Happy 300 Days [遇見幸福300天] Episode 2 Recap

Sorry it’s late! I was using Viki and then found a dead link partway through the ep -__- It took some poking around to find another decent quality version.



We left off with with Qi Tian staring in shock as a man jumped off the boat into the ocean. He nervously watching to see if the man resurfaces to no avail. He and the two fishermen fish out the man and bring him to shore. After nervously looking around and prodding him to see if he’s dead, Qi Tian takes charge and tells them that everything should be alright when he finds the man’s wallet for ID. Looking up however, he realizes the men have left him. Poor Qi Tian is left to piggyback the half drowned man back to the hotel.


Back at the hotel, Qi Tian haphazardly dumps the man in an empty room before ripping into GiGi for sending him on a boat. He’d wanted a club, not to go boating!  Returning to his room, Qi Tian hurriedly unpacks and tries to get comfortable. Meanwhile, Ya Ting runs to her mother’s room and tentatively asks how being a single mom was…did GiGi ever consider getting an abortion? Her mom replies that back then people just accepted their situation and made do with it, so she never once considered giving Ya Ting up.


The next morning finds Ya Ting eagerly digging in to a HUGE spread of breakfast foods. Qi Tian stops by and pokes a little fun at her change over the years, in particular her weight gain. Ya Ting fires back that she didn’t choose to eat so much, and it’s the result of being pregnant. When Qi Tian stares at her in shock, Ya Ting tries to cover it up and grabs a cup of coffee. Qi Tian grabs it from her, scolding her for not reading the proper list of foods to eat/drink while pregnant. Surprised, Ya Ting nervously plays off pregnancy as a joke, setting Qi Tian off further. He runs outside and flashes back to a time when he and his girlfriend had found out she was pregnant. The sad part is how happy Qi Tian looked, while his girlfriend looked completely miserable.


Ya Ting retreats to her room to work out a confession speech to her mom. She tries cutesy, then sweet, then formal, but none of the approaches seem like they will work. Sighing, she goes in search of GiGi and finds her…sitting atop the mystery man and groping his stomach. LOL.


After the initial freakout, GiGi explains that she was looking for the man’s ID – she doesn’t feel comfortable having him stay there without knowing who he is or what kind of person he is. She finds it and gleefully exclaims that he’s a doctor before continuing to look through his money. Hao Quan, our mystery man, wakes up at this point. GiGi sweetly tells him that she was just looking for his ID, constantly referring to him as “Dr. Ding”. He crossly tells her he’s not a doctor any longer before handing over a huge wad of bills. He’ll stay for as long as the money pays for.

At that moment Qi Tian bursts back in announcing his departure. GiGi runs after him to stop him, leaving Ya Ting to help Hao Quan. Ya Ting tentatively asks if Hao Quan remembers her, and is surprised to get a curt “no”.


GiGi and Qi Tian have a hilarious luggage scene where they argue, sliding Qi Tian’s luggage back and forth. GiGi desperately tries to sway Qi Tian to stay, grabbing an old photo of her grandfather and crying that she failed him. Something about the photo sparks Qi Tian’s interest, and he asks GiGi who the two men with her grandfather are. Turns out they are two famous Japanese architects, and helped build this hotel. Qi Tian frantically searching all over the building (disrupting Hao Quan and Ya Ting in the process) before finding their signatures. He smiles, and promises to help GiGi redesign the building.


Back in his room, Hao Quan slowly eats a piece of chocolate. We’re shown a flashback of him as a doctor talking to a young patient about her upcoming surgery. He cheerfully assures her that it will be fine, even pinky swearing with her on the outcome. Aw, Doctor Hao Quan is adorable. The next day however, he sees her flatline and pass away. It seems that this is the incident that caused him to quit being a surgeon, and helped cause the rift between him and his father.


Ya Ting tries once more to bring up her pregnancy with her mother, and addresses the issue using a “hypothetical” friend who is scared of telling her mother the truth. GiGi takes a biscuit and forcefully snaps it in half in response, scaring Ya Ting into silence.

All the while, Qi Tian tries to redesign the hotel to no avail – he is unable to focus in the disorganized, cluttered room and keeps thinking that the animals are looking at him. Haha. He ends up throwing everything out and buying new decor, much to the surprise of GiGi and Ya Ting. When GiGi asks if every room will look this way, Qi Tian scoffs and tells her he’s not an interior designer, he’s an architect.


Qi Tian announces his plans to knockout the walls of the first two floors. Ya Ting is disappointed and shows him some of her memories of her grandfather that are down there, including his signature and the scale where her grandfather used to measure her height. Qi Tian acknowledges that anything he can save he will, but anything that he deems necessary to go will go. Ya Ting calls him selfish, but I think he has a point.

