Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 8 Recap

Xiao Fei is a heart-breaker. Zhong Shi is a lady-killer. Ni Te is plain ol’ crazy.

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The boys are out looking for Xiao Fei, and Lei Wu Wu asks Ni Te to locate her. Zhong Shi is understandably confused at why Ni Te would know where Xiao Fei is, and grows even more confused when Ni Te checks his ring and announces that Xiao Fei is afraid. Lei Wu Wu tries to keep him at the hotel while Ni Te goes off searching, but Zhong Shi refuses to listen and runs off as well.

Zhong Shi and Ni Te reach a fork in the road, and argue over which path to take. Ni Te wants to take the well lit path, since according to his database Xiao Fei is afraid of the dark, and the other path has long been abandoned. Zhong Shi wants to take that path because knowing Xiao Fei, whenever she’s in trouble it’s because she made the wrong choice – if she had taken the well lit path, she most likely wouldn’t have had any trouble. They agree to split up, and now it’s just a competition to see who finds her first [and knows her the best I suppose].

Xiao Fei tries to climb out of the cave, and thinks to herself that at this rate she’ll probably die in here. Ni Te sees that his ring has turned black now, and vows to find her quickly. Zhong Shi walks down some stairs, calling Xiao Fei’s name. Doesn’t look like either of them is too close. Xiao Fei curls up into a ball out of fright and exhaustion, and all of a sudden we see Zhong Shi calling her name. He walks towards her, and in her excitement she shouts “Ni Te! I’m over here!”Sigh…break Zhong Shi’s heart some more why don’t you?

Zhong Shi jumps into the cave, and Xiao Fei berates him for making a stupid choice. He asks her if this is the tone that she uses with her saviour, and she says that he’s not a saviour, he’s come to die with her in the cave. He says that if that happens, it’s because he did something really bad in his past life. Haha. Zhong Shi tells Xiao Fei that Lei Wu Wu is organizing search parties, and that they should come soon.

Ni Te has found an old abandoned house, and steps inside to look for Xiao Fei. Creepy… He returns back to the resort and learns that Zhong Shi is now missing as well. He recalls what Zhong Shi said about Xiao Fei making the wrong decision, and heads towards the path he took.

Zhong Shi gives Xiao Fei his sweater, which she petulantly throws back at him. He scolds her, and asks if she wants to freeze. After she grudgingly wraps it around her shoulders [leaving him in a t-shirt and shorts], Zhong Shi asks if she couldn’t sleep because of him and Ni Te. She looks at him in surprise and asks how he knew. Err…I’m losing faith in Xiao Fei’s deductive skills. Zhong Shi says that he’s surprised he knows what Xiao Fei thinks too, and he’s also referring to how he found her first by knowing how she thinks.

He tells her he lied before, and that if he was to die here, he’d be thankful towards God. Because while facing death, he’d get to be next to her. Aw. Zhong Shi asks if she remembers a similar situation back in grade four when she’d also fallen in a hole and had to be pulled out. He admits that though she was covered in snot and tears and had false bravado about being strong, it was from that moment that he began to like her. Xiao Fei tugs her hand out from his, and Zhong Shi has this wounded puppy face.

Zhong Shi admits that he knew that Ni Te won in her heart a while ago, and it was only confirmed when she shouted Ni Te’s name when he [Zhong Shi] had come to save her. The person she had wanted to save her was Ni Te. Zhong Shi bitterly laughs, and mutters that he even asked Ni Te to compete fairly…he turns to look at Xiao Fei: “but in the world of love, does the word “fair” even exist?” He leans in, and Xiao Fei tries to lean away from him. I’m guessing he’s sick, because he wouldn’t try and kiss her knowing she doesn’t like him.

Xiao Fei thinks to herself that if she went missing, Zhong Shi would probably be extremely worried for her. She wonders how nice it would be if they never grew up, and stayed friends forever. Xiao Fei covers him with his cardigan, and they fall asleep like that.

The next morning, Ni Te comes running towards the cave. He steps towards the edge and sees them asleep, and has a strange look of anger on his face. There is a lot of red on his screen, and his hand starts to tremble. All of a sudden, his entire screen goes red. Uhoh.

