Day 5: Your all time favorite Asian Drama?


Daaaaaaaaaang this is hard since so many new dramas are coming out every year. But if I had to choose one at this point it’d have to be Black and White!


I’m pretty sure I’ve made clear my love for this drama (ie, giving it 11 out of 11 on my Drama Ratings page), so expect a lot of fangirl-ing and photos. Black and White is a police/action/thriller/romance drama about two cops – “coward” and “hero” who are as different as Black and White. The two are paired together because of their skill in cracking detective cases, and stumble upon the biggest, twisted case imaginable. I absolutely loved all the characters, especially Ivy Chen’s in particular because of how badass she is. I mean look at her! She’s holding a gun at an Assa  random citizen. No spoilers I swear.

bw2 imgdc544eafzikbzj

But in all seriousness look at how attractive everyone is too. High budget filming = amazing definitions of their cheekbones and jawlines…

Okay okay anyways I highly highly highly recommend this drama – it’s not scary so much as captivating. Considering the number of mindblown moments I had while watching this…I’m surprised I’m still coherent. But I’ll leave you with this adorable cutie pie as an incentive to watch it 😉



6 thoughts on “Day 5: Your all time favorite Asian Drama?

  1. Now I feel I *must* watch this drama…plus…I saw the teaser for the movie which looked really good, too. I racked my brains so hard to answer this and the next question, too. 😛

    1. Watch it watch it watch it!!!! I haven’t watched the movie yet (Vic Zhou isn’t in it 😦 ) but I plan to soon! Hahaha tomorrow’s question was actually pretty easy for me – the next three were so hard to answer though :/

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