Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 1 Recap

Fabulous Boys is finally here! Expect a lot of photos in this recap 🙂
Note: I will be doing some comparisons to the other adaptations in the comment section at the end, so feel free to skip it if you don’t want spoilers about the k/tw versions. I won’t be alluding to events coming up, just discussing differences.

You can watch Fabulous Boys on Dramafever here!



We open in a grandiose church, where two nuns smile as they comment that “for once, Gemma isn’t late”. Gemma/Gao Mei Nu, our heroine, sits in the first pew. She smiles as she looks around the church, then freezes as she sees another copy of her sitting to her left…and right…and all around. She panics and screams – then wakes up. Gemma is thankful that it was just a dream…until she looks at her alarm clock and realizes she is, indeed, late once more.


Gemma successfully sneaks in, and notices a woman (Park Shin Hye’s Cameo!) watching a live concert in front of her. She tries numerous times to get Park Shin Hye to turn off the music, until they both end up fighting for the mp3. The mp3 goes flying, soaring towards the priest. Gemma grabs a donation bag and swipes at the mp3, saving the father. The church sighs in relief…until the mp3 falls back down from the rafters, hitting the priest on the head and landing directly under the microphone. Ouch.

As Park Shin Hye leaves, she says “Go Min Nam, Fighting!” Too cute 🙂 (For those of you who don’t know, Park Shin Hye played Go Min Nam in the original Kdrama).


The band that Park Shin Hye was watching wraps up their concert to deafening cheers from their fans. They are A.N. Jell, Taiwan  Asia’s most popular band. Backstage, the company president congrats the three boys. They are our leads: the band’s leader and singer/songwriter Huang Tai Qing, the band’s guitarist Jiang Xin Yu, and the band’s drummer/rapper Jeremy.

The president reminds Tai Qing that the doctor told him not to sing for three months to help his vocal cords, and Tai Qing sourly asks what singer doesn’t sing. The president ignores him however, and announces to the band that because of this, they’ll be adding a fourth member to sing.


Gemma is given cleaning duty as punishment for her actions in church earlier, and awkwardly covers up the statue of David that she has to clean. A man in a trenchcoat is seen watching her from the distance, but we don’t see his face.

Later, Gemma bids farewell to the Mother Superior as she leaves to go pick up her plane ticket to Rome. The mother superior seems a bit worried, but Gemma assures her that she [Gemma] will be fine. We see the trenchcoat man follow her – though judging by his lack of visible pants he doesn’t seem friendly.

Sure enough, he later jumps out at Gemma and attempts to flash her. She screams, and another man in a tan trenchcoat and cap hits the flasher over the head. He muses that Gemma really does look like the photo, and she kicks him in the nuts. HA. He barely manages to eke out that he’s here on behalf of her brother, stopping Gemma from running away again.


The guy reveals that he is Mei Nan’s manager Mark, and that he needs Gemma to pretend to be her brother.

Cue opening sequence!


I really like this opening sequence – it’s almost like a music video. Cuts of the band performing are interspersed with “magazine style” photos and animations of the entire cast. It seems like this is a high budget TW drama, so it’ll be similar to the shiny packaging we expect from Kdramas.


We cut back to Gemma and Mark – Gemma freaks out after hearing the proposition to be her brother. She imagines herself in an operating room, where the Mother Superior wields a huge butcher knife as she announces that Gemma will now be a boy. Dang, girl’s got a wild imagination.

Mark finally explains that he just needs Gemma to dress up as her brother for a day, just to sign his contract with A.N. Jell. Gemma is worried that it’s lying, but Mark tells her that it’s her brother’s biggest dream to be a famous musician, and this is his only chance. Gemma finally agrees.


Mark takes her to A.N. Jell headquarters, and she walks in astonishment among the fangirls. They crowd around her, jealous of her “costume”. They decided to literally be angels, and ended up looking all the same.

The boys arrive, causing a massive uproar. Gemma picks up a fan that one of the girls dropped in an attempt to return it, and is awestruck by the beauty of the three boys. Jeremy adorably picks her out and signs her fan, commenting on her “great costume”.


After Gemma is dressed as Mei Nan, Mark takes her to the president’s office to sign the contract. The president seems to constantly be held in the past, as he continually does his “trademark” dance from when he was a star, and has numerous portraits of himself from his time in the spotlight. Right after Gemma nervously signs the contract however, Tai Qing bursts in to demand that she prove her “talent”. He won’t accept just anybody – his songs can’t be sung by just anybody.


He drags her into the studio and locks the door, where Jeremy and Xin Yu are practicing. Tai Qing tells her to sing for him – he’s heard about her “great voice” but will judge it for himself. He cares nothing for the contract, showing that he’s serious about the band/being a singer. Tai Qin threatens to rip up the contract as Mei Nan/Gemma nervously looks at the floor.

Mark and the president get into the speaker booth, and Mark yells to Gemma that it is Mei Nan’s dream to be a famous singer. This gets through to Gemma, and she opens her mouth just as Tai Qin begins to tear the paper. Instantaneously, the boys are “transported” inside a church – Gemma chose to sing Panis Angelicus. The boys have goosebumps, and Tai Qin thrusts the contract back at her. Jeremy adorably comes up to her and congratulates her, remarking that her high, angelic voice gave him entire body shivers.


