Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?


Ugh. I wish I had a better drama to say for this…but the last Asian Drama I complete was Absolute Boyfriend. The only reason is because I refused to do the last recap until a few weeks ago. :/

There are only two reasons why I dislike this drama. 1. Goo Hye Sun. 2. It should have been 1 episode shorter. Now normally, I wouldn’t complain about 1 episode longer, except it could have been summarized in 5 minutes, in episode 12. Everyone else in the cast was absolutely great…so if you want to brave this drama, you can read my recaps of it here.


7 thoughts on “Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?

    1. nice vid! I like the song choice 🙂 but yeah haha, I liked your vid a lot better than the actual final ep itself.

      I think the language barrier was a part of it, but when I watched Skip Beat with Siwon and Donhae I was actually able to forget that they were being dubbed so it is feasible to have a dubbed cast and good acting. You’re right though, she did pull through in the final ep.

    1. that’s the drama with Kang Ji Hwan right? I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about it, but nothing concrete. Glad to hear it was good though, I’ll put it on my to-watch list.

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