We finally catch up with our gangster Yao Yan, whose paranoia has gotten worse. Two cops approach him to eat noodles, and his hand begins to shake uncontrollably. When they ask him if he’s not from the area, Yao Yan panics and almost leaves without paying. In his hurry to get away however, he bumps into Ya Ting at the supermarket, sending her flowers everywhere. What follows is the most ridiculous “first impression” dream sequence of Yao Yan’s I have seen in a drama.

2324 25

Yao Yan stares open mouthed at Ya Ting, not realizing until after she’s left that she forgot a flower. He nicks a bike and pedals after her, but accidentally locks the break and crashes into a fence.


Hao Quan runs into Ya Ting when she walks into the hotel carrying her groceries, and asks if she really should be carrying so much in her condition. Realizing that he has finally recognized her, she begs him to keep her pregnancy quiet. Hao Quan asks why she wants the baby after her speech on the rooftop, and she tells him that it was his lack of consideration for his own life that made her realize she wanted to keep the baby alive, to try and raise it. She wants to try for a happy future – to which Hao Quan replies that he doesn’t like gambling, but he hopes the best for her and the child.

Later in his room he muses that maybe he can get a happy future as well, and actually caps the liquor bottle he’d been chugging the day before…until a doctor vision of him leans across the table and tells him that under no circumstance is he ever going to have a happy future, as long as he remembers that patient.


Late at night Ya Ting is woken up by a noise from the front of the hotel, and is almost scared to death by Yao Yan who finally crept in. He tries to give her the flower, not realizing that he grabbed onto her leg, and Ya Ting screams before beating him up. In her hast to runaway however, she trips and hits her abdomen against a coffee table. Qi Tian rushes in to find her crying on the ground about how her stomach hurts, and Hao Quan pulls out the car to the front of the hotel.


Funnily enough Yao Yan jumps in, saying that he knows the way to the clinic and he’s not a robber. Once at the clinic however, the nurse informs Ya Ting that the doctor left already. The nearest hospital is 20 minutes away, and Ya Ting has blood dripping down her leg. Qi Tian is astonished that she wasn’t lying about the pregnancy, and is about to run her back to the car when Ya Ting grabs Hao Quan’s hand and implores him to help her. He saved her baby once, he can do it again. Err…I’m not sure how helpful an ex-surgeon is going to be regarding a baby, but Hao Quan takes control and checks over Ya Ting. Thankfully the baby is fine, but she was overstressed and her muscles were fatigued.

The nurse asks Ya Ting which man is the father’s baby, and Ya Ting explains that none of them are – she isn’t even married. She swears everyone in the room to secrecy, explaining that the time to tell her mother hasn’t come yet.


Once Ya Ting is safely taken care of, everyone goes back to the hotel. At this point, Ya Ting asks Yao Yan who exactly he is. As he begins his “gangster” speech regarding his name, Qi Tian grabs him away and interrogates him. Yao Yan says that he is a gangster, but quickly backtracks when Qi Tian threatens to call the cops. He confesses to being an ex-gangster, but came to the island for a new life. When asked why he’s at the hotel, he announces that it’s for “the most beautiful fairy”, and attempts to go back to Ya Ting’s room. Having none of it, Qi Tian ties him up in a sleeping back. HA.

Ya Ting confesses to Hao Quan that she thinks their destiny’s are intertwined, since he saved her baby once in Taipei, and again in her tiny hometown.


As Yao Yan is showering the next day, GiGi bursts in the use the toilet (thinking that he is Qi Tian). Really? She apologizes, saying that her friend wouldn’t let her go at her house, and proceeds to let rip lots of unpleasant odors. Confused as to why Qi Tian hasn’t been responding, GiGi flushes the toilet and rips open the curtain…revealing Yao Yan. Girl if that was Qi Tian you shouldn’t be doing that anyways!

End of episode.


Okay so GiGi is getting on my nerves a little…she has no sense of personal boundaries, to the point of being ridiculous. Otherwise this episode was pretty enjoyable 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happy 300 Days [遇見幸福300天] Episode 2 Recap

  1. Yay thanks for the recap! Now I can understand all that happened!

    For higher quality videos you might wanna try maplestage. It has most of this drama’s episodes (with an occasional bad-quality one) in pretty good quality! And none of those annoying banners on the screen.

    I actually think Gi Gi is pretty funny. Usually I get annoyed with the over-the-top moms in dramas but for some reason, Gi Gi made me laugh a lot, hehe.

    1. i actually used to use maple stage, but found that there were too many pop-ups -__-. I’m using sugoideas right now, we’ll see if I can find better quality.

      I like GiGi, it was just her ending logic that I failed to understand – if you want an architect to redesign your hotel for you (without getting a fee), would you really barge into his bathroom, then yank open the shower curtain when he’s in there? meep, nothing makes sense in drama-land. 😛

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