Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 9 Recap

Zhong Shi needs more screen time.

You can watch Absolute Boyfriend on Dramafever here!


We left off when Jun Shu is about to kiss Xiao Fei as Ni Te is drawing closer. Xiao Fei pulls away suddenly when she hears Ni Te’s voice, and can’t look at Jun Shu or Ni Te. Jun Shu’s little brother demands to wait in line again for the teacups, and Jun Shu tells Ni Te to take care of Xiao Fei because her leg is hurt. He gets up close and personal when saying goodbye to Xiao Fei, and catches her eye when he’s walking away. Ni Te apologizes for not noticing her hurting feet earlier, and takes her back to the hotel. As they’re walking away, Xiao Fei wonders why Jun Shu kissed her, and feels sorry towards Ni Te.

At the hotel, Ni Te sits Xiao Fei down on a couch, and goes to check in. As Xiao Fei is thinking about Jun Shu, he plops himself down right next to her – startling her to jump away from him. Okay he’s starting to ping on my creep radar. Jun Shu wonders at the coincidence, and scoots closer to Xiao Fei. He says that he thinks they are soul mates, and it appears that he made a big impression on her during the afternoon. When Xiao Fei asks him why he kissed her, Jun Shu says it’s because he likes her. After all this time?? Creep Radar: Ping! Ping! Ping! Jun Shu bends close to Xiao Fei, and whispers that since they happened to meet again, he asks her to find him in his room alone. Creep Radar: PINGPINGPINGPINGPINGPINGPINGPINGPING! Xiao Fei says that she won’t ever do that, and Jun Shu says it’d be easy – she just doesn’t have to tell Ni Te. Ni Te comes back with the room keys, and Xiao Fei grabs her bag and drags Ni Te with her. She wonders to herself why she feels so uneasy, and zones out.

Ni Te tries to take a picture, but no Polaroid comes out. Xiao Fei shows him that the camera is out of film, and he runs off to go buy some. Xiao Fei berates herself for not thinking about Ni Te, and turns to look around the room. Her eyes settle on the bed, and she thinks about Ni Te carrying to the bed and kissing her.

Her reverie is broken when the phone rings, and it’s Jun Shu asking for a favour. She asks how he got her room number, and he says that’s not the point right now. She hears his brother moaning in the background, and he says that his brother’s stomach ache suddenly got worse. Jun Shu doesn’t want to leave his brother alone while he goes to get a doctor, and asks if Xiao Fei can come over and watch his brother while he goes. Xiao Fei writes Ni Te a note before she leaves, and heads over to Jun Shu’s room.

She asks how his brother’s doing, and he says that he’ll explain once she goes inside. They walk inside a fancy schmancy room, and Xiao Fei looks around for his brother. Jun Shu apologizes, and says that he lied to her earlier about his little brother because he was  afraid she wouldn’t come over otherwise. CREEEEEP. Xiao Fei tells him she’s leaving, and he says that he actually wanted to tell her something. He asks her to wait a moment, and grabs a juice bottle with a bow on it. He offers it to her, saying that he just wanted to apologize for kissing her earlier and asks her to accept the juice and forgive him.

Xiao Fei takes the juice and says that he doesn’t have to worry –just not to use his little brother to lie to her in the future. She turns to leave, and Jun Shu says that if she doesn’t actually drink the juice though, it will feel like she hasn’t really accepted his apology. Creep Radar: PIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! He helps her pop open the lid, and Xiao Fei takes a big sip. She turns to leave, and passes out almost immediately. Jun Shu catches her and carries her to his bed. He tells her that soon, he’ll beat out “that guy” [meaning Ni Te] and be her real boyfriend.

Cut to Ni Te with the film. He looks around for Xiao Fei, and can’t locate her signal. His ring is white, meaning Xiao Fei is peaceful, but Ni Te still feels like she’s in trouble. Xiao Fei is bleary as Jun Shu takes off her cardigan, and only briefly sees Jun Shu take off his shirt. Ni Te runs around the entire hotel, pausing once in front of Jun Shu’s room. He hears someone in his room, and runs inside to find Jun Shu’s little brother watching tv. He asks if Jun Shu’s little brother knows where Xiao Fei is, and Jun Shu’s little brother beckons him closer. He whispers a long string of numbers in Ni Te’s ear, and he gets knocked out. Looks like Ni Te’s secret of being a robot isn’t so secret anymore.

