Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 6 Recap

“Ji Cun Xi’s Gentleness Trap”

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RecapAfter the warm water ran out and Cun Xi rushed Xin Yi out of the shower, he sits her down on the couch in their room and helps her dry off her hair.  Grandma Zhen Zhu comes hustling in with a cup of hot ginger tea for Xin Yi.  Both Cun Xi and Xin Yi give Grandma a questioning look.  Looking extremely guilty, Grandma tries to explain that she was not eavesdropping and only just so happened to be making ginger tea and just so happened to bring some up for Xin Yi.  And the water turning cold all of the sudden…coincidence?  I think not, haha 🙂


Grandma stands there staring for a while, until Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s staring back forces her to realize that her room is next door and that she should probably be leaving.  Grandma Zhen Zhu is so cute.  Xin Yi then offers Cun Xi some of her tea, and he happily takes the cup and is about to drink from it, but at the last minute remembers that he’s trying to keep his distance from Xin Yi, so scolds her for forgetting that he hates the taste of ginger.

He changes the subject and tells her that it’s getting late and they should be going to sleep.  He leads her to the bed but she hesitates, saying that it’s his bed and she only sleeps on her couch.  He responds that tonight, it’s his sofa and her bed.  Xin Yi goes giddily into the room thinking that she’s slowly breaking through Cun Xi’s tough barrier, as Cun Xi realizes how hard it is to sleep on a couch (and how uncomfortable it must’ve been for Xin Yi).


But Cun Xi then shakes those thoughts away, reminding himself that he can’t feel bad for her or let her “defeat”/”conquer” him.

Xin Yi wakes up to Cun Xi snuggling up to her and kissing her, saying that he loves her.  She’s giggling and saying that he’s tickling her…



And that’s when we realize it’s actually Baby Ji kissing her and that she’s dreaming it’s Cun Xi.  And of course, there’s Cun Xi’s quizzical look.

She finally wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.  She whispers to herself that it would’ve been great if it were real… She gets up to find her suitcase gone with a sticky note in its place.  (Looks like she’s rubbing off on Cun Xi more than he realizes, haha)  It scolds her, asking her how many times she wants him to trip over her suitcase.  He tells her that he has instead cleared out a drawer for her clothes in the dresser.  On the wall there’s another sticky note reminding her to eat breakfast, especially since she’s pregnant.

Xiu Ling is downstairs asking Cun Xi when the “Mistress” (Xin Yi) is going to wake up, complaining that she has made breakfast for everyone and it’s been sitting there getting cold.  Cun Xi says to let Xin Yi sleep some more, and since he doesn’t like the breakfast that Xin Yi makes, he casually asks Xiu Ling to continue making them breakfast from now on.  Finally Xin Yi comes rushing in, apologizing for sleeping so late, and promising that she’ll get up early the next day to make breakfast.  Xiu Ling sarcastically bows down and says good morning to Xin Yi (which isn’t something an elder should have to do to someone younger than them), saying that she can sleep to whenever she wants and that she doesn’t have to make breakfast if she doesn’t want to.  Grandma is happy to see Xin Yi, as always, and says that she’ll have Cun Xi accompany Xin Yi back to Jiang Mu Island in two days.  (It’s custom to return to the wife’s family three days after marriage).  Xin Yi, seeing that Cun Xi doesn’t really want to, says she doesn’t really have to go back.  Grandma reminds Xin Yi that if anything goes wrong or anyone treats her badly, Grandma will always be there to back her up.

Zheng Ren comes over to discuss the selling of Jiang Mu Island with Cun Xi, and learns that Xin Yi is from the island.  Cun Xi tells him privately to keep a hold on selling the island and he’ll continue to think about it.  Zheng Ren argues that they’ve already settled on an agreement with Stephen Zhou, but Cun Xi insists they wait.  Zheng Ren thinks that Cun Xi is changing his mind because of Xin Yi, and it seems like he might have something up his sleeve…  As Cun Xi is about to leave for work, Grandma reminds him about a workshop for expectant mothers and fathers, and Cun Xi must accompany Xin Yi.  He says he’ll think about it and leaves.  Xin Yi rushes out after him to thank him for offering her some space in his room for her belongings.  He starts to smile, but then turns all cold again, saying that he just doesn’t want to trip over her things anymore.  But of course, under his cold exterior, he’s probably pretty pleased that she’s happy 🙂


Back inside, Xin Yi tells Xiu Ling that she’ll clear the table, and Xiu Ling gladly takes the offer.  As she’s directing orders to Xin Yi, Grandma comes and asks how can Xin Yi be clearing the table when there are knives and other things around, and obviously, Xiu Ling jumps in too saying that she insisted that Xin Yi shouldn’t be doing it either.  Ha!  Grandma pulls Xin Yi aside and orders Xiu Ling to finish cleaning up.

