Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 3 Recap

So two out of three of the boys know that Gao Mei Nan is a girl…what are they going to do about it??

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We left off with Mei Nan and Tai Qing fighting over his phone – Mei Nan grabbed it out of his hand and ran, but Tai Qing quickly caught up to her. Out of desperation, Mei Nan licks his phone, then thrusts it at him. HA. Tai Qing, being the germaphobe he is, immediately leans away and refuses to touch it anymore. Mei Nan smiles in victory…unti Tai Qing reminds her that even if she deletes the video, she can’t change the fact that she’s a girl. Stumped, Mei Nan doesn’t notice Tai Qing grab for the phone, and in their tussle, it flies into the car below.


Annoyed, Tai Qing orders Mei Nan to retrieve the phone. The car owner stepped out to go take a call, and left the door unlocked. Left with no choice, Mei Nan crawls into the car. She notices it lying on the floor, and accidentally moves the parking brake when she tries to pick it up. The car begins to roll forward, and a panicked Mei Nan screams for Tai Qing to save her. She doesn’t know how to drive a car, and can barely steer it. Tai Qing runs behind her (the car is still rolling slowly), and tries to coach her through stopping the car. He begins to warn her not to step on the gas pedal (the left pedal), but Mei Nan floors it before registering the “do not”. She narrowly avoids a car crash by stepping on the brake at the last second, and Tai Qing grabs her out of the car as the owner runs up.

Mei Nan apologizes to Tai Qing, and asks why they ran. Tai Qing replies that two stars involved in a hit and run would generate bad media for the band, and besides, there’s nothing they can do about the car. Mei nan prays (while Tai Qing looks on skeptically), and tells him that apologizing for their misconduct should be okay. Sure enough, Mei Nan apologizes to the car owner and receives his forgiveness. He’s surprisingly okay about it, likely because the car didn’t suffer any damage. Tai Qing isn’t in a good mood however, and tells her to deal with her gender issue right away.


Back at his hotel room (Tai Qing hasn’t moved back in with the band yet), Tai Qing wonders aloud if Mei Nan is okay. Flashback to right after he’d told her to reveal her gender to the company president and turned away – Tai Qing had turned back and looked at Mei Nan limping away. Looks like someone’s cold exterior is slowly cracking away 🙂


Mei Nan reveals to Mark and the coordi that Tai Qing has discovered she’s a girl. She assures them that he hasn’t told anyone yet, but doesn’t reveal that she is the one who will be confessing her secret. Mark begins to brainstorm ways to conveniently “get rid” of Tai Qing, including using his family to get him run over by a garbage truck (lol), to having warriors attack him (double lol), to …. Tai Qing dying of a broken heart….as a girl?? (AHAHAHA). The coordi promptly starts hitting Mark on the head for his stupid ideas, and they resolve to just wait it out.


Back in the dormitory, Xin Yu prepares a first aid kit as Mei Nan packs. Jeremy barges in to ask what she’s done to Tai Qing – turns out he saw their elevator exchange…except in a different light. We see Mei Nan smirking at Tai Qing who cowers in the elevator, and she seductively leans close to him before wrist-grabbing him and pulling him away. HA. Mei Nan is understandably confused at Jeremy’s mutterings, and creeps out with a silently beckoning Xin Yu.


Once outside, Xin Yu tells her to sit down, and asks her for her hand. He teases her for being so obedient, at first implying that she’s a girl before quickly changing his statement to call her a puppy. Mei Nan isn’t too thrilled to be called a dog, but Xin Yu pets her head and she quickly smiles. Too bad Jeremy’s watching again, and he bemoans the weird vibes he keeps getting from Mei Nan. He goes inside to get an apple and clear his mind, but drops it by accident when he tries to shine it. Mei Nan picks it up, and offers it to Jeremy, but as usual, he sees something completely different (in this dream sequence Mei nan seductively licks the apple, then playfully growls at him).


The scene cuts to a night market, where three middle-aged women sit around a cardtable. One (the one on the far left), announces that her nephew is the one who has joined A.N. Jell, and wonders aloud if he’d remember her. Her two friends tease her, asking if the twins would remember the few months they spent with her after their father (her brother) died, or the fact that she put them in an orphanage. Ouch. Looks like Auntie is one of those “leech” relatives who only attach to you for money.

Back in the dorm, Mei Nan finishes packing. She stares at a photo of herself, her brother, and her father from years ago, and tearily wonders how her brother is doing.


Mei Nan’s aunt Gao Mei Ci joins the fangirls sitting outside the headquarters. They mock her for being a “local” (ie, a villager) because of her boasts that she’s related to Mei Nan. Annoyed, Mei Ci says that what she said is true, and besides, everyone says she looks like popstar Ayumi Hamasaki. This only results in more laughter from the fangirls, and a disgruntled Mei Ci is left to look at the photo she brought to prove her relation to Mei Nan. Unfortunately she receives a call that the person in charge of the village loan pool ran with the money, and can only leave the photo with a representative of the company to pass on.


