Day 22: Your least favorite Asian drama actor?

jaychoucollageI first discovered Jay Chou through his music, and became an avid fan. When I found out he was branching into acting, I was ecstatic (I hadn’t yet learned that singing talent doesn’t always equal acting talent). So I watched Secret, his debut movie, and fell in love with the music. To my chagrin however, I couldn’t remember the plot. Chalking it up to my negligence, I watched his following movie Kung Fu Dunk and was sorely disappointed. I repeated my mistake again when I watched the Green Hornet – which turned out to be the worst superhero movie I think I’ve seen to date. Jay, I know that the Green Hornet wasn’t your fault per say, but PLEASE stick to singing/songwriting.

On a lighter note, here are some of my favorite songs by him 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 22: Your least favorite Asian drama actor?

  1. It’s funny. You see singers and they have great charisma on stage and in their music videos…but then sadly they can’t channel that into acting well. I don’t think I’ve actually watched anything with him in it. I do, however, also love his awesome music! 🙂

    1. Apart from Curse of the Golden Flower, I recommend staying away from anything else. Curse of the Golden Flower didn’t focus on him however, and rather Gong Li and Chow Yun-fat. Agreed though – To the Beautiful You had a similarly disappointing casting result because (surprise surprise) they cast all of their singers as the main characters.

  2. I’ve heard that he is considered to be a rather bad actor. Though, I myself didn’t find him all too horrible in Secret. But that was probably because I was soo impressed by his piano playing (which was super impressive) that I forgot that he doesn’t really express himself very well outside music. I’ve also heard that the Green Hornet was quite awful, but didn’t dare to check it out myself. I’m just gonna trust you on that.

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