Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 2 Recap

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We continue off from Mei Nan’s dream about seeing the three beautiful boys – her very own angels. She slowly wakes up, smiling from the good dream. Then she turns to her side, and realizes she’s looking smack dab at Tai Qing. Mai Nan frantically rolls to her left…only to come face to face with a shirtless Jeremy. Panicking, she runs outside, trying to remember what happened.

All she can recall is falling, and the three boys trying to catch her….and a kiss. She’s got a cut on her lip too, proving that it did happen.

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As Mai Nan hits her head in an effort to remember better, Jeremy sneaks up on her. He gets in her face, asking how she could do such a despicable thing. Mei Nan wonders if it was him that she kissed, and stares at his lips. She shakily apologizes, to which Jeremy barks, “not me! Go apologize to [him]”. The trouble is, Jeremy uses the term “哥/ge” meaning older brother…and both Xin Yu and Tai Qing are older.

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This issue comes up as Mai Nan apologizes to Xin Yu inside. He seems amused and asks if she’s alright, clueing us in to the face that it wasn’t him. Jeremy walks in and yells at Mai Nan again, telling her to go and apologize to Tai Qing-Ge.

It turns out that not only did Mei Nan fall on Tai Qing and kiss him, she also…vomited on his mouth. EW. Doubly awful for Tai Qing however, because of how much he hates people touching him and being dirty.


Meanwhile the photos from the party are being leaked out onto the internet, and the three fangirls from earlier worry that Mei Nan has caused fighting within A.N. Jell and caused Tai Qing harm.

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It seems that Tai Qing has a matching cut lip, which he painfully inspects in the mirror. He sniffs his clothes, then grimaces and mutters about showering and brushing his teeth. Unfortunately, Mei Nan has chosen this time to apologize, bringing Tai Qing’s bad mood down on her. He yells at her to get out of his room, and Mei Nan asks for his forgiveness. He laughs humorlessly, telling her that she broke his rules and vomi- unable to finish his sentence, Tai Qing retches a little at the memory. He tells her to leave, he needs to thoroughly clean himself.


And clean himself he does. We see shots of a naked Tai Qing showering interspersed with shots of Mei Nan wreaking havoc on his room. It started out innocently enough, she put the teapot and teacup down on his desk. However, she accidentally spilled some candle wax on the floor, and burned herself when she tried to wipe it up. This caused her to yelp and stagger backwards into his shelf, causing it to teeter before falling. Mei Nan caught it on her back, but all of Tai Qin’s possessions fell off on to the floor, including the remote control for the AC. The AC turned on, and all of the neatly piled sheet music on Tai Qin’s desk began to blow towards the candle….

Frantic, Mei Nan tries to extinguish the candle before something catches on fire. Unable to reach it with her foot, she resorts to using her spit (ew), and manages to land a big gob of it on the candle just as Tai Qin exits the shower.

14 15

Livid with anger, Tai Qing slams the shelf back up and menacingly presses Mei Nan against it. She tries to duck out of his hold but he tells her not to move. He demands to know what she’s doing in his room, and asks if she spit in his room. Sputtering for an answer, Mei Nan tries to talk about the candle but Tai Qing won’t let her. He tells her his three rules again, then slams his hand against the bookshelf again, causing one of his trophies to fall off and hit her on the head. Mei Nan goes out like a light.


Manager Mark walks in and sees Tai Qing trying to revive Mei Nan, except Tai Qing’s got the trophy in his hand and Mei Nan’s head is bleeding. Mark accuses Tai Qing of beating Mei Nan, and rushes her to the hospital. He stops the ambulance once Mei Nan reminds him that her gender will be revealed, and they stop at a park to treat her wound. I’m surprised the ambulance actually stopped for him.


Mei Nan tries to tell Mark that Tai Qing didn’t hit her, and that it’s all a misunderstanding. He chalks it up to her being a nun in training however, and angrily announces that they’re going to sue Tai Qing. Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Tai Qing calls at that moment demanding to speak to Mei Nan. He asks where she is – he’s come to the hospital to check on her and explain what really happened.

Too bad for Mei Nan, a nurse reminds Tai Qing that he can’t use a cellphone in this area of the hospital. He suspiciously asks Mei Nan how she’s able to talk to him if cellphones aren’t allowed, and Mei Nan tries to cover up the loud calls of fruit peddlers. Tai Qing doesn’t fall for it however, and grows angry that she lied to him.


As Mark and Mei Nan return to A.N. Jell headquarters, they run into Jin Da Pai, a reporter who looks to be sniffing around for dirt. He asks how A.N. Jell’s dynamics are, and takes notice of Mei Nan’s bandage. He eagerly asks if Tai Qing hit Mei Nan, to which Mei Nan frantically shakes her head. He doesn’t seem to be buying it however, and notices the tension when Tai Qing shows up.


Nobody seems to be on Mei Nan’s side right now (except for Mark). The three fangirls have assumed that she is trying to get more attention and decrease Tai Qing’s popularity, and have gathered the fanclub to protest outside of headquarters. Sure enough when Mark checks the top search results, she and Tai Qing are in the top five. #4 is a search term “原來是美男”, meaning “in reality it was Mei Nan”…but also the title of this drama. Meta humor 🙂

Jeremy (adorably) attacks Mei Nan with stuffed animals, throwing them at her and demanding to know why she made Tai Qing look bad. She wimpers that she didn’t mean to, and when Jeremy bear hugs her in an attempt to make her talk, shrieks and runs inside the house. Confused, Jeremy wonders what’s off about her. Inside, Xin Yu tells her that she’s acting like she’s got a big secret, especially when she flinched as he tried to check her bandage. Mei Nan nervously denies it, and Xin Yu deflects by saying he was referring to her and Tai Qing’s accident. Hmm…seems the boy might know she’s a girl, but is keeping it a secret.


