Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 10 Recap

“Happiness, Like Treading on Thin Ice”

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We start with Cun Xi telling Xin Yi to go out to the car to wait for him, while he “chats” with Dylan.  She protests, but he waves her off.  So Cun Xi and Dylan have a “men’s talk” about Xin Yi, where Dylan accuses Cun Xi of only showing off to Xin Yi by bidding so high for her pottery wishing box, to which Cun Xi denies angrily.  Cun Xi is so jealous it’s adorable!  So Cun Xi stands up for Xin Yi and warns Dylan to stay away from her and not to lie to her anymore (about being a “priest”), but Dylan turns around and tries to argue some sense into Cun Xi.  Dylan says Cun Xi is no better, for forcing Xin Yi to sign a divorce agreement right after their marriage or making her spend her birthday alone; Xin Yi is not a convenient sticky note that can be used then ripped and thrown away at any time.  He asks if Cun Xi has imagined what life would be like without this sticky note, and Cun Xi pauses for a moment thinking about what Dylan has said.  Finally Dylan pushes Cun Xi so much that Cun Xi blurts out that he is Xin Yi’s family, not Dylan, so he has no right to say anything.

Meanwhile, Xin Yi’s ex-coworker comes to mock her, saying that Xin Yi’s title at the auction was merely Cun Xi’s “partner” while all other women at the action were titled as “wives.”  As she’s laughing at Xin Yi, Cun Xi comes up behind her and says, “Then is calling her Mrs. Ji okay?”  And Cun Xi says he will fire her.  Go Cun Xi! 🙂  Just as Cun Xi and Xin Yi leaves, Anna arrives in a taxi and hears that he has just left with Mrs. Ji…


Cun Xi drags Xin Yi to the shopping mall and buys the matching family outfits that Xin Yi had been admiring the last time they went shopping.  She’s touched that he still remembers what she said, but argues that she will be leaving in 7 months anyway, so she would have no use for it.  Cun Xi hesitates, then asks her, “What if I asked you to stay?”  He’s getting so bold now with his feelings for Xin Yi!  But will he actually keep it up when he sees Anna again…?  Anyway, they go and try on the matching outfits, and Cun Xi even takes a picture of the two together on her phone.  The immature Cun Xi pretends to ask if his face is dirty, and as Xin Yi leans in to check, he takes a picture at an angle and says that she was trying to kiss him!  So cute!  He says he’s going to send their first family portrait to his cell phone.

Back at Cun Xi’s office, Anna is waiting for him.  Anson suggests she go back and rest first, but she insists on waiting, and asks Anson about this “Mrs. Ji”  Anson obviously won’t say anything, so pretends that people are just referring to Cun Xi’s grandma, the senior Mrs. Ji.  Anna hears his phone beep, and says that he has a text message.  She reaches for it and types in the password to unlock his phone, as Anson watches on nervously.


Cun Xi and Xin Yi return to his office and he is shocked by Anna’s presence.  She turns around and asks if he’s played around enough…because she tried to contact him but he didn’t even bring his phone.  She also says that he’s changed…how come his password is no longer her birthday?  He glances at Xin Yi apologetically as Anna hugs him, saying she has missed him so much.  Poor Xin Yi L  Anna finally notices Xin Yi and asks who she is.  Cun Xi is speechless and doesn’t know how to answer, so Xin Yi answers for him.  She says that she is Baby Ji’s nanny, and she just brought over the family outfit that Cun Xi had ordered for Anna, him and Baby Ji.  Anna is excited to hear that, so she reaches for the bag of clothes, but Xin Yi is still holding on tightly, unwilling to let go of her short-lived dream-come-true.  Anna asks Xin Yi to bring mack some toys for Baby Ji too, because she is going to re-celebrate Cun Xi’s birthday with him.  With tears in her eyes, Xin Yi takes the bag and rushes out.  Cun Xi is idle for a second, but he brushes off Anna’s grasp and chases after Xin Yi anyway.  But Anson chases after to stop Cun Xi, asking what will happen with Anna if Cun Xi does go after Xin Yi?


Cun Xi unwillingly goes back to find Anna, but he is not happy at all.  He bluntly asks her what she has come back for.  He says that she has no idea what if feels like to be left behind all the time, and that if she chose to blow him off on his birthday, then she didn’t need to come back now.   He’s human too, and there are times when he gets so hurt and just wants to give up (their relationship).  Anna tries to tell him what happened on his birthday, but he says she doesn’t need to explain.  Just because she already disappointed him eleven times doesn’t mean he should have to readily accept it and forgive her the twelfth time too.  This time, regardless of the reason, he won’t forgive her anymore.  Just as she starts to walk away, Cun Xi notices that she’s limping and asks her what happened, to which she tells him she can’t be Odette in Swan Lake anymore.  Now, because he knows she got hurt and lost her dancing opportunity because of him, he really can’t just push her away and give up his feelings for her.  He loves both women, but also is attached to both because of guilt—how will he choose?

