Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 11 Recap

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Mini-Ni Te waves at Xiao Fei, and asks for a morning kiss. Zhong Shi walks in at that moment and picks up mini-Ni Te. He turns off mini-Ni Te, and Xiao Fei moans that Zhong Shi living with her and Ni Te wasn’t a dream after all. Outside, Zhong Shi is cooking breakfast for Xiao Fei while mini-Ni Te critiques him and orders him around. They bicker over how to cook the noodles, and mini-Ni Te tells Zhong Shi that while he might not have all of Zhong Shi’s knowledge when it comes to what Xiao Fei likes, he does have precise knowledge of how she likes her noodles cooked. Zhong Shi mutters that it’s because Xiao Fei typed it all in when she ordered Ni Te. Haha.

At work, Zhong Shi hopefully asks Xiao Fei if she left mini-Ni Te at home. She shakes her head, saying that she brought him along, but will be careful. Zhong Shi murmurs how lucky mini-Ni Te is – after all Zhong Shi knew her for 20 years and has never gotten that close to her. They pause on the stairs as they see Sky running after Zhi Xi. Sky nervously says that he needs to talk to her about…what happened yesterday, and Zhi Xi tells him that she didn’t think anything of their kiss and has already disregarded it. She walks off, and Sky looks a bit worried as he runs after her. Zhong Shi and Xiao Fei look at each other and shrug.

The boss asks Xiao Fei where Ni Te is, and she hands him a leave of absence form, explaining that Ni Te is sick. The boss accepts it, and comments that since Ni Te isn’t here, they need the “most MAN” person to change the light fixtures. Sky stands up excitedly…and the boss tells Zhi Xi to do it. Awkward. Sky protests, and the boss just laughs at him. Sky asks to go with Zhi Xi to do it, but Zhi Xi quickly asks the boss if Xiao Fei can come with her instead. Aw…

While changing the light bulbs, Xiao Fei admits that she overheard Zhi Xi and Sky’s conversation in the morning. Zhi Xi shrugs it off, and tells Xiao Fei to go get the replacement bulb. As Zhi Xi steps down from the ladder however [in stilettos -.-], she slips and falls – knocking her unconscious and shattering the light. Sky hears the noise and immediately panics. He picks up Zhi Xi and tells Xiao Fei to go tell the boss what happened.

At the hospital, Xiao Fei walks in to check on Zhi Xi. She sees that Sky and Zhi Xi are holding hands, and coughs conspicuously. Zhi Xi pulls her hand away, and Sky grabs it right away. He says that he was really worried about her, and after she asks him why he’s acting like this, confesses that he likes her. Zhi Xi laughs and says that him confessing after one kiss sounds like a big playboy lie. Sky denies it, and says that he kissed her to make certain that he liked her. He admits that he always felt really interested in Zhi Xi, but just passed it off as them being close friends. It was only recently that he realized she was the girl of his dreams. Zhi Xi tells him not to talk like this, and Xiao Fei drags Sky out when he protests and attempts to stay to take care of her.

Later, Xiao Fei and Zhong Shi wonder at Zhi Xi and Sky’s odd relationship. Zhong Shi points out that it wasn’t too long ago that Sky was obsessing over Ni Te – mini-Ni Te adorably crosses his arms. Zhong Shi notes that Sky always seemed to like guys, so if he was Zhi Xi he’d be sceptical as well. Mini-Ni Te says that love shouldn’t be differentiated between liking guys or girls, and Zhong Shi says that since Ni Te is a robot he wouldn’t understand. Zhong Shi and mini-Ni Te start to bicker, and Xiao Fei begins to fidget uncomfortably. As she’s walking, Zhong Shi sees someone pushing a flower pot over the edge of the balcony above her. He runs and pushes her out of the way, while mini-Ni Te looks on in horror, unable to do anything. Xiao Fei ends up okay [cushioned in her fall by Zhong Shi], but the flower pot hit Zhong Shi’s ankle and he grimaces in pain.

