Day 7: Your favorite Japanese Drama?


Okay okay I know this drama is currently airing and I absolutely abhor it when people rate dramas before they’re finished but…it’s SO GOOD. Currently at 6/16 episodes – it’s the second Japanese version of Itzura na Kiss – or It Started With a Kiss. Meet the love triangle – Ikezawa Kinnosuke is our Sixteen Candle’s Ducky character who has two loves, leopard print and our heroine; Aihara Kotoko is our heroine who has been in love with Japan’s #1 genius for two years straight; and Irie Naoki is our #1 genius who cares nothing for anyone not on his level.


On the left is Naoki in his element – tall, attractive, IQ of 200 | On the right is Kotoko…looking much like me during finals.


The chemistry between these two is absolutely adorable, this Naoki is perfectly ice cold without being too much of a jerk (and you do see his emotions play out, unlike another adaptation I know (I’m looking at you Playful Kiss)) and while Kotoko is a bit slow, she stands up for herself and isn’t outrageously naive/stupid (ISWAK/TKA, I really really love you but come-on, Xiang Qin’s daydreams??).


9 thoughts on “Day 7: Your favorite Japanese Drama?

  1. You know, i almost didn’t watch this because i’d seen the other versions so i was like “do i really need to watch another one?”. And i didn’t think this cast was particularly attractive, lol. But i’m glad I’m watching it, it’s surprised me by how much i am enjoying it. You’re right about Naoki; he’s still a jerk, but at least we have already seen him genuinely smile, which i’m pretty sure took a lot longer than the other two versions (i haven’t seen the original j-drama so i’m not counting that).

    1. I think this japanese version took note of the success/failures of the other adaptations and learned from them 🙂 I’m just annoyed this is a once a week drama and not a twice a week drama :/

      1. I gotta say though, i also think this one has the benefit of being shorter, so it’s moving faster. And that automatically makes it better.

  2. I started watching this drama after reading your post and I am going to continue, (Love It) because the actress (Miki Honoka) playing Aihara Kotoko is hilarious and so GOOD. She is overshadowing everyone. Even the mother whom I loved in ISWAK.

    I want to say I have read and seen every version (including the anime) of this show and I did have my favorite but . . . I am being swayed.

    And redbeanmochi is right, it does seems like this “Japanese version took note of the success/failures of the other adaptations and learned from them”

    1. YES. Successfully converted another person 🙂 I actually ended up watching parts of the anime because I’m so sick of waiting each week for this version. It’s good, but idk…I couldn’t believe the romance bit at all (part of the reason I love ISWAK so much is because it takes the time to make the feelings between the two leads realistic).

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