Day 2: Your first Japanese Drama?


My first Japanese drama was the 2007 drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, also known as Hana Kimi! I first watched this drama because I fell in love with its Taiwanese counter-part. Curious to see how the Japanese version would be different, I chose to give this drama a shot and really enjoyed it!


The drama centers around Ashiya Mizuki, a girl who decides to dress up as a boy and attend an all boys boarding school in the hopes of helping Sano Izumi (a world class high jumper) back into the sport after he suddenly quit. Funny and cheerful, the drama is sure to make you smile. Pictured above is Nakatsu, Mizuki’s first friend at the school, Mizuki, and Sano.


7 thoughts on “Day 2: Your first Japanese Drama?

  1. My first Asian drama was my first Japanese drama. This one was my second one since it was a live action based on a favorite manga series of mine. When I first started watching Asian dramas I hunted out live actions of manga series that I loved. Found some great ones found some…not so great ones…I’m looking at you Marmalade Boy.

    1. Haha I’ve heard about Marmalade Boy… I think Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi, ISWAK, MARS, and Liar Game were all fantastic adaptations of mangas. Absolute Boyfriend however, should have been left a manga and not butchered by terrible acting.

  2. I can agree about HanDan, Hana Kimi, MARS, and Liar Game, I haven’t watched ISWAK yet, but I hear people rave about it all the time. Absolute Boyfriend…well…I agree the acting could have been better in both versions for certain characters. I like being true to the original as well, but I can totally understand why no version would have a high schooler buy a robot lover 😛 I read that manga for a week straight and came out of it shaking my head over that whole situation. Mokomichi’s robotic acting was hard for me to get used to and I think in some parts of the Taiwanese version, Jiro’s robotic innocence came off very fake.

    1. The Japanese adaptation of ISWAK is currently airing now! It’s on ep 5/16 and is proving so far to be a pretty great watch! DON’T watch the Korean one – start with the Taiwanese version of ISWAK and TKA (the sequal). Haha agreed – especially considering the “function” of said robot lover. Mokomichi sold me as a robot, but the chemistry was a little harder to see because of it. Jiro didn’t ever seem like a robot to me in part because of how joyful/naive he seemed. Ah well, let’s see if South Korea decides to make an adaptation as well ^_^

  3. Korea was going to make an adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend, and TOP was thinking of being the lead. But then they seem to have dropped the idea. I’ve never seen any of them, not particularly interested. But if TOP was in it, i would watch it.

    Totally agree about ISWAK. I’m enjoying the Japanese version so far, and the Taiwanese version is one of my favourite tw-dramas.

    1. heh I actually talk about the Japanese version of ISWAK in one of the next few questions 😛

      hmm – I think that TOP could do a really good job as a robot boyfriend, but I feel like the drama would be all shiny packaging and no heart (something the other two were lacking as well). If a Kdrama version ever does come out though I’ll probably watch it (gotta collect ’em all :P).

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