Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 9 Recap

“Ji Cun Xi’s Feelings…Go For a Big Change!”

*just a note, this is the last episode I am recapping – Greengrassjelly will be taking over now :)*

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We left off with the duo leaving on their private boat to go to Jiang Mu Island. Unfortunately…they forget that everyone else leads a normal life, and goes to bed when it’s 11. Hence, when they get to the ginger bun bakery, it’s closed and the owner is sleeping.

Granny of course is very grouchy when she opens the door, and beats Cun Xi with a broom. He pleads with her, telling her that no one has ever remembered Xin Yi’s birthday, and not only that, she’s pregnant and doesn’t seem to want to eat anything but ginger buns.

Granny sighs, and recollects that it was her husband who first made ginger buns for her when she experienced similar appetite preferences when she was pregnant. She tells them that she doesn’t have any ability to make them the buns however, and Cun Xi stares at her in shock. Granny tells them that her arms are too sore, and announces that Cun Xi is going to make the buns.

Cut to Cun Xi trying to cut ginger as if it’s going to bite him. HA. Granny wacks him and tells him to cut ginger seriously – and tells Xin Yi not to “spoil her man” when she offers to help.  Cun Xi announces that she’s the birthday girl, and says he wouldn’t let her anyways. Awwwww.

He’s so earnestly trying to learn how to make the buns [and reacting with a silly face when Granny whacks him] that Xin Yi starts to tear up – thinking to herself that prince Charming’s gaze can make even an ordinary Cinderella feel special. Cun Xi attempts to make bun after bun, and makes a half-decent looking one in the end. He looks up at Xin Yi with flour on his face and grins – so cute!

They steam two ginger buns, and Cun Xi leads Xin Yi outside with her eyes covered to a cute table setting. He lights two candles, and we see that they are stuck into the two ginger buns. HA. He tells her to make a wish, any wish, and Xin Yi wishes that Cun Xi will forgive Anna, and that Anna will be there to keep him company on each of his future birthdays. Cun Xi calls her a dummy, and says that he doesn’t want that anymore. He tells her that his wish is for Xin Yi never to be alone on her birthday again, for her never to get bullied again, and for her to meet a great man who will cherish her and love her truly. Ack – I’m dying from the cuteness.

As Xin Yi announces that the bun Cun Xi made her is the best ginger bun she’s ever had, the lights on the trees burn out with a bang. Xin Yi and Cun Xi jump into a hug out of surprise, leading to awkward pulling apart. Xin Yi tries to run away out of embarrassment, but Cun Xi pulls her back immediately into the hug, and stares at her. He comments that she still has some ginger bun on her lips, and pulls in for a kiss…

When Granny pops in between them with a box of tissues to wipe Xin Yi’s mouth. WHY?? She makes Cun Xi try and fix the fuse box, and he mutters to himself that if it wasn’t for her meddling, he would have kissed Xin Yi. Then he promptly freaks out – wondering if he likes Xin Yi – before dismissing the idea. Granny confides in Xin Yi that she needs to be careful since she’s pregnant – if Granny hadn’t interrupted, Cun Xi would have “eaten her” [i.e., had sex]. HAHAHA.

At home, Cun Xi paces around his room. He pauses to vehemently deny his feelings for Xin Yi to Baby Ji, commenting that even if Xin Yi is currently taking a shower in the other room, he doesn’t have any feelings for her. As soon as he sits down however, Cun Xi starts to imagine Xin Yi looking at him seductively in a bathrobe. He jolts out of the daydream and peevishly announces that he’s going to watch tv. On his way to his room however, he runs into Xin Yi. After alternating between staring at her and blustering about how she might get a cold in her “too short” nightgown and wet hair, Cun Xi tries to explain away the near-kiss.

