Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 12 Recap

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Xiao Fei and Ni Te talk, and Ni Te apologizes because he’s realized he can never be human or truly be her perfect boyfriend. He asks that even so, could he still remain by her side? Xiao Fei shuts him down, and when he vows to be better than any human boyfriend, she explains that she’s been thinking for the past two days and that she wants a husband who she can grow old with and raise children with. Ni Te looks miserable, and Xiao Fei starts to cry as she tells him to forget her. The saddest part is that Ni Te says he understands, since he’s willing to do anything possible to make her happy. He asks her to consider dating Zhong Shi for her human boyfriend, because he knows that Zhong Shi will take care of Xiao Fei. She struggles with her tears, and keeps her face away from Ni Te. AGHHH ANGST!

Xiao Fei asks them to fix Ni Te any way possible, and for them to send him to another girl who will make him happy and he will make happy. Girl why are you being the noble idiot??

At work, Sky asks if Ni Te’s cellphone was fixed. He’s astonished to find out that Xiao Fei and Ni Te broke up, and keeps bugging her about the details. Zhi Xi yells at Sky to get over in an attempt to make him stop making the situation worse, and after Xiao Fei leaves with work materials, he grabs her arms and makes a kissy face. She pushes his face away. Haha, trust Sky to try and seduce her at work.

Cut to Lei Wu Wu taking over watching Ni Te in KRONOS’s lab. He tells Ni Te about his new owner, saying that she couldn’t be more different than Xiao Fei. This elicits a slight twitch from Ni Te, and when Lei Wu Wu leaves, Ni Te tells him goodbye. Strange.

Sky tells Zhi Xi that from the past few days, he hasn’t noticed any visible difference in Xiao Fei’s behaviour. They stop Zhong Shi as he walks by, and asks if he knew that Ni Te and Xiao Fei broke up. Sky asks if he heard any pitiful anguished cries from Xiao Fei’s apartment, and Zhong Shi says no. He asks them to take care of her, and be supporting friends. Sky tells Zhong Shi that Xiao Fei has been swimming every day, which is strangely out of character for her. Zhong Shi looks puzzled as well.

Then we see Lei Wu Wu pretending to be spider man…or a flasher? He creeps into the lab, de-activates the lazers, and unbuttons his coat….to show off his muscle suit. After prancing around for a bit, Ni Te tells Lei Wu Wu his outfit looks ugly and asks him why he’s here.

Cut back to Zhong Shi looking for Xiao Fei at the swimming pool. He scans the water, but doesn’t see her. Then we see Xiao Fei crouched at the bottom of the pool, just sitting against the wall. She comes up for breath, scaring Zhong Shi. He comments that she’s hiding in the pool to hide her tears, and notes that Ni Te has changed her. In the past she used to laugh and cry openly, but since Ni Te is out of her life she tries to hide her tears. Zhong Shi tells her that she’s become strong, and tells her that no matter what her decision is in the future, he will always be behind her supporting her. Aw, the change in metaphor [her always being behind with him leading] was so sweet. Zhong Shi asks that she only not cry alone about love related matters in the future.

A lab tech worker moves to reconnect the wires to Ni Te, and he karate chops his neck to knock him out. We later see Ni Te running down the corridor dressed in the lab technician’s clothing, and Lei Wu Wu cheers when he sees him running down the hall. Ni Te runs at a normal pace [why?] and Lei Wu Wu tries to follow. Bai Qi shows up, and Lei Wu Wu tries to distract him. It doesn’t work however, and Lei Wu Wu is dragged on the floor. Bai Qi detains him, and Lei Wu Wu says that he couldn’t not help Ni Te and Xiao Fei with true love.

Xiao Fei stands in a park wondering who he’s now with, and if he’s happy. She thinks to herself that if he is, they can never meet again. When all of a sudden, Ni Te’s voice cuts through to interrupt her. Since when could he read minds??? Oh wait he’s just reading her mood and can’t figure out why she’s sad. They embrace…yay 😀

Zhong Shi is shocked to see Ni Te open Xiao Fei’s door that night. Ni Te explains that he escaped the lab, and has no problems anymore. Zhong Shi seems a little suspicious of how Ni Te doesn’t have any issues anymore, but keeps his thoughts to himself when he sees how Xiao Fei can’t stop smiling. The doorbell rings and Xiao Fei opens it to find a spokesperson for KRONOS outside her door.

The spokesperson tells Xiao Fei to send Ni Te back to KRONOS, but Xiao Fei and Ni Te don’t want to be separated at all. Zhong Shi tries to see if KRONOS and Xiao Fei can reach an agreement, but the salesman says that if Xiao Fei doesn’t return Ni Te, she must sign an agreement stating that KRONOS is no longer responsible for Ni Te or his actions. Doesn’t seem like a very good agreement, specially since Ni Te just was broken…but Xiao Fei signs it anyways.

At work the next day, Sky and Zhi Xi are astonished to hear that Ni Te and Xiao Fei are together again. AND stronger than ever. The boss comes in and starts monologuing about his forever alone status, during which everyone but Ni Te subtly sneaks away. Hehe, the look on Ni Te’s face is priceless! Sky tries to kiss Zhi Xi again, and gets slapped again. POW.