Mei Nan heads upstairs to clean Tai Qing’s room as an apology, and notices that he has a lot of CDs by Mu Hua Lan, the name-less celebrity we met in the first episode. She also notices a photo of him and Mu Hua Lan from a long time ago, and wonders aloud if they’re mother and son. Tai Qing catches her there and drags her down to the living room. He tells the president to either kick Mei Nan out of the house, or he [Tai Qing] is leaving. The president refuses, and Tai Qing leaves.


At the hotel he’s staying at however, Tai Qing runs into Mu Hua Lan in the elevator. She confirms for us that she is his mother, but it doesn’t seem like Tai Qing wants anything to do with her anymore.


The president informs Mark that Mei Nan will be debuting her solo, and sets up her photoshoot right away. Mei Nan is uncomfortable with the idea, and Mark tells her that if she doesn’t carry through, she won’t be able to be famous and realize her brother’s dream of finding their mother. Xin Yu overhears and notes the exchange with interest, but keeps it hidden from Jeremy. We’re shown a flashback of when he took care of Mei Nan the night of the party – she fell against him and he realized that she was a girl.


At the photoshoot, Mei Nan is awkward and terrible at posing. Mark helps her out, as does the coordi and Jeremy. Jeremy being Jeremy though, he throws a rubber cockroach at Mei Nan, who screams and drops it to the ground. Jeremy chases her around and around, until Mei Nan jumps into Xin Yu’s arms. He’s stunned and moves to put her down, but she nestles further into him as Jeremy teases her. Aw.


While videochatting with the President about upcoming events, Tai Qing sees Mei Nan and the coordi run into the room once the President leaves. Mei Nan dropped one of the balls she used to stuff her crotch with, and Tai Qing can hardly believe his eyes as he sees the coordi kneel down and grab Mei Nan’s pants. HA. Too bad that before Tai Qing turns off his connection, he hears them discussing that Mei Nan is a girl.


Furious, Tai Qing drives over to dance practice and grabs Mei Nan in a hug to see for himself. The reporter catches them in this position and takes photos of the bandmates, effectively smoothing over the rumors of tensions. Looking at Tai Qing’s expression however, makes me think that the tension is far from over.


After practice all the boys run along to the showers, and Mark sends Mei Nan up to the second floor. The first floor is out of water though, and the boys troop upstairs to the same showers where Mei Nan is. She manages to change before they arrive, but can’t walk out without seeing them…au natural. To make matters worse, Jeremy comes up to her to talk, and whips off his towel in the process. Mei Nan’s eyes grow even bigger….until Xin Yu drops a towel on her head and ushers her out the door, telling her that he can’t shower when she’s here.


Mei Nian sighs in relief, musing that her secret is probably safe for now (sorry sweetie but it’s not, 2/3 band members already know). Tai Qing confronts her with the video from the conference call, and threatens to show the president the next day. Mei Nan chases him into an elevator and grabs the phone, but they lose it into an open car while fighting over it. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn.


I like that they added a scene with Xin Yu in this adaptation, it gives the couple a fighting chance 🙂 Otherwise, the drama is staying true to the plot, and doing well on it!


13 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 2 Recap

  1. omg, thank you for the recap! I looked all over the internet! I’m a huge Jiro fan, glad he’s finally in a good production. I don’t know if you followed his earlier career, but I saw KO1 for the first time earlier this week, and it just completely took me by surprised how much he’s changed in 8 year.

    Personally, i’m happy this version tuned down the sourness. Qing is more bitter and driven, and me likeee 🙂

    1. no problem! I’m going to be posting them on mondays every week 🙂
      Funnily enough I’ve never watched his KO series, though I’ve seen just about everything else. He’s matured a lot – and I’m glad because while he was entertaining in ISWAK and Hana Kimi, it’s nice to see him portray more complex characters.

      Agreed! Tae Kyung’s sourness in the original drama seemed a little extreme for a pop idol.

      1. So true! In the original, I always wondered if his popularity was not in part because of his mother (or his implied to be insanely rich/ influential father). It seems strange the agency would put up with him like this before he hit it big. If his mother had a hand, I just have to say it was some amazing gambit. If it’s his father, maybe as a big name player (the reason his mother would sleep with him but not marry him in the first place).

        I actually want them to show qing’s father this time around. It seemed in the K version he was very passive about all this. Or he took advantage of a woman heartbroken.

        I’ve bookmarked your page, going to stay tuned this whole time!

      2. Agreed! I read somewhere that in the Kdrama the dad was a famous composer who was out of the country and out of the picture. Funny how Tae Kyung only had bitter feelings towards his mother though…I’d hazard a guess that the dad was heartbroken over the mother’s betrayal (going to Go Min Nam’s dad) and divorced her/left her.

        Aw yay! 🙂 If you ever have a drama you want recapped, feel free to put in a request!

  2. Is there even a slight chance that she will end up with Xin Yu? Cause he’s really too good for her. Gah. His face is too handsome 😉 Man, I have the second lead syndrome. This. Is. Bad.

  3. The bathroom scene made me chuckle. She looks over and every single guy is standing there naked, ha. She is such a girl though! When Jeremy was teasing her with the bug, she actually leapt into Xin Yu’s arms! I liked how surprised he was by his reaction to her though. Very cute.

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