Day 14: What Drama are you currently watching?


I’m actually currently watching *gasp* FIVE dramas at the moment, but only watch 1 ep a week per drama so it’s actually manageable 🙂

Since I’ve already featured Itazura na Kiss and Fabulous Boys (from my YAB post), I decided to feature Happy 300 Days. You can find my recaps of it here. It’s a pretty enjoyable drama so far – and I’m rooting for Kingone Wang in this one because, let’s face it, he’s never gotten the girl (and actually lost the same girl TWICE to Mike He).

If you’re currently watching this drama as well, or have heard anything about it let me know! I posted ep 2 today, but I believe there are a few more episodes out.


7 thoughts on “Day 14: What Drama are you currently watching?

  1. LOL. Poor Kingone. I felt bad for him after DBY he did Why Why Love and lost Rainie to Mike yet again. WHY can’t Kingone ever get a starring role where he gets the leading lady? Thus…I’m hoping he gets Chen Yi Rong in this drama. It’s on my to watch list along with Fab & the InK reboot.

    1. Fab & the InK reboot? never heard of those..
      but yeah, I think it’s pretty certain that Kingone will get the girl in this one, for which I am very happy 🙂

      1. OH hahahahahahaha. I was so confused for a sec – I thought that was one title “Fab & the InK reboot”. Sounds like a Japanese drama lol.

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