Anson has gone out to chase Xin Yi for Cun Xi, but when he taps her on the shoulder, she turns around expectantly but is disappointed to only see Anson.  They talk for a little bit, and Anson reminds her that she is just there to give birth to Cun Xi’s child, and that Cun Xi is only nice to her because of his child.  Anna and Cun Xi’s love has lasted three years already and nothing is going to get in between them, so Xin Yi shouldn’t take things too seriously.  Lastly, he adds that money is the only thing Cun Xi can give Xin Yi, because love is something he really can’t afford to give.  Ugh, ANSON!!!


So since Anna’s ankle is injured, Cun Xi pushes her around in the shopping cart at the supermarket as they buy groceries to make dinner together.  The action itself is cute, but if you think about it, what about Xin Yi?

Back at home, Xin Yi takes out the outfits to look at, remembering all the things Cun Xi has said to her, including that he wishes for her to become a part of his family.  But she also sees Anna’s picture and thinks that Anna is so beautiful and perfect, that only Anna can deserve to be paired with Cun Xi.  She says that she truly believed him when he said he wanted her in his family, even if he was only saying so casually.  She suddenly gets a phone call from Cun Xi and excitedly answers, only to hear him ask that she bring down Baby Ji for him to take back to Anna’s place.  He also suggests that she go to Jiang Mu Island for a few days so the grandma wouldn’t find out.  He is torn between the two women, but at least when he considered deleting their “family portrait” from his phone, he ended up keeping it anyway.

Cun Xi and Anna get back to Anna’s house and make dinner together, but when he tries a ginger dish that Anna loves, she is shocked.  She asks him when he started to eat ginger because he used to hate the smell of ginger.  She also notices other small things, like the fact that Baby Ji doesn’t seem to love her as much as its new “nanny” (Xin Yi).

 Xin Yi can’t sleep, and know she will be leaving soon, so she wants to start her gift for her baby—a rocking horse.  Grandma Zhen Zhu comes in to talk to Xin Yi, and the grandma tells Xin Yi about all the exciting experiences of having a child, and Xin Yi smile imagining what it would be like, but also remembers that she probably won’t be a part of it all.  😦

Back at Anna’s house, Cun Xi is massaging Anna foot and learns that she will be staying in Taiwan for half a year, and he thinks to himself that Xin Yi will also be giving birth around the same time.  Anna is excited to be able to focus the next six months on Cun Xi and her relationship, but he’s worried about the love triangle and the baby.  He says it’s a shame that she won’t be able to fulfill her dream of dancing at the Lincoln Centre, but she says that without Cun Xi, even if she fell down, she would have to courage to stand up again—pressure!

 The next day, Xin Yi plans to go back to Jiang Mu Island, so she takes a visit to the orphanage to say bye to Dylan.  He also tells her that he’ll be going to Shanghai, and she says she’ll be losing a friend to talk to.  He suggests that she could come visit him in the future, and he encourages her to be more courageous and fight for what she wants and deserves.  He realizes though that Cun Xi has inadvertently forced her to leave to go back to Jiang Mu Island, and he says he’ll go find Cun Xi to talk about it.  As they’re struggling, Xin Yi’s stomach starts to hurt, so he takes her to the hospital.  She begs him to not tell Cun Xi and Grandma Zhen Zhu the real situation, but he calls the grandma anyway.

Now that Grandma Zhen Zhu knows what’s going on, obviously she’s on Xin Yi’s side.  She says that Xin Yi should’ve told her about it she could stand up for Xin Yi.  She knows that the marriage was only because of the child, but she can tell that Xin Yi is in love with Cun Xi now and that’s what matters.  Grandma Zhen Zhu decides to go to find Cun Xi to sort things out and tell Anna about the truth.

At Anna’s house, Cun Xi is also about to tell Anna the truth about the last two months, but the grandma comes and spills everything.  The grandma is angry at Cun Xi for lying and using Xin Yi; Cun Xi misunderstands and is furious at Xin Yi for being a “traitor” and tattling on him to his grandma; and Anna obviously is shocked to hear that her boyfriend of three years is actually married already, is expecting a child soon, and that she is actually the outsider and third party.

Comments:  It is so obvious in the beginning that Cun Xi has already fallen in love with the kind-hearted Xin Yi, but when he’s faced with Anna again, he really can’t let go yet.  It’s clear that he’s going to have to make a decision, but really, it’s none of their faults and I really feel bad for all three of them.  Either way, please stay posted to see what will happen next with this complex love triangle!


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  1. I need to to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.
    I’ve got you book marked to look at new things
    you post…

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