Zhong Shi wakes up, and realizes he has a fever. Lei Wu Wu pops in to check on him, and Zhong Shi asks how he got back. Lei Wu Wu says that Ni Te told him where he was, and the search party went to go pick him up. If they had been any later, Zhong Shi would have been in critical condition. Zhong Shi thanks him, and then asks where Xiao Fei is, and how her condition is. Lei Wu Wu says he doesn’t know, and that when Ni Te told them where Zhong Shi was, they found him in the cave with his clothes. Zhong Shi sputters, and says that’s impossible. He found Xiao Fei last night and kept her company in the cave. Oh no Ni Te what have you done??

Xiao Fei wakes up the next morning in a strange bed, in a strange room. Ni Te hands her a glass of juice, and Xiao Fei asks how she got here. He avoids the question by saying this is a little house he discovered when he was searching for her, and he spent most of the night cleaning it up. She asks again how she got here, and wonders how Zhong Shi is since he was with her in the cave. Ni Te crossly remarks that even now she’s worried about Zhong Shi, and tells her he’s fine. Red flag! Ni Te happily tells her that they’re going to spend the day together [just the two of them], and says that they’ll be in their own little world untroubled by others. My Creep radar is going off.

Looks like Xiao Fei is getting the same feeling, because she shrugs Ni Te’s arm off and walks to the door. He tells her there is no use, and it’s already locked. CREEP ALERT CREEP ALERT. Xiao Fei asks him why the doors are locked, and he says that he made a mistake bringing Zhong Shi to the island. Ni Te says that he and Xiao Fei were meant to spend alone time together, and Zhong Shi shouldn’t disrupt them. Xiao Fei doesn’t understand what he’s saying, and he bursts out asking if she thinks Zhong Shi will be worried about her, and if she likes Zhong Shi. PSYCHO ROBOT ALERT.

Xiao Fei fearfully asks if he’s angry, and Ni Te seems torn as he says he can’t tell. He shouldn’t be mad at Xiao Fei because he was made to make Xiao Fei happy, but now even he can’t clear it up. He demands to know what they did in the cave, and Xiao Fei sputters that it wasn’t what he thought. All of a sudden his face gets calm, and he says that he just realized Xiao Fei hasn’t eaten since last night. He leaves, locking the door behind him and leaving Xiao Fei pounding on the door crying his name.

Lei Wu Wu sees him walking past the resort, and stops him. He asks where Xiao Fei is, and if she’s okay, stating that Zhong Shi had said they were together but the search party never saw her in the cave. Ni Te stonily replies that she is safe, and Lei Wu Wu  gets a big smile on his face. Ni Te refuses to look at Lei Wu Wu, and tells him that it doesn’t matter where Xiao Fei is – tonight they are going to be together. Zhong Shi has walked up to the gate behind them, and overhears their conversation. Lei Wu Wu chuckles and announces that Ni Te should tell Xiao Fei that she can use him as extensively as she wants because Ni Te is a robot and won’t break. Perv. Ni Te shoots him a dark look, and it seems Lei Wu Wu has hit a sore spot.

Lei Wu Wu backs off, but Zhong Shi comes running out demanding to know where Xiao Fei is. He grabs Ni Te’s arm, and Ni Te throws him off easily. As Ni Te walks off, he tells Lei Wu Wu that Zhong Shi has a fever, isn’t mentally stable, and should be sent to the hospital. WHY IS NO ONE PICKING UP THE PSYCHO SIGNS?

That night Xiao Fei pokes at her food, and Ni Te asks if she wants him to buy something else for dinner. She shakes her head, and tells him it might be better if they go to the restaurant so she can decide for herself. Smart! Unfortunately, Ni Te’s expression turns sour, and he bitterly comments that at the end of it all, Xiao Fei still wants to find Zhong Shi. Xiao Fei tells him that isn’t the relationship she has with Zhong Shi, and that last night she even told Zhong Shi – Ni Te cuts her off, and says he doesn’t care what she says to Zhong Shi. Xiao Fei only has one person for a boyfriend, and that’s him. With that, he scoops her up and takes her towards the bed. AHHHHH.