Suddenly, Feng Jiao appears and surprises Xin Yi (as well as the rest of the family…)  She has come to visit Xin Yi, but says that she’s not okay.  Everyone is worried, and even Xiu Ling wants in on the gossip.

Turns out Feng Jiao ran away from home because she got into an argument with Qi Qi because he refused to go into the delivery room with her.  First Xiu Ling, then Grandma side with Feng Jiao.  The three of them together complain about how terrible Qi Qi is, and how he isn’t even willing to do so little for Feng Jiao, when she’s the one carrying around the baby and enduring all the pain.  Xin Yi finally is able to put in a word, and comments that her brother in-law is afraid of blood, so that’s probably why he can’t go into the delivery room.  They all ignore Xin Yi and insist that Feng Jiao should stay a few days and teach Qi Qi a lesson.  Xiu Ling thinks that siding with Grandma will help get her on Grandma’s good side, but it only lands her the job of cleaning out a guest bedroom for Feng Jiao!

At Cun Xi’s office, he looks at a picture of him and Anna and says that by merely talking to Xin Yi makes him feel guilty.  Just then Anson comes bursting in with bad news.  Their rival soap company is producing a new soap that they claim is so clean and pure that even babies can use it.  Cun Xi doesn’t worry, because he has confidence in his company’s “Inheritance”—their signature soap.  But Anson reminds him that Inheritance’s uniqueness lie in the fact that it gets repackaged and redesigned every time there is a new Ji generation, but the last time they repackaged was 27 years ago.  Even if their soap is pure and good quality, the new and enticing packaging and variety in the market and consumer needs is causing Inheritance’s sales to decrease over the years.

Anson also says that the rival company has even sent samples to Doctor Hao Zhen Chang to test.  Dr. Hao specializes in gynecology and obstetrics and was named the most trust-worthy doctor of the year, so any product that he recommends or endorses will be successful.  Anson also suggests that maybe they can alter the formula slightly, or change the scent, and repackage the soap as a new product for the market.  Cun Xi refuses, and just then gets a phone call to remind him to go to the workshop with Xin Yi.  He refuses at first, but then looks at the flyer and realizes it’s organized and run by Dr. Hao!

At the workshop, Xin Yi brought her sister along, but neither have their husbands with them.  Dr. Hao says that the effects won’t be the same if the father isn’t there, because the course is to prepare both the mother and father.

As they start the exercises though, Cun Xi comes in.  Dr. Hao still has a bias against Cun Xi, and tells Cun Xi to leave.  Cun Xi says that he’s working on trying to change his attitude toward the pregnancy, and sucks up to the doctor by saying that he’s beginning to appreciate how every child is a gift from heaven and not an accident (the doctor’s famous quote).


Cun Xi is allowed to stay, and when Dr. Hao asks for a couple to volunteer to do the exercises up front, Cun Xi raises his hand.  Xin Yi says that she doesn’t dare to, and Cun Xi tells her to trust him.


After the course, Dr. Hao compliments Cun Xi on doing a good job.  Cun Xi asks if the doctor has some time afterwards, and Xin Yi asks if it’s about the baby.  Cun Xi says it’s some personal matters and that she should take her sister around Taipei to go shopping and sight-seeing.  Cun Xi waves Xin Yi off and asks to talk to Dr. Hao in his office.

Xin Yi is still worrying about what it is that Cun Xi wants to talk to the doctor about, while Feng Jiao is still mesmerized by the unlimited credit card that Cun Xi gave them.  Just then Anson comes to ask if Cun Xi had made it to the course.  Xin Yi replies that he did, and Anson spills the beans.  After finding out that Cun Xi only came to the workshop so that he could talk to the doctor about endorsing Mo Fa Ling Enterprises’ soap, she is hurt that in the end, he’s only there for his company and not for her at all.  Anson leaves Xin Yi and Feng Jiao to absorb the news as he brings the proposal and money to find Cun Xi and Dr. Hao.  After showing Dr. Hao the proposal, Cun Xi also offers him a small welcoming gift and promises that if they collaborate, there will be more to come.

However, Dr. Hao is furious.  He is upset that Cun Xi used Xin Yi’s trust and is disappointed in Cun Xi for pretending to care for his wife and creating a false image of a good husband.  Dr. Hao yells at Cun Xi for not understanding the meaning of “inheritance” and the importance of a child.  He says that all Cun Xi sees is money, sales, numbers, and statistics, but money can’t always be the answer to all problems.  If that’s the case, then the two of them have to future partnership possibilities.  Cun Xi angrily leaves Dr. Hao’s office and orders Anson to buy every single one of Dr. Hao’s books for him to read.