Mei Nan receives the letter mere minutes before she’s supposed to meet with the president, and rushes off to find the mystery woman who dropped it off.  The fangirls direct her towards the subway, and Mei Nan grabs onto the first woman in red she sees. Too bad it’s a different old lady, and with a bad temper to boot. Tai Qing catches up to Mei Nan in the subway, and after pulling her hood up, leads her away from the throng of people following her. He’d seen her running to the terminal from his car, and “just knew” that she’d get into more trouble. Sure…. 😉

At a less public location, Tai Qing tells Mei Nan that the woman is probably long gone. She is optimistic however, and muses that if the woman dropped off the photo, it’s likely she’ll come back again – maybe the woman in red is her mother! This strikes a sour note with Tai Qing, who had a terrible relationship with his own mother. To emphasize this point, we see a flashback to when he’d prepared a card and cake for his mother, only to get a call of yet another last minute cancel. Aw 😦 He tells Mei Nan that he doesn’t care if she’s staying to find her mother – how does she even know the woman loves her??


Determined to change his mind now that she has a slight lead into her mother’s whereabouts, Mei Nan calls Tai Qing the next day to give him her mother’s ring. She wants him to understand how important her mother is to her, even if she’s been out of the picture for most of her life. Frustrated, Tai Qing yells, “Fine! If this ring, your mother, is so important to you, what are you going to do now?” and throws her ring into the hotel pond. Mei Nan angrily pushes him for throwing away her cherished possession, and fires back that she’ll find it no matter what. Tai Qing informs her that if she finds it, he won’t do anything about her staying on A.N. Jell…because she won’t ever find it.

Late at night, Tai Qing walks out to see Mei Nan still searching on her hands and knees for the ring. He grimaces but turns away to retire inside. Early in the morning however, he tosses and turns, wondering if she’s still out there. He doesn’t want to believe it, but decides to relieve his guilty conscience by checking anyways. Outside, he sighs in relief to see the pond empty – until Mei Nan rounds the corner on her hands and knees, still in the water. He yells at her to stop, and we see him take the ring out of his pocket. Mei Nan refuses to give up however, no matter how much Tai Qing tries to pull her out of the water. Just as he’s about to show her the ring, he clumsily drops it and Mei Nan sees it glimmering in the water. She hugs him in her excitement, exclaiming that she can stay on A.N. Jell!


Tai Qing makes Mei Nan take a hot bath (she adorably blows bubbles the entire time), and he packs up his clothes to move back to the dorm. When Mei Nan cheerfully tells him she’s going to give being a member of A.N. Jell her all, Tai Qing smirks and tells her to “give it her all” during their swimming photo shoot.


Mei Nan is relieved to see that they aren’t actually wearing swimsuits, and are covered up in white dress clothes. Too bad she can’t swim well, and has NG after NG. Xin Yu offers her words of encouragement, telling her that everyone’s first MV photo shoot was a disaster. Jeremy lurks in the background the entire time, suspiciously noticing Mei Nan’s close relationships with not only Xun Yu, but also Tai Qing.


Once the shoot wraps up, the cast and crew head towards the locker rooms to shower and change. Mei Nan hangs back to find a hiding spot, and waits til everyone has left to undress. Tai Qing and Xin Yu notice her absence, and both hear a junior staff member nervously admitting to the leader that he forgot the mini mic by the pool. He and the leader go back to the poolside to find it, and Mei Nan jumps into the water half clothed to hide. Tai Qing rushes up as well, and spots Mei Nan by the bubbles coming up. He nervously checks his watch, and sees that she’s been under for a little over a minute. He unconsciously begs her to hold on to keep her secret, and fails to notice Xin Yu watching from behind a pillar.

The staff finally find the mic and leave, but not before Mei Nan begins to lose consciousness. Tai Qing dives in and shakes her awake, but in her struggle to get to the surface, Mei Nan kicks him in the head. Poor Tai Qing floats dazedly in the water while Mei Nan climbs to the surface and changes. It only belatedly occurs to her that she saw an angel in the water saving her, and sees Tai Qing floating towards the surface.


Mei Nan’s discovery and “saving” of Tai Qing has completely reversed the fangirls’ attitude towards her, and they chant their thanks to her for saving their Tai Qing. Tai Qing however, is mad beyond belief that the president expects him to publicly thank Mei Nan for saving him, when it was the other way around. The president tells him to stay in the hospital a little longer to gain Mei Nan some more good opinions, and remarks that there are too many reporters at the hospital anyways.

They’re there for Liu Xin Ning, Taiwan’s national fairy and top female singer. She’s at the hospital visiting critically ill patients, and tearfully strokes the head of a young girl as reporters film her every move. All the reporters mutter about how every shot looks beautiful, and how the nation’s little sister is such a good person. Xin Ning tears up so much however, that she requests to leave for a little privacy.


Once outside, her stops sniffling immediately and heads towards a large white van. Once inside, she checks her makeup and complains that she should be able to leave now, since she provided over 30 minutes of quality coverage. She orders her manager to hand her kleanex, and is surprised when a box of them hits her back. She turns around to yell…only to find herself face to face with Tai Qing. Immediately, the fairy mask is back on and Xin Ning breathily confesses to being a fan of A.N. Jell. Tai Qing tells her to cut the crap, saying that “the Nation’s little liar” might be more on the mark. He tells her to leave, and take her disgusting tissues with her.

