La La I Do [愛啊哎呀, 我願意] Episode 1 Recap


We open with a catchy intro tune. So far so good 🙂

Our main female lead is getting ready for some big day. She carefully applies makeup, puts on jewellery, and answers phone call after phone call. Seems like someone is very business savvy. Outside, wedding preparations are going on. All of a sudden, the groom rushes in to the building and announces that the camera crew his fiancé had hired had an accident. This prompts a temper tantrum by his fiancé…who thankfully isn’t our protagonist. Our protagonist steps forward however, to offer her services. We learn that she is Tai Ai Ya, an independent woman with various skills who will do most errands/tasks for money. In this case, she’s stepping in to be the camera crew.

As she is filming the bride and groom however, she notices a guy carrying flowers walking away with her purse. She gives chase, resulting it two of the bride’s party in the water and a shrieking bride. As she runs barefoot after the flower guy, she passes our male lead Ji Xiang En. He checks her out, but doesn’t pay any more attention to her. He pulls up his shiny new car to the dealership, and compliments it to the two salesmen. Until…Ai Ya’s shoe goes flying through the air [she aimed it at the flower guy] and punctures a hole square in the middle of the front of the car. That gets his attention.

Xiang En follows her around the corner to see her corner the thief. The thief tells Ai Ya that she cares about money too much, and that she should just focus on getting married and falling in love. He surmises that she must have never been in love before. Ai Ya tenses up, and yells that money is everything, worth more than love, marriage, and a husband. She beats up the thief, and the police drag him away. An officer gives her back her wallet, and Ai Ya kisses it and calls it her baby. Then she remembers the wedding and runs away before Xiang En can stop her.

Cut to Ai Ya trying to convince a store owner to sell her the matching shoe – only thing is she only wants one. The store owner gets so fed up with her begging that he tells her she can buy a pair of leopard heels for 100, but the pair she wants are 200. Next thing we know, Ai Ya walks out of the store wearing the leopard heels, and smiles as she tucks her one shoe into her bag. Looks like someone planned this…

Next, our heroine slaps a man while he’s on a date. She pretends to be pregnant with his child, and accuses him of sleeping around with other women. The guy’s girlfriend throws water in his face and storms out, announcing that they are over. Then we see the girlfriend paying Ai Ya, and she thanks Ai Ya for getting out her of a bad relationship. Ai Ya tells her not to worry, and that if he comes around again she’ll help her out for half price. HA.

Ai Ya takes a little girl to school the next day, and runs to work afterwards. She realizes mid-run that she’s wearing the wrong outfit, and has to go back. On her second trip, she brushes past Xiang En, but they don’t recognize each other. Ai Ya stands on a bridge handing out fliers, and pauses once she reads it.

A wealthy lady stares deep in thought out of a window, as her assistant tries to get a hold of the director. Turns out it’s Xiang En, and he’s paragliding rather than go to the meeting. Wealthy lady gives him ten minutes to come back, and Xiang En laughs.

Ai Ya sings a little ditty as she irons her money and coupons. Her eyes rest upon the flier, and she bemoans the fact that her old workmate got hitched to a rich guy and she [Ai Ya] didn’t.

Xiang En brings his mother flowers, and tries to smooth things over. She blames all of her wrinkles on him, and he announces that he has something to smooth out the wrinkles. One snap of his fingers brings the assistant running with a portfolio, and his mother smiles. Turns out the contract she wanted had already been signed. He cheekily clicks his feet together as he leaves and gives her a shallow bow. Once on his boat [why does he live in a boat??] he stares at the party invitation, and flicks it away. He calls someone, and we see Ai Ya pick up the phone. She starts to research, and makes rich guy bachelor study cards. Looks like she’s going to the flier party as a gold digger. 😉

Actually turns out she hasn’t been invited. As a guest is thrown out, she sneaks in. Sigh. Shenanigans are about to go down. Xiang En exits the car after telling the assistant not to follow him. Girls scream and wave their arms. Silly nincompoops. Xiang En hands a glass of wine to a famous movie star, but she gets called away before they can talk for long. Turns out actress’s dress is being auctioned off – and Xiang En has a stare down with some guy as they bid each other out. Xiang En bids 1,000,000, but leaves after noticing the actress walking away. Looks like he’s twirled around her finger.

