Day 10: Your favorite Drama insert song?

acckk okay so this is tricky because it’s not the opening song, it’s the bloody song they insert whenever something significant/sad/happy/needs a filler happens. To be honest it took me AGES to even remember any. I ended up just looking up some dramas that I liked and picking around their OSTs. Then I realized my favourite was (surprise surprise)… Harlem Yu’s Qing Fei De Yi from Meteor Garden.

Here’s a cover that Wong Fu did 😛


9 thoughts on “Day 10: Your favorite Drama insert song?

  1. This is so hard to answerrrr, there are so many good songs out there!!! So I’m going to cheat, and give my top three answers, hehe 😛
    1. Wo Ai Ta (I Love Him) by Della Ding, in Autumn’s Concerto
    2. Zhi Wang (Hope) by Yisa Yu, in The Fierce Wife
    3. Tu Ran Hao Xiang Ni (Suddenly Missing You) by Mayday, in Next Heroes

  2. I REMEMBER this song!!! It makes me happy. Accursed insert vs. “theme” song. I can think of TONS of themes or openings…but INSERTS…that’s hard. Do Korean dramas technically have insert or theme songs?

    1. uhhh. i think if they stick the song in a certain scene/over and over (think Almost Paradise) it’s an insert song, if it’s in the beginning and only in the really really key moments then it’s a theme song?

      Either way they’re all OSTs -_-

      1. LOL, very true. My post on this…I couldn’t chose one and I’m not sure any really stuck out as a favorite. I’m mostly thinking of ending, opening, and theme.

      2. TBH I couldn’t even think of a drama ending theme, much less one I liked haha. I can’t wait until the favourite actor/actress questions.

  3. Yeah, this is a hard one, because while the drama is going, I know the song pretty well. I mean, if it’s the song they play during significant moments, then you hear it a LOT! But then once the show is finished, I forget all about it.

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