Xin Ning angrily stomps all over the tissues, shouting about how Tai Qing is such a jerk. She stops as soon as she hears the voice of Da Pai, the reporter we met in the last episode. He takes some photos of her, and asks if he can ask her a few questions after she wraps up at the hospital. Ever the nice one, Xin Ning sweetly agrees. As they walk back to the hospital however, Da Pai notices that the white van belongs to A.N. Jell, and that Xin Ning had been heading back from that direction. Dun dun dun…..


13 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 3 Recap

  1. OMG, I am in love with Tai Qing. That was some top shelf performance from Jiro, especially considering his usual roles are the sweet, understanding type (closer to his actual personality). I’m glad to see him break out his acting chops, and the production really shows its budget.

    Those dream sequences are hilarious! With those and Jiro’s more ‘I am better than thou’ attitude, he’s really making the role his own. Which I’m really happy about, he’s done a few remakes, this one really, really shines.

    I also like the attention to detail here, I’m not sure if it’s production or Jiro himself, but a lot of little details are really making a difference. Like how when he’s muttering to himself after the pool scene, he starts to fold his towel almost unconsciously, really in character for his OCD personality. Also it was pointed out to me that unlike the korean version, where the character would always throw the bluetooth headphone away when done with a call, Jiro’s Tai Qing doesn’t throw anything, let alone his headset. Everything is so precise with him, while Mei Nan toss everything she doesn’t need. it’s quite a contrast, especially for new actors, I think all the supporting cast is doing great. Although unlike the korean version, our number 2 male support hasn’t shown up much. The manager and the boss are actually more prominent than him.

    really glad you posted this! Hope you had a fun memorial’s

    1. Ah i didn’t even notice the little details! Thanks for pointing that out 🙂 I did notice that Xin Yu has been a little more…cat and mouse in this version than the Jdrama and Kdrama. He’s more prone to watching her from afar (how did he even know she was injured??) and being her “guardian angel” than knight in shining armour. During the pool scene in particular, Xin Yu just watched from behind the column not doing anything while Tai Qing actively dove in to save Mei Nan.

      I do expect to see a lot more of him in the next few episodes however, and Jeremy as well (since he’s started to pick up the “odd” vibes from Mei Nan).

      You too! 🙂

      1. I’ve been looking at the behind the scene stuff. Jiro apparently got a ‘no interesting with the cast’ rule from the director. Since his actual personality was always the warm, the more the merrier, happy sort, the director wanted him to stay in character through filming. Watching him act through the dream sequence, he just seem so happy to finally let himself out.

  2. Ok, ep 3 has finally been subbed so i’ve just watched it, lol. I loved all of the dream sequences in this episode, they were hilarious! I think the cast must seriously enjoy filming those scenes, it must be so hard not to laugh. Jeremy’s dream sequence with Mei Nan was killing me. And Tai Qing acting the weak scared boy in Jeremy’s other dream? Lol!

    And seriously, how did Xin Yu know she was injured? He couldn’t have known what happened between her and Tai Qing. She obviously just wandered into the house and bumped into him or something, but they should have had a scene showing that.

    The girl playing Xin Ning is really pretty, I like her as this character. I didn’t particularly think Kojima Haruna in the Japanese one fit the role, so I’m glad i like the Taiwanese version.

    1. Dang the subbers are slow! Haha I think Jiro must love it – crazy/super silly is definitely his style. Mei Nan’s actress is doing a good job during the dream sequences, she actually looked like a guy in it (maybe it was the attitude?)

      No clue, and it bugs me 😦 The drama should tie up those leftover strings.

      IMO the Mei Nan in the Japanese drama was too dimensional and too stereotypical of the drama heroines we see – always hardworking and smiling with nothing much else about her character. I’m not sure if this was the actress’s fault or just the writers (likely a mix of both).

      1. I think a team has properly taken over the subbing now, so i’m hoping it’s going to be more regular now :-).

        I found the Japanese version of Mei Nan to be pretty much the same as the Korean version. I don’t think any of the versions change that character very much, although to be honest, it was so long ago that I watched them that I hardly remember what I thought at the time, lol.

  3. Jiro wang is totally a STAR in this drama. He is so gorgeous and his acting got me interested again in taiwanese drama. I am so loving this drama and the hero and heroine! I am watching the drama unsubbed and guessing the dialogue on my memory of YB and also my tiny Mandarin vocab.

    1. I was a tad surprised since this character is so cold/indifferent on the surface (Jiro’s known for playing outgoing, warm/bubbly types) but he’s doing well! Wow props to you! I know that Viki has eps 1-3 subbed, and I think gooddrama has ep 4 subbed up? It’s unfortunate that the licensing took so long for this drama, so that now everyone is focused on Love, Around (which seems too cliché) than Fabulous Boys.

      Let me know if you ever need any recommendations, and stay tuned for more recaps! 🙂

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