Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 13 Recap (FINAL)

SURPRISE!!!!!!!! I decided to finally, finally finish this series. It’s going to be a short recap – the episode was very drawn out.

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1 2

Lei Wu Wu sneaks back to Xiao Fei’s apartment to see if Bai Qi has left, and Bai Qi assures him that he won’t meddle anymore. He presents Lei Wu Wu with a suitcase to give to Xiao Fei, which contains all of Ni Te’s data. Hopefully she can use it to help her achieve this “love”.

3 4

Meanwhile, Xiao Fei wakes up smiling. The ordeal of getting Ni Te back is finally over, and nothing can separate them. She grows frightened when the ceiling begins to shake and struggles to wake Ni Te up. As soon as he does however, the shaking stops. A bit apprehensive, she asks if he was the source of the mini-earthquake. Ni Te isn’t too sure, but replies that he feels fantastic, and better than ever. He promises to take her out to celebrate her birthday.

5 6

Off they go! Xiao Fei notices a hawker selling silver rings, and takes note of two matching pairs. She gleefully buys them, but doesn’t see Ni Te when she turns to show off her purchase. After running around the neighboring streets, she finally finds him standing in front of the very church she met his “Original”.

8 7 9 10

Xiao Fei presents Ni Te with the rings, explaining that she chose them because they reminded her of his hold ring. Though these rings don’t change colour, they are red – the colour that Ni Te’s old ring flashed when Xiao Fei was happy. She sincerely hopes that they can be happy together forever, and proposes to Ni Te. To her shock however, Ni Te turns her down. Ni Te then continues to explain that proposing is the duty of the boyfriend, and proceeds to take the rings from her and get down on one knee. Giddy with happiness, Xiao Fei accepts his proposal amidst a crowd of random strangers.

11 12

Lei Wu Wu calls them to let the couple to let them know that they are free to move back into their apartment. Xiao Fei invites Lei Wu Wu and Zhong Shi over to her birthday party, and Zhong Shi informs her that he has something he has to discuss with her. Turns out he’s been in KRONOS’s basement trying to buy Ni Te more time, and Lei Wu Wu tries to tell Zhong Shi to get some rest.

13 14 15 16

At the party, Xiao Fei and Ni Te are surprised by all their office friends. They all celebrate happily, and Xiao Fei shyly announces to the group that she and Ni Te are engaged to be married. Funnily, no one reacts. Her friends all announce that they’re not surprised anymore by the on again-off again couple, and tease her that a pregnancy wouldn’t be expected either. Xiao Fei balks and says it’s not possible…because Ni Te is a robot. Dang girl really?? After signing a contract AND Lei Wu Wu explicitly warning you not to you still leak the secret? Thankfully no one takes her seriously, and they all praise Ni Te for being warm and caring.

While washing the dishes later, Xiao Fei asks Zhong Shi what he wanted to tell her, and he quickly says that he can’t give her her birthday present yet. Once everyone has fallen asleep, Ni Te and Zhong Shi sit on the stairs outside. Zhong Shi bitterly asks Ni Te if he really feels fine, and tells him that he is deteriorating. There IS hope, but that technology is 50 years out. Ni Te isn’t unhappy, and states that he merely wants to make Xiao Fei happy in the little remaining time – hence he will keep it a secret from Xiao Fei.

17 18

Ni Te’s deterioration becomes apparent the next day however, when he zones out while on the bus to the government office. The couple faces another roadblock when they try to register the marriage, because Ni Te doesn’t have any ID to prove his “human-ness”. Xiao Fei announces that a piece of paper doesn’t matter, and that Ni Te is the most humane being she’s ever met. Aw. All the while Zhong Shi is working around the clock to try and give the couple more time, and he warns Lei Wu Wu that Ni Te only has 48 hours left.


Ni Te continues to black out, this time while at work. The boss sees Ni Te at this time, and encourages him to get some rest over his nerves. Xiao Fei comes by to announce the church reservation, set for the day after. Uhoh, Ni Te won’t make it…

The boss sighs at their foolishness to marry so quickly, but refers them to a bridal rental shop.

20 2122

At the bridal shop, Ni Te loses his vision, and when asked for his opinion on Xiao Fei’s wedding dress, speaks to a point above her head. Xiao Fei smiles somewhat sadly, suggesting that she knows about his deteriorating. As Xiao Fei goes to change, Ni Te hits his head, returning his vision. He bemoans the fact that he wasn’t able to see Xiao Fei in her dress however.

At home, Xiao Fei makes a pitiful attempt to seduce Ni Te by lying on her bed and kicking her feet in the air. Ni Te stares at her confused, and she pouts, asking what happened to his libido. He laughs and tells her that he’d rather just cuddle with her….prompting the cheesiest most out of place pillow fight sequence.