Back in the apartment, Xiao Fei helps Zhong Shi bandage his leg. She tells him to rest, and turns down both mini-Ni Te and Zhong Shi’s offers to accompany her to buy dinner. Once alone, the boys look around awkwardly. Mini-Ni Te breaks the silence to thank Zhong Shi for saving Xiao Fei, and promises that when he’s fixed he’ll protect Xiao Fei from everything and anything. Zhong Shi comments that it’s because Ni Te is Xiao Fei’s “perfect darling boyfriend” and mini-Ni Te cheerfully confirms it. Cute. 😀 Zhong Shi says however, that he thinks that the most beautiful love is the imperfect kind. “Humans naturally get into fights and disagreements with their other half, but part of the beauty and strength in the relationship comes from their ability to make up and still stay together.” That’s why he thinks imperfect love is the most beautiful of all. Mini-Ni Te listens, and replies that either way, from the beginning to the end, love is beautiful no matter what. He tells Zhong Shi not to worry, and promises to collect more data so that he too can have the most beautiful imperfect relationship. Zhong Shi rebukes him, stating that in the end, Ni Te will find that no matter how close he is to acting human, he will never be human.

At work, Sky gets yelled at by the boss. The camera pans up to show a disheveled, messy Sky who stares desolately at his desk. Zhi Xi walks by to talk to the boss, and Sky jumps up to try and rush out after her. He is forced to sit down by the boss, and hits his head against his desk.

At lunch, Zhong Shi puts Xiao Fei’s lunch in front of her. Wow, momma hen to the extreme here. He tells her to eat all of her food, including the green peppers, since he’ll be inspecting her lunch at night. He then promises to leave after mini-Ni Te coughs a couple times, and explains to Xiao Fei that he and Ni Te agreed to take turns spending time with her.

Xiao Fei starts to eat the peppers and mini-Ni Te asks her why in surprise. Xiao Fei states that it’s because she doesn’t want to hurt Zhong Shi’s feelings, as Zhi Xi walks by. Ni Te wonders aloud that Xiao Fei is willing to change herself of Zhong Shi, when Zhi Xi sneaks up behind Xiao Fei and grabs the cell phone. Xiao Fei quickly makes up an excuse that it’s new 3D technology, and Zhi Xi gleefully exclaims that she’s going to sell it to the RD department. Xiao Fei convinces Zhi Xi not to, but Zhi Xi adds that she’ll forget it on one condition.

Cut to Zhi Xi eating hot pot with Xiao Fei and Zhong Shi. She explains that she doesn’t want to go home because Sky is always waiting for her there, and we find out that her condition was to live with Xiao Fei. That’s one crowded apartment…Zhi Xi notes that she knew Ni Te and Xiao Fei were living together, and didn’t know that Zhong Shi was living there as well. Caught! Zhong Shi explains that it’s because he wants to court Xiao Fei.

Xiao Fei asks Zhi Xi why she won’t consider dating Sky, and Zhi Xi asks if Xiao Fei could ever like a robot. Cue sputtering on the parts of Zhong Shi, Xiao Fei, and mini-Ni Te. HAHA. Zhi Xi explains that it was a comparison, Sky and her are like a robot and human; even though they look similar, there is no way they can go out. Mini-Ni Te asks if Zhi Xi doesn’t think robots are capable of loving humans, and Zhi Xi says that by definition, a robot shouldn’t be capable of human love. 😦 Zhong Shi supports Zhi Xi’s opinion, and mini-Ni Te chimes in that he disagrees. He doesn’t have a reason, but says that otherwise a robot’s love will be put down too much.

Zhi Xi rests a hand on her shoulder as she gets ready for bed, while mini-Ni Te cheers on Xiao Fei while she plays her online game. Zhong Shi tells mini-Ni Te to spend until 12 pm tomorrow with Xiao Fei, since after that he [Zhong Shi] will be taking her on an overnight trip.