Outside the headquarters, Gemma announces that she’s glad the contract was signed with no repercussions. She muses that she wished she could have seen Mei Nan before leaving for Rome, causing Mark to sputter and frantically request for her not to go. He still needs her to appear as Mei Nan for a month.

Turns out he told Mei Nan to get plastic surgery on his eyes (hahahaha) and the surgeon botched the operation. Mei Nan currently can’t close his eyes properly, so Mark sent him to America to fix it. Since the media would have a field day with the surgery (and results), Mark wants to keep everything hush hush and have Gemma take her brother’s place until he’s fully healed. He tells her that she’d live with the band, prompting some more hilarious daydreams about the boys dancing around her onstage, and all using the same bathroom. Gemma refuses, telling Mark that this is something she absolutely cannot do.

The Mother Superior finds her praying later, and asks if everything is alright with her brother. Gemma fudges her answer, and says that she could help, but she’d have to give up going to Rome. When asked why she wants to be a nun, Gemma answers “it’s God’s will”. The Mother Superior then says God’s will is not important, what’s important is Gemma’s will – what she wants to do with her life.


At the airport the next day, Gemma and Mark cross paths – she’s here for her flight and he’s here to see off the A.N. Jell members. Mark tries to convince her to change her mind – reminding her that Mei Nan wanted to be a famous singer so that he might one day find their mother.

Meanwhile, the A.N. Jell boys strut down the airport. Tai Qin notices another celebrity and notes that her back seems familiar, but doesn’t take much other note. He tells Xin Yu and Jeremy that he’s going to get coffee, and literally bumps into Gemma on the way there. She drops her ticket and he drops his mp3 – as both scramble to return their things Gemma realizes that Tai Qin would recognize her and bolts. She only realizes once she’s away that her ticket is still with him, and tries to stealthily take it from him whenever he’s not looking. Unfortunately for her it never works, and Tai Qin calles Xin Yu and Jeremy to help him track down the nun.


Unable to track Gemma down, Tai Qin leaves her ticket at the front desk. She sighs in relief and boards her flight. While in her seat, she listens to Tai Qin’s mp3, wondering what kind of songs her brother would want to sing so badly. As she listens to the first song (sung by Tai Qin), she flashes back to a time when she and her brother were being bullied at the orphanage. Mei Nan promised her that he’d become famous one day so that he’d find their mother for her, and gives her their mother’s ring. He tells her to pretend that the stars are their mother looking down on them.


At the press conference, the president announces that A.N. Jell is proud to announce the addition of a new, fourth member. Mark hides in the seats as the members are announced one by one. When it comes to Mei Nan’s turn, no one walks on stage. Tai Qin bitterly laughs that he(she) had no guts in the end, while the reporters begin to complain that A.N management is pulling their leg. Out of the blue, a (bass?) chord rings out. Jeremy spots the player first, and the lights flash on to show Gemma/Mei Nan in the back. Talk about an entrance.


The scene cuts to show the lady at the airport watching the broadcast – and she comments that “that child” is up to it again. It’s unclear who she’s talking about, as the tv was alternating between shots of Tai Qin and Mei Nan. (note: since Gemma has decided to pretend to be her brother, I will be calling her by Mei Nan from here on out).


At the band’s house, Mei Nan excitedly explores her room. She remembers Tai Qin’s mp3, and decides to go upstairs to his room to return it, even though Mark warned her about going in there. She tries to find an innocuous place to put the mp3, messing up Tai Qin’s lamp and pencils in the process. He comes up as she’s in his room however, and she runs to the bathroom to hide. That’s not suspicious at all… Tai Qin notices all the changes in his room, and spies Mei Nan hiding in the bathroom. She accidentally hits the “bidet” button on the toilet in her panic, so that the water ends up shooting her in the face. Hahaha.

Tai Qin angrily lays out the rules for her: 1. to never touch his/get him dirty 2. to never enter his room without his permission 3. to never touch his stuff. After Mei Nan leaves, he notes that he better be careful using the bidet – who knew it could be so “dangerous”.

At Mei Nan’s launch party the next day she is toasted over and over, and each time she gets more and more drunk. The coordi in particular makes her drink some strong liquor (as opposed to the champagne earlier), and tells Mei Nan to think of her has her older sister. The coordi is in on Mei Nan’s secret, which makes sense considering she’s in charge of dress/outfits.

41 42 43

Mei Nan stumbles around the party, first running in to Jeremy when she tries to go into the women’s bathroom to pee, and then Xin Yu when she complains about being too hot. In both cases the boys tell her to stay put, but she wanders further upstairs until she reaches the roof. There she finds Tai Qin, who’d tried to escape the loud partying and drinking. She starts retching, and Tai Qin frantically thrusts a flower pot at her. Pahaha the look on his face is priceless.


Xin Yu and Jeremy join them on the rooftop, and watch Mei Nan as she happily stumbles around. At one point she climbs on a bench and points at the (nonexistent) stars, exclaiming that they’re soooooo much closer now. Jeremy remarks that he doesn’t see any, and Mei Nan turns to look at him. As she turns however, her foot slips off the bench….



