Fated to Love You [命中註定我愛你] Episode 7 Recap

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Xin Yu and her sister sit outside the boat house, and Xin Yi stares glumly at the ground. Her sister comments about how Cun Xi is a bad person for trying to sell Jiang Mu island, and Xin Yi jumps to his defense right away. She says that she ruined his life, and he was still willing to marry her. Grr…get a backbone please! They start shivering, and Cun Xi sees them as he pulls up. He calls Xin Yi stupid, and thinks aloud that she could have left the next morning rather than get sick in the cold. Anson calls to tell him that Doctor Hao will most likely leave his house at 8 for the medical conference tomorrow, and Cun Xi agrees to go meet him. He’s about to get out of the car, when he thinks to himself that she decided to leave and the argument was her fault. He notices a yam seller nearby, and then looks at the two shivering women.


Xin Yi lets out a yelp, scaring her sister and causing them to both yell. Xin Yi moans that she forgot to bring her cupid doll from the cruise, and her sister tells her to get her heard on straight and worry about her child first. They try and encourage each other to act strong, but end up huddling over again because of the cold and hunger. The yam seller walks over and presents them each with a yam. He tells them that every child is a gift from God, and the most previous thing to his parents. He then pauses, checks a piece of paper, and says “the end”. HA. Xin Yi wonders where she heard those words because as the yam seller comments to Cun Xi that he hopes they reconcile soon – Cun Xi obviously cares about his wife a lot. Cun Xi looks at Xin Yi, and tells her that “see? Even the cart owner sees how well I treat you. I can’t treat you better than this though – so don’t wish for more.” He decides to stay the night in his car to make sure they’re okay, and settles down to read Doctor Hao’s book.

Zheng Ren pulls up in a taxi with Stephen Zhou, pointing out Xin Yi and her sister. He tells Stephen that if he takes Cun Xi’s wife, Cun Xi will definitely go looking for him, since his child is in her belly. Stephen thinks that Xin Yi’s sister is Cun Xi’s wife, and comments that Cun Xi has really bad taste. Zheng Ren tells Stephen that Cun Xi’s wife has already met him, so he can’t really be there when the abduction happens. He watches from behind a bush and comments that this time, he’s sending Cun Xi to hell.

Cun Xi wakes up the next morning with one of Doctor Hao’s books on his face.  He gets out of his car and sees Qi Qi, who tells him that he came to find Feng Jiao. Feng Jiao tells him that they haven’t been able to reach either Xin Yi or Feng Jiao on their cell phones, and threatens to call a taxi to Cun Xi’s house if he doesn’t pick him up.

Cut to Xin Yi and Feng Jiao in a warehouse, staring at cake and tea. They look at the goons around them, and wonder if there is poison in the cakes. Feng Jiao tells Xin Yi that she’ll test the cakes for her little sister, and tries to grab them. Haha so transparent. Stephen Zhao says that he not only knows Feng Jiao’s husband, he also has grudges against them. Feng Jiao tentatively asks Stephen why exactly he is upset with her husband, and wholeheartedly agrees with his claim that her husband talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

Feng Jiao continues to insult her husband, and tells Stephen that he’s got terrible hygiene and hong kong foot. This makes Stephen imagine Cun Xi smelling doing the various uncouth actions. Xin Yi is worried, but Feng Jiao tells her that Stephen is her new buddy and pats him repeatedly on the shoulder.

Cun Xi and Qi Qi pull up outside of Doctor Hao’s house, and after Cun Xi impresses Doctor Hao with his efforts to read his books, Doctor Hao grants him 5 minutes. Cun Xi takes a deep breath, and beings to talk about inheritance. He is interrupted however, when Stephen calls and tells him he [Stephen] has Xin Yi and Feng Jiao. Qi Qi panics, and yells that Feng Jiao is pregnant and fragile from carrying his child, how could he not worry about her? This strikes a chord with Cun Xi, and he apologizes to Doctor Hao before leaving to save Xin Yi.

Stephen Zhao intimidates Xin Yi and Feng Jiao by throwing a doll in a brazier and laughing that they might share the same fate if Feng Jiao’s husband doesn’t comply. Feng Jiao says that she’s not afraid, her Qi Qi will save them. This makes Stephen pause, and he asks if her husband isn’t Cun Xi. Xin Yi and Feng Jiao look at each other, and Feng Jiao confirms it. Xin Yi tentatively asks why he wants to abduct Cun Xi’s wife, and Stephen says that it’s because she’s from Jiang Mu island, and Cun Xi went back on his promise to sell the island to Stephen after Cun Xi married her. Xin Yi wonders aloud that she falsely accused Cun Xi, and Stephen looks at her with interest. Ugh couldn’t you have kept your mouth shut? Xin Yi pulls out her 100 coin from the cruise, and thinks back to Cun Xi’s words that her fate rests in her hands, and not the hands of others.

She stands up and announces that they won’t be selling Jiang Mu island. Cun Xi hears her quote him, and sees her announce that at least she has courage. For the sake of her child, she was even willing to marry Cun Xi. Stephen raises a hand to hit Xin Yi, and Cun Xi runs in to stop him. He cutely whispers to Xin Yi that she seems more like a Ji and not a sticky note. Stephen tells his two goons that no matter what happens, they cannot interfere. He wants to personally punish Cun Xi. Qi Qi asks Cun Xi if he’s good at fighting, to which Cun Xi replies that he’s never been hit by anyone before…because he never fought anyone in his life before. HAHA.