23 24

Zhong Shi is running on coffee and sheer will as Ni Te’s clock counts down to 24 hours. Lei Wu Wu stops by, giving him some herbal tea. Zhong Shi falls asleep right away – what kind of herbal tea is that??

25 26 27

Ni Te blacks out again the next day – this time while cooking. He barely wakes up in time to notice the burning egg, and hastily covers it with a plate to keep Xiao Fei from noticing. The two go out again, and Xiao Fei takes him to buy a lantern. She wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with him, because after they become a married couple…they can’t? That’s the reason she gives.

She asks Ni Te to promise that in 50 years (SHE DEFINITELY KNOWS!), he will come back and light another lantern with her, even though she will be old, and he will still be young. They pinky swear on it, and watch as the lantern floats away into the sky.

28 29

Zhong Shi wakes up groggy and disoriented, until he notices Lei Wu Wu infront of him. Lei Wu Wu confesses to slipping sleep medication into the tea, because Zhong Shi needed to rest. He reveals that Xiao Fei had overheard Zhong Shi and Ni Te’s conversation on her birthday, but had vowed to always smile in front of him because she wanted to honor his decision.

30 31 32 33

At the church, Skye happens across Ni Te sitting outside. Ni Te thanks Skye for being a good friend, and Skye responds that he can’t wait for the future. Ni Te goes upstairs to look at Xiao Fei’s wedding dress before he leaves, and Xiao Fei catches him there. She asks him if he’ll do a practice run through of the ceremony with her, and he agrees. When Xiao Fei prompts him to say “I Do”, Ni Te replies that he can’t. Xiao Fei tearfully asks if that means he’s leaving, revealing that she knew all along. Ni Te whispers an apology, then slowly shuts down.

34 35

The next day Bai Qi returns to take Ni Te and maintain him. He muses that Ni Te shut down early with 10 seconds left on the clock. Xiao Fei rushes to stand infront of Ni Te and tells him that he was always her perfect, absolute boyfriend.

We then end with the countdown and Ni Te’s vision – he uses the remaining 10 seconds to review all of his memories with Xiao Fei, ending with their polaroid photo.

36 37 38


PHEW! Okay I know that I’ve been pretty critical of this drama – I just expected so so so much more from it (the japanese version was much better) and it failed on most counts. I couldn’t feel any chemistry between Goo Hye Sun and Jiro Wang, and the dubbing detracted as well. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Goo Hye Sun to begin with, and this drama has made her my least favourite actress yet. Jiro, Kunda, and Jack Na (Lei Wu Wu) all did fantastic jobs, and I do feel a bit guilty for rating this drama so low…but it wasn’t a pleasant experience to watch. What did you guys think?


31 thoughts on “Absolute Boyfriend [絕對達令] Episode 13 Recap (FINAL)

  1. What they took over an hour to do, I encapsulated into a 5 minute MV. 😉 It wasn’t perfect, but it hit the highlights. It seems dramas have 3 types of endings. 1) Majorly drawn out 2) Majorly rushed due to bad pacing 3) The unsatisfactory unfinished feeling where the ending was left much too open.

    Twasn’t a bad drama. But, yeah I wasn’t entirely happy with Goo Hye Sun in it, that could partially have to do with the dubbing as I don’t like dubbing in general (especially when it’s an annoying voice actor with a voice that just grates on my nerves). Kunda did a pretty good job and I became a fan and who doesn’t love Jack Na? That man is all kinds of awesome from his quirky hilarious good guys to his quirky evil bad guys.

    1. Pahaha seriously though, it should have been a 12 ep series. Agreed! cough cough Hana Kimi (Tw version) I’m looking at you.

      Oh man Jack Na is one of my favourite “older” actors of all time. I first discovered him in Fated to Love You, and rediscovered him in Black and White after I did a series of double takes at his creepily badass character.

  2. I really got hooked on this series. Although, I was a little disappointed that they left with such a sad ending with so many question. For example, are Xiao Fei going to be with zhong shi, at least only the next fifty years, will nei te come back later, also why does her ex-bestfriend find happiness rather than Xiao fei, that’s just not fair. However, I felt the trouble they went through each challenge they faced and the love they shared to one another. I felt this was good series overall

    1. I think that the original manga ended similarly (at least the Japanese adaptation did as well), with lots of unanswered questions. This series definitely had a lot of potential, and I think for me having the main actress from another country (and consequently dubbed over) really had an impact on the leading pair’s chemistry. That being said, she really delivered in the last episode, and it was probably the best episode of the entire series.