Ai Ya nearly gets caught, but fakes her way out with some terrible sounding French [her words are correct, just the accent is atrocious]. Xiang En dresses up as a waiter [why?], and  hides from the reports by covering his face with the serving tray. He runs into Ai Ya, and they have a mini collision. She demands for him to pay for her dress, and he suddenly remembers her from the shoe+car incident.

Ai Ya blocks his motorcycle, telling him that now that he spilled drinks on her dress, she can’t return it. Xiang En calls her stupid and a parasite, particularly calling her after a sea slug with no brain. Reporters come out after hearing her shouts, and Xiang En drives off with Ai Ya still on the motorcycle. She loses another shoe [what is this, serial Cinderella?]. Ai Ya continues to hit him with her clutch and demand her money. Sheesh she’s being obnoxious. I don’t understand how she didn’t recognize him however, after all of her rich guy studying.

Xiang En offers her his watch, but she assumes it’s fake because there is no way a waiter could afford such an expensive watch. He calls the movie star, asking where she is, but gets hung up on. Ai Ya cheerfully announces that she’s always going to be stuck to him until he pays her the money, which might not be the best thing to say after the circumstances since he looks lonely.

They stop once the motorcycle breaks down, and Ai Ya gets off to poke around at the bike. Xiang En sighs as he looks at her, and scribbles his number on her forehead in sharpie. HA. He promises to return the money, and zooms off.

Ai Ya trudges home barefoot, bemoaning how her night turned out. Xiang En recalls her shoe falling off, and how she still had to walk home. I’m not sure if she’d want to walk home in 5 inch heels…it looked like a long walk o.O He turns around, and tells her to get on before he regrets it. A truck comes along, and Xiang En pushes her out of the way. He gets hit by the truck and passes out. She trips and accidentally kisses Xiang En when loading him on the truck, causing a massive misunderstanding. He tries to help her out still, but Ai Ya is just being paranoid and assumes he’s trying to get accident money. UGH I’m sorry I’m starting to get fed up with her.

Xiang En leaves her with his shoes and takes off his outer jacket to give to her. Ai Ya trudges along, picking up a call from a singer and close friend. He offers to pick her up, but she turns him down. Aw, looks like a serious case of friendzoned here.

At the movie set, the actress has a hissy fit and overhears two of the extras talking about how much of a princess she is. The extra hasn’t been able to film the explosion walk-away scene properly, and actress lady decides to do it after fighting with the director. Meanwhile, Xiang En hangs out on his boat, and stares at a ring.

Actress lady is named Tong Hua, and she succeeds with her explosion scene. She immediately gets interviewed, and talks up her courage/dedication to acting. Xiang En shows up and distracts her, first by waving, second by blowing kisses. Tong Hua gets flustered, and finally gives up trying control her train of thought.

Turns out Ai Ya’s friend rented a boat, and they talk while looking out on the balcony. He offers her his jacket, but she turns it down saying that Xiang En’s is better. Ai Ya remarks that hopefully she’ll get married to a rich guy soon, and her friend mutters that it’s better if she doesn’t get married at all.

Xiang En and Tong Hua are having dinner, and she berates him for coming to the movie set. Looks like they grew up together, and he performs a magic trick to pull out a lollipop from behind her ear. She complains about how his magic tricks haven’t improved in over 10 years, and he offers to show her a better trick. Tong Hua opens her eyes to see the ring, and Xiang En asks her to marry him.

I’ll be frank – I started out with a lot of hope for this drama because Ai Ya seemed like she had a lot of spunk. Now…I don’t think it’s spunk as much as just a willingness to do anything for money. Xiang En is nice, but the characters seem pretty flat right now. Pretty standard story line too :/ Hopefully the next two eps will be better, otherwise I’m dropping it.


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