Qi Qi steps in to fight Stephen, and gets punched in the face. Cun Xi steps in, and gets punched in the face as well. Looks like Cun Xi is determined to win, and he continues to get up even after getting hit multiple times. He spies the golf clubs, and mimes hitting to Qi Qi. He tries to distract Stephen by making up Kung Fu moves, and gets punched again. Qi Qi finally gets the messages, and takes out Stephen with a blow to the head. They congratulate Cun Xi, when Feng Jiao yells that her stomach hurts.

Anson calls, and Cun Xi tells him to call an ambulance and pass the phone to Doctor Hao. Anson nervously interrupts the medical conference, and tells Doctor Hao that Cun Xi would like to speak with him. Turns out the phone was put on speaker, and the entire auditorium hears Cun Xi yelling that he’s with a woman who’s water broke. Doctor Hao coaches him through the pregnancy, and Cun Xi uses what he learned in Doctor Hao’s books to aid him. When Qi Qi goes to check if the baby’s head is out yet, he faints from the sight of blood. The baby is born safely, and everyone in the medical conference claps.

Feng Jiao tells Cun Xi to hold the baby, and he exclaims over how small and cute he is. Xin Yi tearfully thanks Cun Xi, for coming to save them and for delivering the baby. She apologizes for not believing in him earlier, and he smiles that his image in her heart isn’t that bad after all. She grabs him in a hug, and he jokes that since his clothes are already dirty she can cry all she wants. Cut to Qi Qi shirtless, and we see that his shirt was used to swaddle the baby. He’s still out cold though.

At the hospital, Cun Xi asks Feng Jiao’s condition, and is relieved to learn that she is fine and only needs to rest. He tells Xin Yi not to ever run away from home again, and Anson walks in on their moment. He asks what happened to Cun Xi’s face, and says that they’re ruined. Anson scolds Xin yi, saying that if her sister hadn’t been kidnapped and had a baby, they wouldn’t have lost their chance to promote “Inheritance” to the doctor. Cun Xi scolds Anson, and Xin Yi says that she can go talk to Doctor Hao. She takes out her 100 coin, and tells him to press on [mirror what he always told her].

Xin Yi goes to talk to Doctor Hao, and tells him that ever since she was little – no one ever cared what she thought. She’s ordinary, boring, and like a sticky note. Only Cun Xi, who looks selfish, took care of her. He bought her yams when she was cold, and refused to sell Jiang Mu island because it is her child’s second home. Cun Xi steps in to finish what he was saying earlier, that “letting a new life be born under love is the true meaning of inheritance.” Xin Yi grabs his arm, and he growls “fine, fine.” He beckons them to the window, and they see that the nurses are using “Inheritance”.

Doctor Hao tells them that he knew all along that “Inheritance” was a stellar product, and that he’s glad to see Cun Xi change – the fact that Cun Xi was willing to give up his opportunity to rescue his wife and help another woman give birth made Doctor Hao have new hope for him. He points out the baby that Cun Xi helped give birth to, and Cun Xi takes Xin Yi’s hand as they look at the newborns.

A few days later, Qi Qi is recounting his battle with Stephen Zhao. His mother-in-law and sister-in-law ask to see the tape of Feng Jiao giving birth, and watch her foot raise up and down. Haha. Feng Jiao yells at him to turn it off, and he admits that he might have fainted when he saw blood. Feng Jiao announces that she spent so much time and effort giving birth, she wants to re-film it. Errrr…haha. She proudly tells her mom and sister that she’s decided to name her child “Wu Gu Ji” because it was born on a historical day. When they comment that she picked a weird name, Feng Jiao retorts that Cun Xi and Xin Yi decided to call their child Ji Nian Pin. As in, souvenir. Hahahahahahaha. Feng Jiao reports that Cun Xi treats Xin Yi well, and praises her brother-in-law.

Cun Xi and Xin Yi go baby accessory shopping, and he spends loads of money, including on four bathtubs and bottles that need to be disposed of every month. They stop in front of a wooden rocking horse, and Cun Xi decides to build one for Ji Nian Pin. He says that he wants his son to feel that his dad cares about him a lot, prompting Xin Yi to ask him how he knows it will be a boy. Cun Xi shrugs, and says boy or girl, it makes no difference to him. Xin Yi smiles, and says that no matter what, hopefully the baby doesn’t turn out like her. Cun Xi jokes that if the baby turns out like her, it won’t talk back. Xin Yi sees family clothes [matching outfits for the mom, dad, and kid], and marvels at how cute they are. Cun Xi remarks that Anna doesn’t like that type of clothing though, so they probably won’t be able to wear it. Awkward…

Cun Xi tries to change the subject, and tells Xin Yi that they need to stop at the drug store for a stethoscope. When she asks why he needs one, he laughs and says it’s to talk to Ji Nian Pin. That’s adorable 😀 Cun Xi grabs Xin Yi’s waist and puts his head against her stomach, saying that the baby is very sensitive to outside noises. He talks to Ji Nian Pin, and hears a gurgle. He looks up in surprise, and Xin Yi laughs that it was her stomach talking. They go to eat lunch, and she sweetly thanks him for doing so much for her. He smiles, and then defensively tells her not to fall in love with him just because he’s trying to take care of the child.

How funny are Doctor Hao’s facial expressions to the babies? Haha. Cuteness all around in the episode! 🙂 Looks like Xin Yi is starting to really like Cun Xi, and he’s starting to care for her as well.


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