They meet up the next day, and Zhong Shi tells her she looks pretty. Zhi Xi holds up mini-Ni Te, and we see him adorably tell her to follow them. As Zhong Shi and Xiao Fei are walking, they notice a little girl standing by herself on the street. They begin to play with the little girl [uh…random and slightly awkward], as Zhi Xi and mini-Ni Te watch. Mini-Ni Te despondently murmers the words “mum” and “child”, and thinks to himself that if he and Xiao Fei are together they won’t be able to have children. Uhhh…ever heard of adopting? Mini-Ni Te clutches his heart and wonders at the strange pain, and Zhong Shi and Xiao Fei return the little girl to her parents. Mini-Ni Te tells Zhi Xi to stop following Zhong Shi and Xiao Fei, and says that he already learned all he needs to learn. Aw 😦

Zhong Shi and Xiao Fei go on a cute date, running in a lavender field, blowing bubbles by the dock, and setting up a tent. They roast meat and yam that evening, and joke around together. Back at home, Zhi Xi ignores a call from Sky and mini-Ni Te asks to go run errands with her, since he’s all alone.

Zhong Shi takes Xiao Fei’s hand and leads her to the dock. He tells her to look at the sky, and points out the fireflies. He explains that fireflies let off their light to find their mates, and their flashing lights, if translated, would say… “will you marry me?” What???? Zhong Shi admits that this is the phrase he wants to say to her, and that he doesn’t care if she thinks he’s silly, he’s sincere about his feelings for her. He asks her again if she’ll marry him.

Xiao Fei admits that it’s always been his hand leading her forward, and always him sacing her when she’s in trouble. However, she needs to change herself so that their relationship is mutual, and says that she can’t keep accepting his help. Zhong Shi sadly smiles, and asks if this is her answer. Xiao Fei nods, and he asks if she had already decided to reject him when they met up yesterday for their date. He sighs and asks if she truly loves a robot. Xiao Fei says she doesn’t know yet, and Zhong Shi asks if “I love you” would solve this problem. Xiao Fei starts to cry, and Zhong Shi tells her not to cry – he didn’t bring her here to be sad. He notes that this time, rather than hold her hand and lead her, he can only let go. So sad, how her hand drops right away and his remains held there 😥

Zhi Xi and mini-Ni Te stumble across a drunk Sky, and she warns him not to stay around her house any longer. Sky grabs her arms and begs for their old friendship back, just as friends. Zhi Xi tells Sky that she hates the way he looks at her, and that she feels a lot of pressure because of him. Mini-Ni Te decides to stay with Sky and cheer him up, and Zhi Xi walks off into the darkness.

Xiao Fei and Zhong Shi return home the next morning. They pause in front of their respective apartments, and Zhong Shi says that there’s no point in him living there anymore. He asks her why she keeps looking at him with that “cried all night face”, and comments that even though he loves her, he never thought she was gorgeous. That makes her grimace at him, and it seems their old rapport is back. It’s only when Zhong Shi walks into his apartment and closes the door that we see the pain on his face.

Xiao Fei opens her door, but doesn’t see anyone. She discovers Zhi Xi tugging a shirt on over her tank top, and notes in horror her scars on her back. Xiao Fei apologizes for barging in, and tentatively asks how Zhi Xi got the scars. Zhi Xi explains that in third grade, her house had an explosion and both her parents were killed. The doctor commented that because of her scars, she might not be able to get a boyfriend or get married. Hence, Zhi Xi has saved money because it is the most important thing. Xiao Fei notes that Zhi Xi’s allusion to her and Sky being like a robot and human referred to herself as a robot. Xiao Fei asks if Zhi Xi likes Sky, when Sky calls.

