YangGuangMarshmallow about

Hello World~

I am YangGuangMarshmallow. “Yang Guang” (陽光) in Chinese means “Sunshine” [Those of you who have watched “Sunshine Angel” (Wu Chun + Rainie) probably knew that already 🙂 ] and “marshmallow” means “marshmallow” (Not quite sure why I added that in there…hmmm)

Anyways, I am super excited to be a part of the recapping team. ^^ I got addicted to Taiwanese dramas about four years ago when my Chinese School teacher showed us some in class and have been enamored ever since.

Even though I have never recapped any dramas before, I will try my hardest! So thank you and we will hopefully have a fun Taiwanese drama filled time together~

Ta-ta for now!

Other places you can find me:

My book blog [Where I review books/manga/anime/music/movies/whateverthehellcomestomind/etc]

YouTube [Currently on hiatus-But I did sub quite a few Yu Le Bai Fen Bai episodes]

Tumblr [I am totally Tumblr addicted so you will find me on here 24/7]


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