Day 9: Your favorite Taiwanese Drama?

Since y’all already know Black and White is my favourite tw drama (and favourite drama of all time)….here’s my second favourite TW Drama!


So if you don’t know already, greengrassjelly is current recapping Fated To Love You here on Give Me Dramas. Starring Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan, it’s a rom com about an unlikely couple that forms after a one night stand.


Along the way the two undergo hilarious trials and adorable interactions. However, don’t think this drama is all rainbows and sunshines (about 80% of it is) – the other 20% is filled with some truly heartbreaking moments.


It’s okay Ji Cun Xi, Xin Yi isn’t dead. Don’t cry 😦


5 thoughts on “Day 9: Your favorite Taiwanese Drama?

  1. Another drama I really need to finish. I made it up to the part where her pregnancy got aired on live television. It had such interesting and cute moments to that part and had the steamiest love scene I had ever scene in an Asian drama. O_O

    1. Pahaha yeah I’ve noticed that while Kdramas tend to be the shiniest/angstiest, TW dramas tend have the best kisses/steamy scenes. If I remember correctly TKA had a pretty steamy love scene as well, and the best kisses I have seen.

  2. I felt this went for too long. And i’m not a huge fan of time jumps. But it was still pretty good, and this was Baron Chen’s first drama, I think. He’s quite nice to look at, lol

    1. Yup! It was his first drama appearance, I think he was a supporting actor in Kung Fu Dunk the same year as well. Heh, I prefer Ethan Ruan, but they’re both good looking 🙂

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