Coming Soon: Hana-Kimi Recaps

Hello World~

My first recap project will be on the very first TDrama I ever watched, Hana-Kimi (花樣少年少女).

“Just let me stay by your side, and secretly love you”

Hana-Kimi holds a special place in the TDrama section of my heart so I am super excited to recap it!

I love the characters. I love the theme song. I love the ending song. I love Jiro Wang. I love Ella Chen. I love Wu Chun.

[I can keep going…but I won’t…but I want to….]

But yeah, Hana-Kimi (the drama) was also what got me into mangas and the manga version of Hana-Kimi is still one of my favorites to this day!

So, hopefully you guys enjoy my recaps and of course fall in love with Hana-Kimi because even though it is silly and cheesy that does not mask the fact that it is a sweet story with fun, loveable characters. (And did I mention the amount of cute/hot Taiwanese guys in here? Totally a plus.)

❤ YanGuangMarshmallow ❤


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