Day 8: Your favorite Korean Drama?


YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. Really. Make sure to smile today. 🙂 Also beautiful…this drama! Called You’re Beautiful, it centers around a band named A.N.Jell – in particular the pianist/second singer Go Min Nam. Go Min Nam is actually Go Min Nyeo, a girl who is masquerading as her brother because his double eyelid surgery was botched. Haha.


She was a sister in training before taking on the disguise, as a result is clumsy and naive. Go Min Nam quickly makes a mess of things, resulting in awkwardness all around and strained relationships with her bandmates.


Somewhere along the way though, amidst the humor and outrageously funny mishaps, they all become good friends and work together.


I had to include this – possibly one of my favourite moments from this drama is when Hwang Tae Kyung plays surgeon on two hapless stuffed animals, creating a “Teji-Toki” (Pig-Rabbit). Muahahaha.

The Taiwanese version of this drama is set to air Sunday May 12th.

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6 thoughts on “Day 8: Your favorite Korean Drama?

  1. This was such a sweet and funny drama. And you don’t meet anyone who watches korean dramas and hasn’t seen this one. I thought it was funny that it didn’t rate very well in Korea, but did huge business overseas. I never really understand why that happens.

    1. I was so surprised to see that as well! I felt bad for the cast – especially when Jang Geun Suk express his disappointment that he felt partially responsible as the eldest actor on set. I think in the end they took note of the HUGE fandom scattered overseas though 🙂

  2. I had better expectations for this one…boys over flowers all the way! Makes me cry just thinking about lee min ho!

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