Xiao Fei picks up the phone, and hears a policeman on the other line. He reports that Sky got into an accident earlier in the morning, and Zhi Xi was listed as his #1 contact in his phone. He asks that she come in to check on him in the hospital and confirm his identity. Zhi Xi takes off running, when Zhong Shi stops them and says he can drive them. As they’re driving, Zhi Xi sees Sky walking on the side of the road. Zhong Shi stops the car, and Zhi Xi runs out to berate Sky. She asks him where his cell phone is, and he asks her how she knew he was looking for it. Turns out he left it in a car, which got into the accident this morning. Zhi Xi hugs him in excitement, and when Sky asks her if they can’t be together, Zhi Xi shakes her head no.

Sky asks if it’s because of the scars on her back, and explains that he had heard her story about her parents and the explosion. He then berates her for being stupid, saying that if he can like her so much against his type, what are a few scars? He begs her not to push him away anymore, and Zhi Xi agrees to think about it.

Zhong Shi comments that in the end, robots and humans can get together after all. Aw 😦 When Xiao Fei asks for mini-Ni Te back, Sky apologizes and says that no matter how he called mini-Ni Te to thank him, he wouldn’t appear. Lei Wu Wu calls Xiao Fei, and when she explains that her cell phone has a problem, Lei Wu Wu explains that it isn’t the cell phone which is experiencing technical difficulties, it’s…Ni Te.

Xiao Fei and Zhong Shi return home to find Lei Wu Wu and Jiang Bai Qi waiting for her. They explain that Ni Te is beyond repair, and that they are still working out the technical difficulties. Instead, they can send a new robot who is exactly like Ni Te to Xiao Fei.

Xiao Fei sits at home looking at her and Ni Te’s Polaroid photos, and thinks to herself how much she wants to see Ni Te. The next morning, Xiao Fei opens the door to find Lei Wu Wu. Zhong Shi walks up behind them and urges Lei Wu Wu to go in. Seems like momma hen is determined not to have anything go wrong. Lei Wu Wu clicks open the container, and tells Xiao Fei to kiss him to activate him. Xiao Fei stares at the replacement, and Lei Wu Wu utters that this is utterly impossible. Xiao Fei says that she doesn’t care about a replacement, she wants the Ni Te that she’s experienced so much with. She asks to go to KRONOS to visit him, and Zhong Shi steps in to threaten to reveal KRONOS’s secrets if Lei Wu Wu doesn’t comply.

At the factory, we see lots of gizmos and satellites from the ceilings. A big photo of Ni Te is showing, and Xiao Fei recognizes him as the big brother who taught her the finger trick. Lei Wu Wu tells her that the man in the photo is the president’s deceased son, and that Nightly 01 was modelled after him.

They head over to visit Ni Te, and see him being reset in a glass cylinder. However, the reset continues to fail, as some part of Ni Te’s memory has evolved to include a not-preset persona. Ni Te awakens and demands to know why he is being reset. He begins to pound on the glass, and Jiang Bai Qi recites a string a numbers to no avail. Xiao Fei enters and walks over to Ni Te, not noticing the lasers around the container. Zhong Shi works out that Ni Te must have reset when he briefly dated Mei Jia, and when Xiao Fei asks if her kissing Ni Te will solve the reset problem, Jiang Bai Qi tells them that Ni Te would forget everyone, including her. Zhong Shi wonders in amazement that what Ni Te said about becoming more human was true. Jiang Bai Qi tells Xiao Fei that if Ni Te tries to resist Reset any longer, the company will be forced to shut him down completely. Xiao Fei asks for a few moments with Ni Te, and walks towards him as everyone watches on.


I think a couple things might have been lost in translation in the bit about Reset, so I’ll update that if I find any changes or details missed. The main gist should be correct though 🙂 Ack this episode was so depressing, not just for Zhong Shi [rejection is never nice] but also for Xiao Fei, Sky, Zhi Xi, and Ni Te. Sigh…we’re coming into the “ending angst” with these last few episodes, so hold on and hang in there!


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