Day 16: Your favorite actress?


I guess it’s only fitting that my favourite actress is not only a TW actress, but Vic Zhou’s OTP in Black and White. Ivy Chen is probably the most cheerful person I have ever seen, all of her behind the scenes show her laughing and smiling. Her works are pretty diverse too, and she has played a phenomenal range of characters. I really enjoyed her in Black and White, Hear Me, and Skip Beat!


I originally thought that the first drama I watched with her was Black and White, but it turns out she was a guest on Smiling pasta on episode 16 or something…. either way she’s phenomenal and you should check out her work!

tumblr_me9f3eDFyf1rbvwu9o1_400(this scene is from Black and White, where Ivy Chen is taunting the detectives who are trying to interrogate/intimidate her)


7 thoughts on “Day 16: Your favorite actress?

  1. LOVE Ivy Chen. She really does have a very good and diverse range. I was really impressed with Skip Beat! and Hear Me. I need to watch more of her dramas/movies.

  2. I’ve only seen Ivy Chen in Skip Beat but I liked her, she’s pretty cute. I think I need to see her in something else to really form an opinion of her though.

    1. May I highly recommend Black and White? It’s a complete role reversal for her, and her character is extremely complex. If an action/thriller/detective/cop drama isn’t your cup of tea however, give Hear Me a try. It’s one of the sweetest movies I’ve seen, and she did a fantastic job.

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