Back at Cun Xi’s office, Stephen Zhou has come to see Cun Xi about the selling of the Jiang Mu Island.  Cun Xi says that he doesn’t plan on selling the property yet, but Zheng Ren says that they shouldn’t mess with Stephen Zhou (hinting that Stephen Zhou has some connections with triads).


Stephen Zhou argues that he has a bunch of mercury-contaminated waste needing to be dumped and he only has a week to get rid of it, otherwise he’ll be breaking another contract.  Too bad his attempt to threaten Cun Xi fails, because Cun Xi is still firm on not selling the property, and Stephen Zhou leaves angrily.

Meanwhile, Xin Yi and Feng Jiao are wandering around Taipei eating and playing (well, mostly Feng Jiao is).  When they’re at a night club, they overhear Zheng Ren and Stephen Zhou discussing the selling of Jiang Mu Island.  Stephen Zhou asks Zheng Ren if Cun Xi isn’t selling because he found out that Stephen Zhou is going to make some money out of the transaction, and Zheng Ren insists that he will make sure Stephen Zhou gets what he wants.


Xin Yi and Feng Jiao hear that Cun Xi wanted to sell Jiang Mu Island to be a mercury dump and the two angrily leave the club.  Afterwards, Zheng Ren suggests that Stephen Zhou change his target to Cun Xi’s wife instead of Cun Xi, since it’s most likely because of her that he’s not selling the island.  Zheng Ren conspires with Stephen Zhou in hopes of getting rid of Cun Xi and his child, so that Zheng Ren can become the successor of the Mo Fa Ling Enterprise.

 After Xin Yi and Feng Jiao leave the club, they decide to go find Cun Xi to talk face to face about this matter.  However, at the office building, the guards don’t let them enter.  Xin Yi has no other option but to leave a sticky note with the guards to give to Cun Xi later. Feng Jiao sees that Xin Yi’s message doesn’t carry enough weight, so she adds in a sentence.

In Cun Xi’s office, Anson tells him some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that Dr. Hao’s annual medical conference will be held the next day, so they still have one day to convince Dr. Hao.  However, the rival company heard about Dr. Hao’s rejection of Cun Xi’s collaboration proposal, and is trying to get Dr. Hao to support their soap products instead.  Anson and Cun Xi discuss marketing strategies etc., when Anson also notifies Cun Xi that Xin Yi came by and left him a note.  Turns out Feng Jiao added that Xin Yi was going to go get an abortion!  And Cun Xi’s reaction is…

Cun Xi rushes back home to make sure the baby was still there, and Xin Yi yells at him for using her trust and not caring about her feelings.  He argues that he is only trying to do what’s best for his company.  When she still is bent on leaving, he points out that they already signed the divorce agreement saying that she would stay until the baby was born, but she says that she’s kept her promise but he lied about not selling the Wu Liu Liu Shampoo Factory.  Since he already went back on his word, she has no need to abide by the agreement either.


Their argument continues, and Xin Yi tells him that she even knows he plans on selling the property to be a mercury dump.  Cun Xi doesn’t get a chance to tell her that he’s already changed his mind on selling the property, but after Xin Yi continues to blame him for being inconsiderate and not worrying about the health and safety of the islanders, he is so mad that he blurts out the truth behind their one-night-stand.  He says that it is because of the formula that Wu Qi Qi and Wu Liu Liu put in his drink that she’s pregnant with his child and that he’s the real victim.  It is Liu Liu and Qi Qi who she claims to be kind-hearted islanders that ruined his life, so why should he have to be kind to them.  (You can tell that there are more and more misunderstandings between the two…)  After hearing this, Xin Yi apologizes, saying she wasn’t aware of that.  She tells him to pretend that they never got married, and she and Feng Jiao leave.

As Xin Yi leaves, we hear Xiu Ling talking to Zheng Ren on the phone, Zheng Ren asking where Xin Yi is going…

Cun Xi is still fuming and goes into his room.  But he sees the cupid dolls from the cruise and thinks about Xin Yi and starts to worry about her.  He jumps out of bed and runs to the balcony to try to call Xin Yi back, but it’s too late, because Xin Yi and Feng Jiao have already gone into a taxi and driven off.

Comments:  I’m happy to say that Xin Yi is definitely rubbing off on Cun Xi!!!  We can slowly see him change in this episode, even though he’s still struggling with his emotions; he wants to be kind to Xin Yi because she is so sincere to him, but at the same time he doesn’t want to betray Anna.  I’m mad that he didn’t explain himself to her (that he isn’t going to sell the property) and that he let her go, but seeing that he still tried to chase after her (well, kind of…) shows that he does care and worry about her.  I can’t wait for the development of their relationship in the next episode, so please check back for the recap of episode 7!


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