That night, Cun Xi tries to convince himself that he doesn’t have any feelings for Xin Yi, first by looking at photo-albums of Anna, then taking a walk with Baby Ji. He even ends up waking Anson up to listen to his mutterings and mumblings. Anson tells Cun Xi about the legend of “Ugly Sai Dao Chan” [Sai Dao Chan is said to be a great beauty of the three kingdoms], saying that when a man is by himself or lonely for a while, even an ugly girl can look like Sai Dao Chan. Now that his “problem” has been solved, Cun Xi leaves Anson’s apartment, forgetting his cell phone in the process.

Cut to Anna having a nightmare in the hospital – it’s a flashback to when she was younger and proudly showed her mom her second place ballet prize. Her mom had smashed it to the floor, telling Anna that she had to get first and stand on stage at the Lincoln centre.

Anna bolts upright, and groggily sees a trio of fellow ballerinas, as well as the company director, looking at her. The director crossly tells her that he has replaced her with Tiffany [the girl who set up the marbles], and that Anna should forget about performing – after all she won’t be able to dance for the next 6th months. He shrugs her off, and Anna begins the bawl and scream.

Xin Yi wakes up the next morning and smiles at the sticky note Cun Xi left her on the alarm clock. She thinks to herself that yesterday wasn’t just a dream after all, but loses her smile when she sees the photo albums of Anna lying out on the table. Xin Yi thinks back to when Cun Xi told her that their marriage deal would be off if she ever fell in love with him, and reprimands herself to keep her new feelings for him secret.

When she joins the family for breakfast, Xin Yi smiles and cheerfully wishes both Grandma and Xiu Ling a good morning. Cun Xi looks at her, and asks where his good morning was. HA petty 😀 Xin Yi refuses to look at him, and they start quibbling. Xin Yi tells him that he’s not even that handsome, prompting Cun Xi to asks who then, she finds handsome. Xin Yi tells him that Father Dylan is not only handsome, but well-mannered, kind, and treats her well, and even took her to Zhong Shan Long’s exhibition.

Grandma perks up at this, and announces that since she’s got an invitation to the exhibition, Cun Xi can take Xin Yi today! Xin Yi refuses, prompting Cun Xi to insist on her going with him. Grandma tells Xin Yi that part of the proceeds are going to Father Dylan’s orphanage where Xin Yi volunteers, and that she need only bring something small to auction off. Xin Yi grudgingly agrees since it’s for a good cause, but scoots away when she has to sit next to Cun Xi for breakfast. Cross, Cun Xi thinks to himself, “Chen Xin Yi, I will definitely bring you to the exhibition and let everyone know you are MY woman!” Hehe, he’s so jealously petty it’s cute 🙂

Cun Xi ends up arranging to donate a diamond necklace in Xin Yi’s name, vowing to show her that he’s not just some “ordinary” guy. When Anson goes to Cun Xi’s office to collect the necklace however, he forgets Cun Xi’s cell phone on the desk. When Anna calls Cun Xi’s cell, it goes straight to voicemail. Puzzled, she tells her taxi to take her to Mo Fa Ling’s headquarters.

When Cun Xi and Xin Yi arrive at the exhibition, Cun Xi tells her to go inside first, while he “takes care” of something. Awkwardly for her, her old work firm is helping to host the exhibition, and her old female co-worker refuses to let her in. As she taunts Xin Yi and makes fun of her, Cun Xi meets with Anson to collect the necklace. Cun Xi laughs to himself as he imagines the look on Xin Yi’s face when she finds out about the necklace, and walks away with a spring in his step. When Xin Yi is pushed out the door of the building, Father Dylan catches her and scolds her co-worker. He demotes the co-worker to supervising all of the donated items, and she storms off in frustration.

Xin Yi asks Father Dylan how he was able to demote her co-worker like that, but he shrugs off the question. He begins to try and confess that he isn’t really a priest, but she interrupts him to ask if she can confess for a moment.

Cun Xi starts to run after her, but is interrupted by the assistant manager. He gets dragged off to donate the necklace, and Xin Yi’s old co-worker fawns over him. Until, at least, she finds out his partner is Xin Yi.

