Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 11 Recap

“Cun Xi’s Dilemma”

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At Anna’s house

Cun Xi, Xin Yi, and Grandma Zhen Zhu are all at Anna’s house.  Grandma Zhen Zhu tells Anna that Cun Xi is fullfilling his responsibilities to Xin Yi by marrying her and taking care of her and the baby.  Cun Xi tells Anna to ignore what the grandma is saying, and that there’s no love in the relationship.  He promises that once the baby is born Xin Yi will leave.  Grandma Zhen Zhu argues that she’s trying to protect her “darling,” and Cun Xi says that he is trying to protect his too… 😦

Everyone is arguing and Anna, unable to stand it anymore, runs out.  Cun Xi says he’s been waiting all this time for Anna to come back to him and now his grandma has ruined everything.  Now all he wants is for the baby and for Xin Yi to disappear, and tells Grandma that Anna has injured her foot and if anything happens to her, Grandma will lose her only grandson as well.  As he leaves, he says to Xin Yi that she’s very talented for getting Grandma Zhen Zhu to be her support and on her side.


Outside Anna’s house

Cun Xi chases after Anna and explains to her again how Xin Yi and the baby were only an accident, and that they’ll get a divorce as soon as the baby is born.  Anna says it’s all because of Cun Xi that she’s even crying now.  As a child her mother never loved her, in New York she was able to survive in a harsh and competitive dancing environment, all of which she had hardened her heart to, but she let Cun Xi into her life and opened her heart to him and now he has made her weak and vulnerable.  She leaves in a taxi, and Cun Xi promises that he’ll prove that he loves only her and only wants to be with her.

3     4

Back at Cun Xi’s house

Cun Xi says he’ll never believe Xin Yi again, because she’s just pretending to be innocent and helpless in front of Grandma.  He announces that he wants to terminate their contract early—he wants a divorce.


He packs his bags and leaves behind a hurt Xin Yi and a fuming Grandma.  In the car, he admits that he knows best how hurtful it feels to be left behind, but drives off anyway.  Grandma is angry, but tells Xin Yi to not worry, because come her 80th birthday party, she’ll announce to all their friends and family who the official Mrs. Ji is.

Outside Anna’s house

Anna is drinking at their special restaurant and is reminded of how much Cun Xi has done for her, and convinced that she should forgive him for his one mistake, and that Cun Xi probably really needs her support right now especially.  She runs back home in the rain (somehow her ankle is okay…) to find Cun Xi and Baby Ji waiting outside in the rain for her.

6        7

Fast forward

Xin Yi continues to see the doctor and take care of her baby, accompanied by Anson.  Grandma prepares invitations for her 80th birthday, meanwhile bragging that one of their relatives was wrong in predicting that Cun Xi wouldn’t get a child until later in life (is this some foreshadowing???).  Cun Xi hears about Xin Yi’s health and progress through Anson, and gets a photo of the ultrasound of his baby, feeling guilty for not being there for Xin Yi.  Anna tries to join another ballet company but nobody will take her in after hearing about the incident before the Hong Kong show.  Anna also finds the ultrasound photo in Cun Xi’s wallet, thinking to herself that Cun Xi really cares about the baby.


Cun Xi still is curious to hear Anson’s daily reports of how Xin Yi is doing, how she’s eating, how she’s feeling, and how she’s sleeping.  He even buys a little duck and tells Anson to give it to Xin Yi.  Anson keeps nudging Cun Xi to just give Xin Yi a call if he cares so much about them.

8    10     11

Anson also carries the message to Cun Xi of Grandma Zhen Zhu’s intent to proclaim to the world who the legitimate granddaughter-in-law of the Ji family is, and threatens to kill herself if Cun Xi doesn’t show up at her 80th birthday with Xin Yi.  Cun Xi is angry and refuses to attend the birthday, but upon finding out that Xin Yi almost had a miscarriage the day he was with Anna, and rushes back home to visit Xin Yi.  He asks Anson to help him sneak back into his house since Grandma has changed all the passwords and locks.  Anson agrees, only if he gets paid by the second, ha!

12     13    14

At Cun Xi’s house


Cun Xi sneaks into his home and stands outside his room planning the coolest way to make his entrance and surprise Xin Yi.  After finally deciding on one that wasn’t too cold or too mean, he walks into the room to find it completely empty and void of any evidence that Xin Yi was ever there.  As he’s getting ready to leave, disappointed, he passes by Ji Nian Pin’s room and finds Xin Yi asleep in there.

17    16    18

She has been working on putting together a rocking horse and a diary/scrapbook for the baby.  He reads through the diary and finds in the back that Xin Yi has written Anna down as the baby’s mother.

19    20    21

Touched and ashamed for treating Xin Yi so poorly, he finishes putting together the rocking horse and then leaves.  Xin Yi wakes up to find the rocking horse completed and a cute little duck—she cheerfully assumes that Cun Xi has visited.


At Anna’s house

Anna tells Cun Xi that she’ll accept the baby—she knows how much the baby means to Cun Xi and to his family, and since she can’t give Cun Xi up, she’s willing to accept his baby as her own.  Cun Xi thinks over it all night, and finally decides in the morning that he owes it to Xin Yi to follow the terms of their agreement and take care of her for the final 7 months of her pregnancy until the baby is born.  He asks Anna to wait 7 months for him.  She is upset and asks Cun Xi to consider her feelings.  He asks her in return to consider his feelings.  He adds that she has asked him to wait 2 years for her, how come she can’t even wait 7 months for him?


So many ups and downs in the episode and so many points that made me frustrated with Cun Xi!  But I think he redeemed himself pretty well at the end of the episode, making a mature/responsible decision although it was a very difficult one to make.  On the other hand, I’m beginning to see Anna’s selfish side coming through.  Hopefully she doesn’t cause trouble with Xin Yi, because it’s pretty obvious who will back down in that confrontation…


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