Bahahaha Jiro’s face in the throwing up scene was too good not to screen-shot.

So far so good! There were some changes already, the pervo wasn’t in either adaptation, and Gemma never got on the plane (the boys looked for her until the ticket boarding time was up). I rather liked that she boarded the plane – because then it was her decision to give up Rome and take up the dream of finding their mother, rather than being forced to.

I also like that Tai Qin is sour and picky in private, but all smiles and cool stage presence in public. As much as I loved Jang Geun Suk in YAB, I never understood why he was the most popular member when he frowned all the time, including in press conferences and in front of fans.

What did you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below!


17 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 1 Recap

  1. Hello, thanks for the recap. I enjoyed episode 1 more than I thought but I guess 3rd times the charm since I watched the korean, japanese, and now the taiwanese version.Each of them have their own charm but this is the first time I actually squeal, smile, and burst out laughing so something must be right here. Hopefully, it we continue here and I really love how she choose to stay, there’s just something about that, that makes me happy because I guess I really loathe it when decisions made by the heroines always seem so force.

  2. Hmm…sounds like it’s staying pretty dang faithful to the original. Nothing wrong with that. I need to find some time to watch this now. Jiro, Jiro, Jiro. I wonder if I will like this version if Yong Hwa’s character. I didn’t dislike the original, but I think Shu in the Japanese version was a little more proactive and I liked that.

    Thanks fore recapping this drama 🙂

    1. Agreed! The Shin Wu of the original was almost…a little creepy. I could understand how his actions were meant to be the “protective guardian angel type”, but he really just needed to be clear with her instead of following her around half a city and denying that the shoes he got weren’t for her.

      No problem! It’s my pleasure 🙂

  3. dang I’ve been so out of the t-drama loop I didn’t even realize they were remaking this drama. I didn’t really understand all the hype surrounding the k-drama so I’m not really expecting much out of this but if it is good, maybe I’ll check it out sometime. 🙂

  4. Omg, the first episode was good. It looked like it had a heaps high budget, it didn’t seem like a TW drama at all. I’m really liking this, the style is quite nice. And the story line and dialogue seems much more well thought out and planned (obviously), which allowed the storyline to flow more nicely. 🙂 Can’t wait to see ep 2!

    1. I’m thankful for the big budget – in part because I think that a lot of people are turned away from TW dramas because of their lack of flair/packaging. I like TW dramas because of the stories, but i guess sometimes it’s hard to see past the trailer/lower quality filming.

      It looks like Fabulous Boys is going to be paced a little faster than YAB too, which is always nice 🙂

      1. Yeah, many people start talking about production values when it comes to TW dramas. I just think “sucks to you, missing out on all this good stuff.” Lol. Though it would be nicer if TW dramas had slightly higher budgets…..

    2. I remember reading that this is Taiwan’s second highest budgeted drama ever (the first being Material Queen which was partially filmed in France). It also had a higher cost per episode than the original K version. That’s quite impressive for a re-re-remake.

  5. Phew, finally got around to watching this episode. It was almost exactly the same as the Korean first ep; they hardly changed anything. I don’t have a problem with that, because you expect that with the first episode, but i do hope they make it more their own as the series goes along. I did find the toilet scene amusing. Like, silly, but it made me laugh. And then Tai Qin thinking “i didn’t realise toilets could be so dangerous”, lol! I don’t know why they had to make Jeremy’s name Jeremy again though. They didn’t do that in the Japanese version, and I liked that they changed it. But, good thing about the Taiwanese, at least they can pronounce Jeremy properly.

    And I have such a thing for Jiro Wang. Even if I think he’s too old to be playing this character, i’m gonna enjoy watching him. I think Su Li Wen is pretty as a girl, but I hate her hair as Mei Nan. Why do they always give people bowl cuts in these dramas!? And oh, the bad acting by the performers in the launch party! I’m gonna go ahead and assume that every single one of them is a singer in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, lol

    1. Agreed! The Japanese version was pretty faithful as well – they took out some scenes and made Shin Wu more proactive but these changes weren’t too major.

      Haha I know! I counted all the dramas I’ve watched of his yesterday, and it came to a whopping total of 5-6. Granted he wasn’t the lead for some of them (ie. ISWAK, TKA, and Hana Kimi), but I’ve still seen the majority of his resume. Those were indeed singers in the TW industry – a girl group called “Dream Girls” and a boy group called “SpeXial”.

      1. Eh, Jiro is in Fahrenheit, speXial is the camoe boy band when they were celebrating Mei Nan’s joining in the club.

      2. yup! I think Fahrenheit is currently on “break” at the moment though – Wu Chun is working on setting up his gym while the other three members are focusing on their acting careers (all three are in currently airing dramas).

  6. hello 🙂
    im from indonesia..
    i’ve read your recap and i really happy also surprised because the main male actor is Jiro wang, My number 1 favorite artist from taiwan ^^
    if you don’t mind, can i remake your recap with indonesia language? i’ll be really grateful

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