Zhong Shi wakes up and stumbles toward Lei Wu Wu. Lei Wu Wu tries to tell him to go rest, and Zhong Shi refuses. He tells him that they brought him to such a weird place, and that Ni Te always has been slightly off. Zhong Shi demands to know if Ni Te is even human. Lei Wu Wu looks away at that, and Zhong Shi walks towards the door. Before he opens it however, Lei Wu Wu grabs his shoulder and tells Zhong Shi he [Lei Wu Wu] can tell Zong Shi really truly likes Xiao Fei. We see a hiss of gas from one of Lei Wu Wu’s rings, and Zhong Shi gets knocked out. Lei Wu Wu apologizes and lays Zhong Shi on the bed, telling his sleeping body that he’s the biggest obstacle of Ni Te’s. He then asks why in the world Xiao Fei would order a robot from them if she’s already got such a great guy living next door who likes her so much.

Cut to Ni Te landing on top of Xiao Fei – he tells her to believe in him, and that he really likes her. He tries to kiss her as she struggles, and Ni Te tells Xiao Fei that this is the only way that he won’t loser her – “I want to make you mine.” Xiao Fei struggles even harder, crying that Ni Te promised her…fade to white. When the screen clears, we see Xiao Fei huddled in a corner while Ni Te sits against the end of the bed, staring at the candles on the table. He apologizes, and Xiao Fei says that she doesn’t actually hate him – she just isn’t mentally prepared yet. As Ni Te walks off, Xiao Fei wonders if she hurt his heart. Seriously?? That’s what you’re wondering right now? Ni Te asks himself how he could make Xiao Fei cry, and hits the wall with his fist multiple times. Xiao Fei hugs him and tells him not to be like this, saying it’s her fault for buying him and not doing that with him. What?? Ni Te says no, he’s supposed to make Xiao Fei happy, even if that means she should be with Zhong Shi. Xiao Fei runs to hug him, and begs him not to leave.

Lei Wu Wu berates Ni Te the next day, in shock that he and Xiao Fei still haven’t done that. I think Lei Wu Wu should be more concerned that Ni Te has evolved to show psycho tendencies, but you know, maybe that’s just me. Ni Te says that from now on, if he feels jealous or wants to force himself onto Xiao Fei, he needs to control himself. He won’t let other girls kiss him either, so that he can forever stay by Xiao Fei’s side. Ni Te wants to use human ways to become Xiao Fei’s absolute boyfriend. Lei Wu Wu wonders if Ni Te is showing signs of self thought, but then blames it on catching Zhong Shi’s cold.

Inside, Xiao Fei reaches over and feels Zhong Shi’s forehead. She notes that his fever has broken, and he turns to ask her if she came back by herself last night. She nods yes, and then he asks if she slept by herself last night. Xiao Fei awkwardly nods yes, and it looks like Zhong Shi’s got more courage now. He asks her if she thinks that Ni Te and Lei Wu Wu act funny, and says that it seems like she knows the secret as well. Xiao Fei makes an excuse that she’s hungry and leaves. Zhong Shi isn’t fooled though.

As Ni Te walks home with groceries the next day, he wonders if Xiao Fei is still mad at him for what happened on the trip. She’s been acting distant lately, and trying to avoid him. Meanwhile, he gets stopped by two girls who ask if he wants to try and enter their supermarket drawing competition. At home, Xiao Fei is doing extensive bookshelf cleaning out of stress, and wonders to herself why lately she’s been avoiding Ni Te. Whenever he’s around, her mind goes blank and her heart accelerates. She thinks back to when Ni Te had picked her up, and it looks like she’s falling for Ni Te more and more. She berates herself, saying that when he wants it she doesn’t, and when he doesn’t she…

At that moment Xiao Fei drops a black photo album, and sends the day looking through her pictures. Ni Te sneaks up on her, and asks what she’s looking at. She shows him the photo album, and he comments that she turned so small. She explains that it wasn’t that she became small, she was born small and grew up. Xiao Fei thinks to herself that Ni Te never had a childhood and never grew up, and wonders how sad that is. Ni Te finds a picture of her with a guy, and she explains that he was her first crush. His name was Jian Jun Shu, and he tried to save her when a baseball was going to hit her. He ended up tripping on his own two feet, and the ball hit Xiao Fei anyways. Jun Shu ended up with a scar that looks strangely like the Nike swoosh logo, but thought it made him look cool. Jun Shu ended up transferring to a different school, and Xiao Fei hasn’t seen him since.