Xin Yi tells ‘Father’ Dylan about her birthday night, and how Cun Xi’s attitude changed after he pulled off her chicken mascot head. Father Dylan congratulates her, telling her that Cun Xi must care about her. Glad someone’s head is on right. Xin Yi worries however, because she shouldn’t, can’t like Cun Xi, otherwise their agreement is broken. She continues [as Cun Xi walks out onto the bridge over her bench], that her mood follows Cun Xi’s actions, when he treats her well, she feels like she’s flying, when he’s cold, she feels numb. Hence, she hopes that she can quickly leave his side, because staying is too painful, especially since there is no place for her in his heart.

Cun Xi startles her out of her reverie, and begins to call Dylan a woman stealer. The assistant manager awkwardly tries to introduce the two, and Xin Yi is shocked to find out that “Father” Dylan isn’t actually a priest. She moans that she actually told him everything, and Dylan reassures her that even if he’s not a priest, everything she told him she’d tell a friend.

Cun Xi cuts in  and puts Xin Yi down, stating that Dylan should have no interest in a boring, slow, plain snail like Xin Yi. OUCH – way to be a jerk to your wife. Dylan challenges back, asking if Cun Xi ever understood Xin Yi. Dylan tells Cun Xi that in his view, Xin Yi is not Cun Xi’s wife. Why? Because not once has Cun Xi treated her or scene her as his wife. AMEN.

Xin Yi meets her ex co-worker to register her pottery box for auction. The ex co-worker starts to tell her about Cun Xi’s necklace, then realizes Xin Yi had no clue. She agrees to set up a starting price for Xin Yi’s box, and shoos her away with a nasty smile.

Anna calls the office, where Anson picks up. He tells her where Cun Xi is, before belatedly realizing that she’s back in Taiwan. Uhoh  😦

At the auction, Xin Yi stares in wonderment at the expensive jewelry. When she finds out that everything donated was at least one million dollars, she nervously tries to get up and leave. Too late however – her item has already been mentioned. She apologizes to Cun Xi, and waits as no one bids for her item [priced at 100 dollars].

Dylan suddenly stands up, and uses his credentials as an art critique to praise her pottery piece and bid 100,000. Cun Xi stands up and bids 150,000, declaring that he knows the artist the best. Commence bidding war. It gets up to 5 million, and Xin Yi tells Cun Xi that it’s not worth it. Cun Xi tells Xin Yi that he thinks she’s worth it, and ignores her pleas. He inwardly gloats, thinking that Xin Yi won’t be able to ignore his attractiveness now.

Xin Yi runs out in tears, and Cun Xi chases after her. She tells him that since meeting him, since having someone who has stood up for her when no one else cared, she’s felt extremely blessed. She asks him to stop, because his kindness makes her worry and care, and if she gets used to having someone care about her, losing it will be so much harder. 😦

Cun Xi stares at her…then grabs her for a kiss. He tells her he doesn’t know why he cares about her, but he can’t stop it.

“When you make a wish, I wants to fullfill it right away. When you are bullied, I get a feeling of justice inside my heart that I must fulfill. When I see you ignoring me, I will do anything and everything to make you notice me. I don’t know why we met on that cruise, I don’t know why we have a child together either. But..maybe this is fate.” *excuse me while I squeal for a second. AHHHHHHHHHHHH :D*

Xin Yi tentatively reminds him though that he said she can never fall in love with him, otherwise everything between them ends. Cun Xi blusters that even so, the clause never stated he couldn’t call in love with her. He quickly says that he’s not in love with her though, and takes her hand. Whatever you say bud – I just hope you keep this up when Anna comes back.


Let the cuteness begin! 😀 I’m glad that Cun Xi has finally owned up to his feelings, and that he’s still encouraging Xin Yi to cherish herself rather than thinking of him or Anna.


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