What’s YOUR Favourite Drama?

What’s your favourite Taiwanese drama? First drama? Favourite actor? Let us know below! 🙂

Mine! [Redbeanmochi]
Favourite Drama: Black and White! 😀
First Drama: Meteor Garden!
Favourite Actor: Vic Zhou
Favourite Actress: Ivy Chen

Heh….now that I think of it, Vic Zhou and Ivy Chen were co-stars in Black and White… 😛

Check out my reviews for Black and White and Meteor Garden here.


One thought on “What’s YOUR Favourite Drama?

  1. Hmm
    My first Taiwanese drama was Romantic Princess
    My favorite Taiwanese drama? GAH! This is a tough one to answer. I guess Meteor Garden. I still haven’t seen many T dramas though.
    Favorite Actor: Either Jerry Yan or Joe Cheng (Although there are many contenders for this tops spot. lol)
    Favorite Actress: Currently a tie between Ariel Lin and Barbie Hsu (although Joe Chen might beat one of them out. lol)

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