Day 4: Your first Taiwanese Drama?

Since Meteor Garden happens to be my first Taiwanese Drama AND first drama, I figured I’d talk about my second Taiwanese drama here 🙂


Prince Turns to Frog, starring Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao, was first recommended to me by a friend when I finished Meteor Garden and was dying for more dramas but had no idea where to start. Much like Meteor Garden, the budget/filming quality isn’t up to our current standards (it aired in 2005), but was an adorably cute watch. It’s the standard rich boy meets hardworking plucky girl who wins him over, but the two leads had cute chemistry and had a fairy tale ending.


Plus… amnesia Jun Hao was such a cutie pie as opposed to his scrooge rich boy persona – can you resist that face?


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Your first Taiwanese Drama?

  1. Ah, this is on my must finish list. Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao have such great chemistry on screen together and I agree his amnesia personality is sooo much cuter and better than his spoilt rich boy personality.

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