Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 8 Recap

“For you, I’m willing to be even a chicken!”

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Back to where we left off, Cun Xi notices that he’s being too nice to Xin Yi, so tells her that he’s only doing all these things for his kid and not for her, and he reminds her to not fall in love with him.  She immediately responds saying that she remembers what was written on their (divorce) agreement and that she will never fall in love with him.  However, surprisingly, Cun Xi is a little disappointed that she denied so fast that she would ever fall in love with him…  A waiter comes by with their food and asks them to fill out a survey, so Cun Xi takes out his pen to fill out the form.  His pen seems to be out of ink, and he jokes that she should buy another one for him for his birthday.  Cun Xi then says he’ll fill out her form for her and as he takes a look at her birthdate, they realize that both of their birthdays are on the same day—tomorrow!

He asks her what her birthday wish is and she says it is for somebody to remember her birthday, since nobody has ever remembered her birthday or celebrated with her.  He says her wish has already come true, because since they have the same birthdays, he will obviously remember hers too.  She then turns to ask him what his birthday wish is.  He says that without Anna, his wish can’t come true.  He says that for his birthday, Anna would always give him some sort of surprise at a restaurant.  One year, she even entered a beer-drinking competition and won just so everyone would sing to him for his birthday.  His gaze becomes all soft and gentle when he mentions Anna, but he’s also upset since he knows that she won’t be there for his birthday this year.


Meanwhile, Anna is actually in Hong Kong on tour preparing for her performance, and remembers that Cun Xi’s birthday is the following day…

Back at home, Grandma Zhen Zhu says that it was fate that they have the same birthday, and they should celebrate by going out to dinner and celebrating together.  Cun Xi says sure and Xin Yi is surprised.  She asks if he’s sure, and he says, “Are you happy, sticky note?”  She’s ecstatic, and he even has a cute little nickname for her now!  🙂


However, he gets a phone call from Anna, and turns out that she’s planning on flying to Taiwan for a few hours to celebrate his birthday with him and then flying back to Hong Kong!  She jokingly asks if he’s already got a date for his birthday, and he looks at Xin Yi in the living room excitedly looking at dresses with Grandma, and says that he’s free. Noooooo!!!

We see Anna discussing it with her roommate (another dancer) and the roommate says that if the chief finds out Anna might get fired.  Anna tells her not to worry, but outside their door, another dancer (wanting Anna’s role) overhears their conversation…

Xin Yi is in her room thinking about what to get Cun Xi for his birthday, and she remembers that his pen ran out of ink.  But the pen was really expensive, so she brings out her “dowry” from her mom and plans on selling it to buy him a present.  Cun Xi comes in and asks her what she wants to do for her birthday, and she says she wants to sing karaoke, have dinner, and go to Yang Ming Mountain to look at the nighttime scenery.  Cun Xi sees that she’s so excited for their “date” the next day that he can’t bear to tell her that Anna is coming back.

The next morning Cun Xi and Xin Yi head out together for their birthday date.  Cun Xi compliments Xin Yi on her outfit, and they’re evening matching—both are wearing purple!

Grandma forces them to hold hands and says that they aren’t allowed to return home before midnight, haha!  But after they leave the house, he has the driver stop the car and finally tells her that he can’t celebrate with her because Anna is coming.  He says he’s planned everything out for her to do to celebrate her birthday though, such as shopping and watching movies, and he even booked a huge KTV (karaoke) room and booked a whole restaurant just for her.  Sounds like his way of using money to say “sorry”.

We cut to Dylan and he is preparing for Zhong Shan Long’s first art exhibition and charity auction in Taiwan, and is going over the art pieces, the security, and guest list.

As he’s leaving the gallery, he runs into Xin Yi, who wanted to go see the exhibit but wasn’t invited.  He pretends to say that his friend opened the gallery (because she still thinks he’s a priest) and takes her in to see the exhibit.  Turns out she’s also a huge fan of Zhong Shan Long’s artwork.  He’s letting her explore the exhibit but at the same time trying to keep it clean and ready for the show the next day, haha!


Xin Yi sees Zhong Shan Long’s fragile “Happiness” and tells Dylan that she thinks the bowl is a very appropriate representation of happiness.  It is beautiful, warm, and safe, but at the same time, it is very fragile like it can disappear at any moment.  Dylan says that Xin Yi really understands Zhong Shan Long’s intentions behind his artwork, and says that if she ever got the chance, she should really meet the artist.

