Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 10 Recap

Tada! I present…episode 10 recap for those of you waiting for english subs!

You can watch Absolute Boyfriend on Dramafever here!


We open to see Zhong Shi get into his car. As he’s about to drive away, he sees a monster car drive up and Jun Shu get out. Xiao Fei gets out from the other side of the car, and Jun Shu takes her to a restaurant where he orders her favourite dishes. She asks him how he knew, and he says it’s because he pays attention and listens. When Xiao Fei says she has no appetite and wants to talk, Jun Shu tells her that it’s their first time eating together so she shouldn’t say unhappy things. Xiao Fei asks Jun Shu why he took her out to eat if he originally said they were going to clear things up. After they leave, Zhong Shi follows them.

Xiao Fei demands to know where they are going, and Jun Shu tells her that they are going fishing. Fishing??? He comments with a creepy smile that it’s Xiao Fei’s favourite thing to do. Random, and really creepy that he knew it. Zhong Shi calls Xiao Fei’s cell phone, and rather than picking up right away, she just stares at her phone. Jun Shu takes it, and ignores the call, telling her she shouldn’t drive and talk on her cell phone. She demands it back, but Jun Shu ignores her and swerves around other cars.

Zhong Shi drives up next to them, and Xiao Fei yells for Zhong Shi to come save her. They speed around other cars, until Zhong Shi runs into a pile of sandbags at a construction site. He takes off running behind Jun Shu’s car, until he collapses out of exhaustion and possibly injuries. 😦

Looks like Lei Wu Wu and Ni Te stayed up all night talking, and Ni Te tells Lei Wu Wu that the area where his heart is doesn’t feel good, and like it’s hurting. Lei Wu Wu marvels that Ni Te might have evolved, and tentatively asks Ni Te if he’s 100% sure he wants to go back to the office. Ni Te wonders to himself if he really feels heartbroken because of Xiao Fei, and flashes back to all his times with Xiao Fei, including his promise not to leave her. Ni Te stands up and tells Lei Wu Wu that he likes Xiao Fei, and won’t leave her ever. He takes off running, and Lei Wu Wu starts to chase after him.

A voice stops Lei Wu Wu however, and he nervously addresses a young boy as his general supervisor. The camera pans around to show…Jun Shu’s little brother. Lei Wu Wu nervously asks him what he’s doing here, and Jun Shu’s little brother [or is he? For clarity’s sake I’ll continue to call him that] announces that robot number two has already been released, and that he will be competing against Ni Te to see who can be Xiao Fei’s boyfriend. OH NO, that explains all the creepy though. When Lei Wu Wu sputters that Ni Te was making Xiao Fei happy, Jun Shu’s little brother says that Ni Te was taking too long to collect the yellow information, and had made her unhappy quite a few times.

Cut to Ni Te running past Zhong Shi, and he soon catches up to Jun Shu’s car. Ni Te runs in front of the car, and Jun Shu stops. He grins, revs the engine, and speeds at Ni Te. Ni Te catches the car and stops it, but his converse start wearing thin and he rolls to the side. Jun Shu starts to drive away, and Ni Te grabs onto the back of the car. Jun Shu can’t get away, and gets out of the car to fight with Ni Te. He knocks Ni Te to the ground, and drags Xiao Fei to an abandoned warehouse. Ni Te follows a few seconds later, and Zhong Shi limps in minutes after. Nooo Zhong Shi you’re not a robot they can’t fix you if you get hurt 😦

Cue intense fight scene. Oh, and Zhong Shi watches them in shock as they bend metal and jump impossible distances before he gets knocked out by one of KRONOS’s officers. At one point, Ni Te rips Jun Shu’s arm off – then we hear a string of numbers. The two robots freeze, and Jun Shu closes his eyes before falling down. Jun Shu’s little brother announces that robot 2 lost, and the KRONOS officers take him away.

Outside, Ni Te is being repaired by Lei Wu Wu as Jun Shu’s little brother apologizes to Xiao Fei. He introduces himself as Jiang Bai Qi, and clears up that she never did it with Jun Shu since they never got yellow data. He apologizes for everything that Jun Shu did, commenting that his personality was set too strong. No…really?? Everyone leaves, and we see Zhong Shi wake up. In the warehouse. By himself. Someone needs a hug.

Everyone [minus Zhong Shi] is gathered in Xiao Fei’s house. Lei Wu Wu and Jiang Bai Qi tell her that Ni Te’s maintenance fee is waived, but the fine for her telling anyone that he’s a robot isn’t. Xiao Fei hugs Ni Te in relief as Zhong Shi gets home. He rushes up, only to see Xiao Fei and Ni Te embracing, and watches as Xiao Fei touches Ni Te’s bruised face. Xiao Fei asks if it hurts, and Ni Te says that he doesn’t feel pain. Xiao Fei wonders aloud that she’s really forgetting that Ni Te isn’t human. Uhoh…last time I checked Zhong Shi was still standing outside her doorway.