Xiao Fei wakes up the next morning to see Jun Shu looking at her. She is dressed in Jun Shu’s shirt, and runs out of the room when he asks if she remembers their passionate night. She bumps into a maid on her walk of shame back, and frantically searches for her room key. She walks in and freaks out about how to explain to Ni Te what happened, but panics when she sees him lying on the floor. He wakes up all of a sudden, and asks if she’s okay. Xiao Fei can’t bear to tell Ni Te the truth about what happened, and lies that she found him collapsed on the floor last night. Ni Te apologizes profusely, and brings out the camera to take more pictures on their vacation. Xiao Fei doesn’t want to spend any more time here however, and wants to check out right away. Ni Te doesn’t seem to be picking up that she was lying, and notices that her mood is now orange [angry]. He wonders what he did wrong. How is he not picking up that she’s lying?? He picked it up in earlier episodes!

At home, Xiao Fei can’t look at Ni Te and acts distant towards him. He tries to cheer her up with a snow globe that Xiao Fei has been wanting for some time, but Xiao Fei hits it away and it breaks on the ground. Ouch, I know she’s beating herself up, but she doesn’t have to act like a bi- brat towards the one she feels guilty to. Sheesh.

Zhong Shi stands out on the balcony thinking about the cave incident, when Ni Te comes out. He asks Zhong Shi for advice, because Xiao Fei is upset and he can’t figure out why or how to comfort her. Zhong Shi tells him to let Xiao Fei cry, and she’ll be better afterwards. Ni Te doesn’t understand, until Zhong Shi explains that sometimes people cry because they are sad or because they feel touched by a gesture – after Xiao Fei cries, she typically feels a lot better. Zhong Shi leaves, complaining about how stupid Ni Te and Xiao Fei are.

Inside, Xiao Fei beats up her teddy bear, yelling at Jun Shu. Ni Te knocks on her door, and she panics because she doesn’t know what he’ll do or how he’ll react if he finds out she slept with someone else. Ni Te takes her to the living room, and uncovers her eyes. She sees that he’s hung Polaroid pictures of her, and Ni Te explains that all of his memories are of Xiao Fei. Even her angry face is an important memory to him. Xiao Fei wonders why he treats her so well, and thinks aloud that if he treated her worse it’d be better. Xiao Fei starts to cry, and pushes Ni Te away. She tearfully hits him, and rips down the Polaroids. Ack why? You’re hurting him, when you’re trying to beat up yourself.

The next day at work, Xiao Fei wonders how Ni Te is acting like last night’s outburst never happened. She tells herself to keep being happy, and accidentally runs into someone, knocking their papers out of their hands. She apologizes profusely, and looks up to find Jun Shu looking at her. He says that she’s really cute, and wonders if she works in the same office. Zhong Shi sees them talking, and hangs back to watch from around a corner. When Xiao Fei confirms that she works here, Jun Shu exclaims that this is just like a drama plots [meta humour] and wonders what type of fate they share. Xiao Fei asks him if they actually did anything that day, and he says that it’s impossible for her to forget – they were both so happy. Who is this guy??

Zhong Shi walks behind Xiao Fei as she distractedly pushes her cart, and asks who that guy was. She says that he was nobody, and tries to say that they weren’t talking about much. Xiao Fei says that their old classmate Jun Shu has come to work with them, and Zhong Shi asks her if her brain grew mold. Hehe. He says that that guy isn’t Jun Shu, and that he even had dinner with Jiang Jun Shu the other day. Zhong Shi pulls out his camera to show Xiao Fei, and she laughs. He explains that the new worker has the same sounding last name but it’s a different character. Xiao Fei starts worrying, wondering how he knew about their past and “remembered” her. Stalker!

Xiao Fei goes to confront him, and sees him with a crowd of girls and Sky clustered around him. Xiao Fei asks them to leave, and Sky complains that she’s already got Ni Te. Xiao Fei yells at them to just leave, and the crowd stops off. Jun Shu asks her if she missed him so quickly, and Xiao Fei accuses him of tricking her. Jun Shu says that it wasn’t so much tricking as it was him going along with her story. Xiao Fei says he still tricked her into his room, and Jun Shu says that she was the one who said she wanted it though. He walks around behind her, and tells her that he gets jealous easily so she has to break up with Ni Te soon. They’re a couple now, and Ni Te is just a thing of the past. Jun Shu walks off, leaving Xiao Fei panicked and worried.

