Happy 300 Days!



Update: you can find recaps here

Good news guys! 🙂 I will be recapping TWO new dramas starting as of next week. The first you already know about (Fabulous Boys), but the second is…. Happy 300 Days! It’s currently airing, and is only up to episode 7! I believe Viki has eps 1 and 2 up with english subs, but you can watch it raw on sugoideas or funtude as well. I will be posting recaps for this drama every Wednesday, so stay tuned!

Happy 300 days is a drama about a girl named Chen Ya Ting who learns that she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby. She moves back to her hometown to raise it, and meets three men there who are all running away from personal issues. Along the way, they all fall in love with her…the question is, who does she fall in love with?

Chen Yi Rong (also from La La I Do) plays Chen Ya Ting, our heroine
Kingone Wang (Devil Beside You) plays Qi Tian, suitor 1
Kun Da (Absolute Boyfriend) plays Zhang Yao Yan, suitor 2
Zhuang Kai Xun plays Ding Hao Quan, suitor 3


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