Xiao Fei “wakes” up the next morning having not slept at all. She goes to eat breakfast and Ni Te greets her in English. When Xiao Fei looks confused, Ni Te switches gears and speaks in Japanese. Xiao Fei tells him to speak Chinese, and Ni Te looks at her in surprise. Looks like someone is malfunctioning. Ni Te insists on going to work with Xiao Fei, so she tells him to keep his mouth shut. Guess who forgot when the duo run into Zhong Shi outside their apartments? Xiao Fei remembers his car chase, and after Zhong Shi tells her he’s fine, says it’s good he has insurance to take care of his car. Rude. Zhong Shi is confused when Ni Te speaks to him in Japanese, and Xiao Fei hurriedly leads Ni Te away before he can say any more.

At work, Ni Te has one catastrophe after the other. He first speaks in Japanese, then Italian, and ends up crumpling to the ground when Xiao Fei tries to accompany him on his errands. Zhong Shi notes everything cautiously, and he recalls what Xiao Fei said earlier. Xiao Fei takes Ni Te home, and he switches to Korean. Xiao Fei calls Lei Wu Wu to tell him that Ni Te is sick, and Lei Wu Wu comments that it should be malfunctioning, not sick since Ni Te is a robot. Xiao Fei looks over Ni Te’s instructions while waiting for Lei Wu Wu, and grimaces because she doesn’t see Ni Te as a possession or robot anymore, so she can’t “force shutdown” him or open him up to look at the technology. Ni Te continues to speak Korean, stating that no matter what, he always loves her. He kisses Xiao Fei and says “I love you” in Korean over and over before collapsing.

Lei Wu Wu checks Ni Te, and is flummoxed because Ni Te doesn’t technically [pun intended] have anything wrong with him. Lei Wu Wu decides to take Ni Te to the company, and seems impressed with Xiao Fei’s desperation to have Ni Te fixed/cured. Zhong Shi sees Lei Wu Wu taking Ni Te away in a KRONOS van on his way home, and runs to Xiao Fei’s apartment to ask her about it. Except…when she goes to get drinks…he spies Ni Te’s manual. Looks like someone has to pay that fine.

Zhong Shi grabs Xiao Fei in a hug and…apologizes? He says that if only he had confessed to liking her earlier, she wouldn’t have bought a robot lover. Zhong Shi asks for a chance, because unlike Ni Te, he is human. He will live and age with Xiao Fei, while Ni Te will always remain the same. Xiao Fei confesses that she actually had thought of that too. They move along and Zhong Shi holds up a green pepper. Xiao Fei asks him why he’s buying that, since she doesn’t like to eat them. He asks if Ni Te didn’t cook with them , and Xiao Fei nods. Zhong Shi says that although he knows Xiao Fei doesn’t like to eat them, they’re extremely healthy so he still cooks them for her. He, Zhong Shi, is willing to do whatever that is good for her, even if she doesn’t like it sometimes.

Zhong Shi takes Xiao Fei’s hand, and they run into Lei Wu Wu who holds out a miniature holographic Ni Te. The mini-Ni Te yells that Zhong Shi is trying to steal Xiao Fei away, and Zhong Shi holds up his and Xiao Fei’s hands still clasped together in response. Lei Wu Wu turns mini-Ni Te off, and reminds Xiao Fei about outsiders knowing their secret. Zhong Shi confirms that he knows Ni Te is a robot, and Lei Wu Wu looks extremely frustrated. At Xiao Fei’s house, she talks to mini-Ni Te and finds out that he didn’t want to be away from her, and so made the company make the mini-hologram. Zhong Shi looks on disapprovingly as mini-Ni Te beckons Xiao Fei closer to tell her a secret, and ends up kissing her on the cheek instead. Cute! Zhong Shi agrees not to tell anyone about Ni Te so that Xiao Fei doesn’t have to pay the fine, but insists on moving in with the two. Uhoh…

Cut to Sky and Zhi Xi taking care of their drunk supervisor. They dump him in a taxi, and then go walking. Sky sits down, tugging Zhi Xi to sit with him. He complains that he doesn’t want to go home, because going home means that he’ll be all alone. He moans that he just wants to love someone, and have someone stay home with him like Xiao Fei did for Ni Te. Zhi Xi grabs his face to make him look at her, and assures him that he won’t be single for the rest of his life, and will find someone who truly loves him back. She continues to spout wisdom, but Sky seems to have lost focus and is staring at her in a new light. Then he leans forward and kisses her. What?? Cute but a tad random…

The next morning, Xiao Fei struggles to turn her alarm clock off, and accidentally turns on mini-Ni Te. He does morning stretches, and cheerfully comments that she’s sooooo cute and he loves her the most! Xiao Fei sleepily smiles, and mini-Ni Te asks for a good morning kiss. Zhong Shi walks in and hears his request, and angrily picks up mini-Ni Te.


PHEW! All that Jun Shu drama is finally over thank god. Zhong Shi…ugh I feel like he’s just being set up for more and more heartbreak though 😦 mini-Ni Te is adorable! 🙂 But honestly…XIAO FEI THERE WERE NUMEROUS TIMES YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF THE CAR OR RAN AWAY. DON”T JUST STAND THERE AND WATCH TWO GUYS FIGHTING OVER YOU – IF YOU RUN AWAY THEY WON”T FIGHT!! sigh…I think i’m too used to strong independent female characters [hunger games’s katniss really enforced my appreciation of this type of character].


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