Day 20: Your favorite Drama OST (Instrumental)?

Gah instrumental? Aren’t all the instrumental OSTs just the regular OSTs without the lyrics??

I looked around but couldn’t find any “instrumental” versions, so I’m just posting songs that I like.

Best Drama Instrumental:

They Kiss Again – Ni  by Ariel Lin (note the fan video is sort of spoilery in that it’s ISWAK and TKA, watch at your own risk)

Best Movie Instrumental:

Secret – Dandelion Love by Jay Chou


Secret – Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi (A secret I cannot tell) by Jay Chou


5 thoughts on “Day 20: Your favorite Drama OST (Instrumental)?

  1. Japan is the country which puts out basically instrumental only OSTs. If you want the theme and insert songs, then you have to dig up the singles and albums by the artists. At least with China, Taiwan, and Korea they give you the insert songs along with the instrumental songs for dramas.

    I like all 3! I was shocked to see all the kisses in ISWAK and TKA. Maybe because not so much in the original drama 😛

    1. Ahhh I see. Good to know for any future OST questions haha 😛

      It’s part of the reason why I love the TW version so much – the chemistry/relationship between the couple feels the most realistic/adorable 🙂

  2. All the songs from ISWAK were cute and sweet and had quite a catchy beat. If I named my favorite ost, they would take up more than one post can handle (which basically means i can’t choose) 😀

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