Ni Te wonders what happened to him so that he completely wiped out, and doesn’t seem to have the code the kid whispered logged in his memory. Zhong Shi walks over to him, and asks if Ni Te and Xiao Fei are doing okay. He says it didn’t look okay, and wonders if it has to do with the new engineer, sarcastically calling Ni Te “boyfriend”. When Ni Te looks confused, Zhong Shi explains that he hasn’t fully accepted Ni Te as Xiao Fei’s boyfriend.

That night, Xiao Fei wonders how to tell Ni Te, and when she sits down next to him to start explaining, he tells her to go take a shower and try to sleep. He asks her who the new engineer is, and Xiao Fei lies and say she doesn’t know who he’s talking about. She berates herself for lying, and thinks to herself that Ni Te believes every word she says, making herself feel vile and loathsome. Ni Te notices that she’s feeling sad, but doesn’t know whether or not he should go to comfort her or not. The two stand on opposite sides of the bathroom door, lost in thought.

The next day, Jun Shu calls out to Xiao Fei at work and she walks off. He runs after her, and presents her with the same snow globe that Ni Te bought her earlier. Xiao Fei gives it back to him, and says that her boyfriend already gave her it. HA. Jun Shu grabs her and pushes her against a wall divide, saying that he regrets not telling her to breakup with Ni Te right away. Xiao Fei pushes him away, and finally scolds him for assuming there is anything between them. Ni Te hears her struggling, and Jun Shu plays innocent. He tries to lay doubt on Xiao Fei, saying that she must have hidden the fact that Jun Shu is working here from Ni Te. Ni Te replies that if she didn’t tell him, it must be because Jun Shu isn’t worth talking about. Jun Shu smiles wryly and forces Xiao Fei to accept his gift before walking away.

Jun Shu is intercepted and interrogated by Zhong Shi later, and Jun Shu denies threatening Xiao Fei. Jun Shi looks at him, and comments that Zhong Shi is always by her side, and must also be one of his competitors. Zhong Shi asks Jun Shu why he would trick Xiao Fei into thinking that Jun Shu was her old classmate, and Jun Shu replies that as long as there is a happy ending, the beginning doesn’t matter. Zhong Shi tells him that the one to give Xiao Fei happiness is her boyfriend, causing Jun Shu to laugh. Jun Shu tells him that no one, not Zhong Shi or Ni Te, will be able to steal Xiao Fei from his grasp.

Xiao Fei stares listlessly at her dinner, as Ni Te tries to cheer her up. She finally decides that she can’t be silent anymore, and explains that she and Jun Shu slept together – or at least she went to his room and doesn’t remember what happened afterwards. Ni Te drops the bowl he’s holding, and asks her why – why would she sleep with him. He asks if his qualifications aren’t enough, or if it’s because Xiao Fei likes Jun Shu better. Xiao Fei doesn’t say anything, and Ni Te tearfully asks if she doesn’t need him anymore. ANSWER HIM GOD DAMN IT. He says through his tears that he understands and leaves. Xiao Fei apologizes to him mentally, saying that she wasn’t fit to be his girlfriend, and apologizes for hurting him.

Lei Wu Wu receives a call from Ni Te, and Ni Te says that he isn’t of any more use to Xiao Fei. Lei Wu Wu asks what nonsense Ni Te is spouting, and Ni Te asks to be picked up. Lei Wu Wu tries to hit him, and hurts his hand instead. Haha. Ni Te asks why, if he was created according to every specification Xiao Fei had, Xiao Fei chose someone else. He asks to be taken back to the company, and Lei Wu Wu tells him that he’s a robot – no refrigerator ever asked to be returned. He takes off his ring and gives it to Lei Wu Wu, telling him that he’s certain about his decision.

Xiao Fei hears the doorbell ring the next morning, and opens it excitedly calling Ni Te’s name. She finds Jun Shu on the other side however, and he asks to meet with her to clear things up. How the hell did he know her address?? She agrees, and asks him to wait. Jun Shu smiles.

Comments: AHHHHHHHH why is Xiao Fei 1. not slapping Jun Shu whenever he comes near her 2. hurting Ni Te and not caring if she does it or not because she’s wallowing it so much self pity and hate 3. believing Jun Shu when he says they slept together??? 4. taking the BLAME for sleeping with Jun Shu. She’s the victim why does she think she is the one at fault?? Ugh, I can’t wait til this issue is resolved. The only good upside is that Xiao Fei has stopped thinking of Ni Te as a robot and more as a human being.



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