Ni Te comments on how jealous he is of Jun Shu and Zhong Shi, because they got to grow up with Xiao Fei. He asks what memories are, and Xiao Fei tries to describe them a record of moments in time. She says the pictures are a reminder, and that they are used by humans to remember special times. She wonders if it’s indeed like Ni Te said, that he was purely made to be her perfect boyfriend. Considering you ordered him online and he has all of your specifications…I’d say yes.

Xiao Fei rummages around her house before finally pulling out a new Polaroid camera. She shows it to Ni Te, and takes a picture of him. He’s beyond happy, saying that he’s actually in a picture. Xiao Fei gives him the camera, and he starts taking pictures of her. She tells him you take pictures for happy occasions [that film is $1 a piece!] or for reasons, and Ni Te tells her that they should go on a vacation then. He shows her the ticket he got to stay at a hotel for free one night, and Xiao Fei freaks out over the fact that it’s a honeymoon suite. Ni Te apologizes, and Xiao Fei grabs the ticket back when she realizes they were going to pass up a $60,000 a night suite. She fans herself and tries to console her feelings that nothing will happen.

Next door, Zhong Shi thinks back to Xiao Fei’s excuses as to who Lei Wu Wu is and Ni Te’s behaviour. He sets his glass on the counter and it shatters, prompting him to think of the time when he had discovered the broken bowl shard and a missing bowl.

At the vacation place, Xiao Fei and Ni Te play a lot of games at the arcade. He beats her at air hockey, and cutely holds up a peace sign she looks up in shock. She drags him off to play other games, and she ends up standing in front of a store selling teddy bears dressed in wedding clothes, holding a sign that says “I love you” in Korean. Xiao Fei has to sit down for a bit because her high heels are hurting her feet, and Ni Te goes to buy tickets for roller coaster rides.

All of a sudden, a baseball is shooting towards her and a stranger yells “be careful!” before tripping on his feet like Jun Shu did. What an odd coincidence…He asks if she’s okay, and she sees that his hand has a similar scar to the one Jun Shu had. Ni Te runs up and shows her his tickets, and the stranger tells Ni Te that Xiao Fei is probably in shock after getting hit by the baseball. Xiao Fei insists on going to the rollercoaster, and Ni Te lays out the plan for the day for her. Xiao Fei remembers that they’re going to be going to be at the hotel together, and daydreams that they might do that. Ni Te interrupts her daydreams, and they go off to the teacups.

They run into the stranger again, and Xiao Fei contemplates if he is the same guy from her childhood. The stranger’s brother comes up, complaining about a stomach ache. However, the brother insists on riding the teacups, and tells the stranger to wait in line. Ni Te offers to take the little brother in thanks for the stranger trying to help Xiao Fei earlier, leaving Xiao Fei and the stranger to line up. While waiting, Xiao Fei finds out that this actually is her Jun Shu all grown up, and when she asks about his scar, he replies using the same words as he did when he was young, saying it’s cool to have a scar.

Ni Te waits for the little kid, and offers to buy him constipation medicine. Xiao Fei and Jun Shu have reached the head of the line, and Xiao Fei looks around for Ni Te. Jun Shu grabs her hand and leads her to a teacup, and Xiao Fei apologizes to Ni Te in her head as Jun Shu scoots to sit next to her. Xiao Fei is dizzy after the ride, and Jun Shu grabs her and asks if she’s okay. Xiao Fei stares at him, remembering her words from earlier to Ni Te that she’s always wanted to ride the teacups and have a boyfriend ask if she’s okay when she’s dizzy afterwards. Jun Shu asks if she’s okay, and she says that her feet hurt her. He says that her heel is all red, and sticks a Band-Aid on the back to reduce the friction. Xiao Fei laughs, and reminisces about a similar time from her childhood. She lets slip that it’s no wonder she liked him back them, and nervously looks around for Ni Te. Jun Shu interrupts with with an intense stare, saying that he also liked her then. He leans forward to kiss her, as Ni Te and Jun Shu’s little brother walk towards them.

Comments: AHHH. I’m just glad Ni Te isn’t a psycho robot anymore, though I’m still afraid he’s going to show psycho tendencies. I also don’t understand all this “coincidence” with Jun Shu, and am mighty suspicious of him. On a completely unrelated note: I want that Polaroid camera.


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