because he used to be an ice sculptor, he has good skills with a chainsaw and was going to use it to cut gum out of Baby Ji’s fur. Err…weird logic but okay.

The man comments that Baby Ji is so lucky to have them as owners, and says that Baby Ji’s mommy [meaning Xin Yi] obviously loves him very much to use her body to protect him. Cun Xi looks at her in astonishment, and then smiles. Cute! He scolds her for not thinking of her safety first, and she protests that Baby Ji is important too. Out of the blue, Cun Xi grabs Xin Yi’s face and wonders why it’s so cold. He notices what she’s wearing and takes off his jacket to drape around her, telling her she can’t get sick. They look at each other awkwardly for a moment, and he covers up by saying that he doesn’t want to get scolded by Grandma.

Cun Xi gets a call from Anna that night, but hangs up on her abruptly when he hears Xin Yi yell from the bathroom. She nervously tries to hide her body, and he comments that there isn’t any part of her he hasn’t seen already. Meanwhile, Anna stares in wonder, and comments that this is the first time Cun Xi has hung up on her.

Comments: Lots of yelling in this one, but I’m glad to see Cun Xi slowly turning his heart around. It’s also nice to see him get yelled at as well and set straight, since he’s very cocky and self-important. Hopefully we’ll see Xin Yi rub off on him more! 😀


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