Cue cuteness and adorableness all around as Xiao Fei and Ni Te go on a date. I think this is the first date where Xiao Fei’s truly been at ease with Ni Te 🙂

Then we cut to KRONOS, where we see…Ni Te locked up??? What?!?! He tells Lei Wu Wu that he did escape from KRONOS, but stopped when he saw another Ni Te hugging Xiao Fei. Turns out Bai Qi had the replacement robot uploaded with Ni Te’s memories. Bai Qi doesn’t think that Xiao Fei will be able to tell the difference between the two Ni Te’s, and Ni Te disagrees. He tries to alert Xiao Fei but gets tasered by a curling iron tool. Ugh.

Fake Ni Te tries to get cuddly with Xiao Fei, but has some internal shock reaction when he tries to kiss her. He remembers that he promised never to do it, and Xiao Fei bashfully admits that she’s ready to be with Ni Te. UGH why can’t you tell he’s fake??? Fake Ni Te tells Xiao Fei that he will plan the most romantic first time ever for her birthday. Xiao Fei runs to her room, embarrassed but secretly happy.

Red data shows up at KRONOS’s labs, but quickly disappears. Ni Te has hope that it means that Xiao Fei has realized fake Ni Te is fake…sorry bud hasn’t happened yet. KRONOS is still trying to finish uploading Ni Te’s memories, but apparently the one piece of info missing is a photograph that is all blurry. My guess is one of the Polaroids? Fake Ni Te goes looking for the photo, and tells Xiao Fei that he wants to put their new Polaroid with the others. She wonders how he doesn’t remember where he stored the precious photos, and after telling him, looks on in shock as he grabs the wrong box. Nooooooo don’t give it to him! Too late – Xiao Fei hands fake Ni Te the right box and he tears through it, desperately scanning for the blurry photo. He finds it, and the upload is finished. Ugh.

Upload now complete, fake Ni Te scoops up Xiao Fei and announces that they are going to do that right away. Um…what happened to the whole birthday plan? Even if it was only two days from now…Looks like Xiao Fei is thinking the same way. Inside KRONOS, Bao Qi is pleased as punch and Lei Wu Wu is going out of his mind. Bao Qi smugly tells Ni Te that Xiao Fei will sleep with his replacement, and Ni Te gets so angry he pounds his way out of the container and punches Lei Wu Wu. Um…why’d you just hurt the one person on your side?? Plus..why is a kid talking about…that with a smile on his face? Ugh creep.

Cut back to Xiao Fei and Fake Ni Te. She asks him to tell her that he loves her in Korean again [aww meta humor] but he replies in Mandarin. Though he does say the same thing Ni Te said in Korean, there’s no emotion behind it and it’s flat. Xiao Fei picks up on this, and pushes him away. Finally!

Ni Te is still beating up Lei Wu Wu, and the scientists in KRONOS are panicking. Bao Qi decides to unlock Ni Te’s restraint to subdue him – but Lei Wu Wu and Ni Te lock them up instead. HA! They escape again, and Lei Wu Wu tells Ni Te that he already sent a message warning Xiao Fei.

Fake Ni Te goes crazy and tries to force Xiao Fei to do that. What is up with KRONOS and their crazy robots?? Suddenly we hear a string of numbers, and Zhong Shi walks in as fake Ni Te crumples. He explains that Lei Wu Wu explained the situation to him, and gave him the secret code. Xiao Fei runs out to find Ni Te, and she finds him at the docks. They apologize to each other, Xiao Fei for not realizing it wasn’t him at first, and Ni Te for not being able to protect her. Bao Qi catches up with his officers, and Ni Te begins to fight them. Ni Te gets caught under an electric net, and when it appears he’s going to fail, Zhong Shi tells Ni Te that if he doesn’t stand up now, he will never be Xiao Fei’s perfect boyfriend.

The truth comes out after Ni Te throws off the net and Bao Qi sees the stalemate. Turns out that because of Ni Te’s new “personality” – his motherboard can’t handle it and he will “die” aka shut down permanently soon. Ni Te refuses to be reset, and says that he would rather die and spend his days with Xiao Fei than be reset and live as a robot. He then breaks the ring, saying that as a human and boyfriend he doesn’t need the device. Though…after Bao Qi and his goons leave, Ni Te collapses. Too predictable show.

Ni Te starts to have a “fever” because his hardware is heating up, and they all go to a hotel to rest. Lei Wu Wu vows to find someone to fix Ni Te, but calls his contacts to no avail. Zhong Shi shows up and takes Lei Wu Wu to the office. He presses the floor 1 button, and holds it until it flashes yellow and takes them down to an underground lab. Turns out RD2 dabbled in robotics as well. ?!?!?! Why are you so random, show?

Ni Te collapses back at the hotel, and Xiao Fei worriedly cries. She hugs him close and tearfully tells him that she doesn’t want him to die. Xiao Fei then tells him that up until now, she’s always liked him, or really really liked him, but she’s realized now…that she loves him. The clock strikes midnight, and Ni Te wishes her a happy birthday. Xiao Fei thinks to herself that she’d trade a lifetime of birthday wishes to have Ni Te stay with her forever.


I’ll be honest – this show is starting to lose me. I’ll be honest…now that Zhong Shi is out of the running… I don’t have as much motivation to watch this drama anymore. I’m chalking it up to the fact that although I think the actors are doing great jobs, I don’t feel that…spark/chemistry/rapport between Ni Te and Xiao Fei. More from her end 😦 I also think it would have been better as a 12 ep series, rather than a 13 ep series, mostly because I think the whole KRONOS escape/capture deal could have been shortened without losing anything important. One more episode though, so we’ll see what happens.  I’ll make my final judgement after ep 13!


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