Day 6: Your least favorite Asian Drama?

images 1b

Not going to lie – I really, really detested this drama. It got all sorts of hype because of the Fahrenheit band members Wu Chun and Calvin Chen, but in my opinion feel flat partially as a result of it. It tried to be so romantic/mushy/fairytale and ended up a hollow shell. This is the drama that made me start my 3 episode policy, after I so foolishly tried to struggle through all 11 episodes because up til then I hadn’t ever dropped a drama. It had an awful plot (seriously the entire drama consists of the girl and guy falling in love but then trying to hide it because the grandpa wants them to get together) and zero chemistry. My apologies for the major bashing if you liked this drama, but I wasn’t able to connect with it.



6 thoughts on “Day 6: Your least favorite Asian Drama?

    1. pahaha right after I posted this I saw someone else post on tumblr that this was they’re favourite drama. Felt kind of bad…but not bad enough to take down my rant 😛

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