  3. Despite its many flaws, this drama was one of the very few that tugged on my heartstrings. The original storyline was beautiful and I thought Jiro Wang and Goo Hye Sun made a nice pairing. It would have been even better if there was a bit more chemistry though particularly from Goo Hye Sun. There were definitely some parts missing in the storyline which made me sort of unhappy. Overall, it was a good drama with a bittersweet ending and i will definitely watch it again in the future. Thanks for all your recaps! 🙂

    1. No problem! Thanks for commenting 🙂
      I really liked the story of the original manga, so I think some of my disappointment/frustration with this adaptation stemmed from the disparity I saw between the two. That being said, this drama really pulled out the acting chops in the final few episodes and made up for most of its flaws 🙂

  4. Seriously…. this drama made me cry a lot lol!! (at the end part) Geezz!! Or is it the music that played in the end (I like that one)..although the chemistry of both leads did not goes so well coz it happens that Goo Hye Sun is a Korean actress…i guess the communication (Hye sun doesn’t speak and understand Chinese) and attachment between the two mostly I’ve seen on the drama is not worth it…

    1. Agreed. I found Skip! Beat (also with korean/chinese leads) had much better chemistry (and dubbing), and I honestly think that the reason AB suffered was because of this lack of chemistry. GYS did pull through with the ending though, and I’ll commend her for that.

      1. Skip Beat is unwatchable, despite the Super Junior hotties. I have no idea ho w anyone could prefer that to this drama.

      2. I guess the frenetic acting of the female lead, plus the very over -the-top situations (totally NOT believable) – worked so much better in the manga than live-action. I could not watch the anime either – because it seemed very silly & childish. I love Siwon but he’s dubbed (as is Donghae) so that was disappointing. I love the music 😀 & I did watch quite a bit of it, with the sound off when the more insane stuff went on. But just could not continue till the end….

      3. That’s definitely fair. I’ve seen that style before (Hana Kimi for example), and sort of accepted it as the “style” of the drama. It’s definitely not preferred, but I can ignore it for the most part. I did try watching the anime, and that was a disaster haha.

        I was surprised the two were dubbed actually, because their Mandarin has improved a lot after being a part of Super Junior M. Ah well, I’m glad the crossover actor trend has gone down, and now Kdramas are big on remakes! 🙂

  5. I was bawling through episode 11 and 12. I’ve read the manga and I just sat there and sobbed hideously for like 2 hours. I didn’t want to go through all that again with episode 13, so I’m debating whether or not I should watch it.

    Overall, the drama was nicely paced and I honestly liked most of it. Except for the fact that Xiao Fei seemed to spend most of the time she DID have with Night whining about money, acting awkward af, being super rude to Night about things that don’t even have anything to do with him, getting angry, or crying. Literally. Longest extended happy scene between her and Night was the one with that clone… Which is pretty sad in itself. Anyway, I still loved the drama (especially because of Jiro Wang) and I feel that the next remake should at least add in a twist in the ending. It does not have to end Disney style or anything, but I just can’t stand sitting through another dozen or so hours of pure bliss and have it all come crashing down in the last few episodes.

    1. So agree – I have yet to finish this for the same reasons you give – WHY does she have to act like some overgrown adolescent instead of an adult? WHY! Night deserves to be someone who actually appreciates him….

      1. I really feel you. Even up till the last day, she left him to make breakfast and I was just like, “Are you serious?!” But the fact that she held in her tears to seem strong for him was pretty touching. Onto Jiro Wang’s happier drama, Fabulous Boys! 🙂

    2. IMO ep 13 was surprisingly good in terms of GHS’s acting – I had no attachment to her throughout the entire series, but found myself touched at times during the finale. You’re probably going to keep bawling, but I’d recommend to keep watching! It’s a good (albeit sad) ending 🙂

      1. Yup, I just finished episode 13. A stupid choice really. Now I can’t stop crying. I just sobbed throughout the entire episode and my eyes hurt. Still crying. His last 10 seconds though… It’s not really explained that well because doesn’t it mean he has 10 seconds left continually? Why is it that he shut down after 10 seconds of (crying on my part) memories only after she talked to him…? Lots of plotholes and unanswered questions but I think this is the best ending there could have been 😥

      2. oh no 😦 Don’t cry! Go watch Fabulous Boys or Hana Kimi! Those two were ridiculously happy/cute. Maybe watch Fabulous Boys, since he gets the girl in that one…

        I watched the jdrama, and it had a similar-ish ending. I think what they didn’t explain as well here was that when Night shut down he saved the last 10 seconds so that if in the future technology ever improves enough he can come back again. The ending montage was really sweet though – he’s too good for her!

  6. True, there’s zero chemistry between Jiro and GHS, so it was difficult for me to cheer for them throughout the show. There were also times, especially in the first several episodes, where it felt like GHS were delivering lines that don’t show through her eyes. It’s like she’s saying something else yet her eyes are mocking him. She seemed fake throughout and I just felt bad for Night and Zong Shi.

    1. Oh I thought there was some chemistry there, despite her being dubbed BADLY & the character once again being monumentally stupid… But I really was not paying much attention to HER at all LOL

  7. May I know what song played while in wedding promise part??
    At tw version last episode
    This song bring me to tears so badly…

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