Xin Yi asks if Dylan has time and would like to go celebrate her birthday with her, and he asks why Cun Xi isn’t celebrating with her.  She tells him everything, and he convinces her to go to the restaurant and hide in a corner and watch his expression when he opens the gift she got him (the ballpoint pen, after selling the necklace her mom gave her).

Anna is getting ready to leave when the dancer that wants her role, Tiffany, stops her.  She says that she has told the chief that Anna is leaving without permission to go see her boyfriend, then pretends to say that she’s just joking.  She lets Anna leave, but tells Anna to go through the back stairs, where she has put marbles on the stairs and causes Anna to slip and fall down the stairs 😦

At the restaurant, Cun Xi is already there waiting for Anna, and Xin Yi and Dylan get a table nearby to spy on Cun Xi.  They sit and wait for an hour but Anna doesn’t show up, so Xin Yi plans to leave but she doesn’t know how to pass Cun Xi’s table without him noticing, so she calls the prostitute hotline (in Chinese, the slang for prostitute is chicken, “ji”) so a guy dressed up in a chicken costume comes into the restaurant and she takes his costume.


However, when she’s about to leave, the MC goes up to welcome Anna but she still isn’t there, so Xin Yi decides to go up to help Cun Xi celebrate his birthday.  She does a silly “flamenco” dance and attempts to juggle, but is just laughed at.  Finally, she uses glasses filled with water to play him the birthday song!


As she plans to leave, Cun Xi thinks she’s Anna so rushes up to hug her and he tries to take off her chicken head.  She can’t otherwise he’ll know it’s her, so she fights him off and tries to run away.


In the struggle, Cun Xi gets a phone call from Anson saying that Anna was not on any of the flights from Hong Kong to Taiwan, and Cun Xi knows the chicken isn’t Anna.  He asks the chicken to stay for dinner with him anyway, to thank the chicken for performing for his birthday.  As they’re eating (well, just Cun Xi) he starts talking to her, saying that he feels like he knows the chicken, and that the chicken reminds him of somebody—Xin Yi.  He confesses that he stood her up on her birthday to come to the restaurant to be stood up by Anna.  He says that she’s too kind and is always being used and then forgotten, like a sticky note, and that he wishes she could stand up for herself sometimes.  He also says that he didn’t want to use her kindness to dump her on her birthday, and he feels guilty for leaving her alone and taking off their wedding ring.  Meanwhile, inside the chicken costume, Xin Yi is crying.  As he’s saying all of this, he wonders what Xin Yi is doing, and decides to call her to wish her a happy birthday before the day is over.  As he calls her, he hears a phone ringing on the chicken, and starts to put the puzzle pieces together—he finally realizes the chicken is Xin Yi!

He yells at her for being there just to see him be stood up, but just then the waiter brings over his birthday gift that’s supposedly from Anna—the pen.  He says that just the present without Anna has no meaning.  He then asks Xin Yi where his birthday pen is and she lies and says she has no money so couldn’t buy him one.  He says that she has made him feel guilty enough all day, so since they still have two more hours until the day is over, it is his turn to fulfill her wishes.  She had said earlier that she wanted ginger buns that are only sold on Jiang Mu Island, so he decides to take her there.  They get to the dock but she says that at this hour there are no more boats to the island, but her points out onto the water at a boat and tells her that he has prepared one, call “Ji Nian Pin”—their child’s name!  So Cute!


She is shocked that he paid so much money for the boat in such a short amount of time, but he says that as long as she’s happy, it’s worth it.  Now, she can go home to Jiang Mu Island whenever she wants and doesn’t have to wait for the boats.

And so they head off to Jiang Mu Island together, and Xin Yi thinks to herself that she will cherish these memories of the two of them together because it will be the happiest seven months of her life.

Comments:  I felt so bad for everyone in this episode!  Cun Xi was such a jerk for going back on his word on celebrating Xin Yi’s birthday with her so he deserved getting stood up by Anna, but I also felt so bad for her that she was set up by that other dancer!  The ending is very cute and I like how we see a lot of Xin Yi’s inner thoughts in this episode, from her views on happiness to her worry that she is beginning to fall in love with a man that she know will never belong to her…  Stay posted to see what will happen next with this love triangle!


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    1. Thanks sleepninja! 🙂 To be fair this particular recap is the work of greengrassjelly [my guest recapper :P]. Recaps are on hold right now, but hopefully will start again soon! 🙂

    2. Sorry for the late response, but thank you sleepninja! 🙂 And sorry for the hold-up of the Fated recaps… we’ve been so busy lately, but we will get on them very soon, so stay tuned!

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