Day 27: Name an underrated Drama?



I first started watching this drama because I knew the two leads, Rainie and Jiro, from previous works (Devil Beside You and Hana Kimi, respectively). I was expecting a decent to good drama because of the star pwoer, but was pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn’t a typical trope filled drama of an antagonistic stuck up wealthy guy and a poor hardworking girl. Their relationship was one of the most civil and emotionally satisfying that I have ever seen in drama-land, and I was very happy to see a drama absent of wrist-grabbing, shouting, and thinly veiled anger.

I know a lot of people didn’t like the drama because of its low production costs (comes with being a TW drama) and Rainie’s character (the main character) was an introverted, yet independent young woman as opposed to the fiercely “in your face” type that we so commonly see. I however, loved it. I wouldn’t say that this drama is without faults, because it isn’t, but it’s definitely worth a watch. Hopefully you will all appreciate it like I did πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Day 27: Name an underrated Drama?

  1. Yay for giving ToGetHer some love! I didn’t get why so many people didn’t like this drama and compared to other TW dramas, while the budget was low, it didn’t look nearly as low production as some.
    This is the drama that made be fall hard for Jiro and really showed that he could bust out of the idiot with a heart of gold second lead…or the idiotic 1st lead like in the K.O. series. This really did showcase more depth to a relationship and did stay away from a lot of tropes that grate on my nerves save one. We have the rich mommy push her disabled son onto Momo. That has happened before in dramas and I kind of don’t like that. I have no problem if there is genuine love there, but Momo only ever saw him as like a brother and best friend and it was wrong of mommy to do that as it will only hurt both Momo and..Jia Sen? or something like that in the end. LOVED George Hu in that role, btw.

    1. Agreed, George Hu was pretty amazing in ToGetHer as well πŸ™‚ While I really really hate the rich mommy trope, I thought it made sense that she would push MoMo to go with her son (even if it wasn’t as lovers); she’s concerned for her son’s well-being and believes that keeping his environment the same (including MoMo being there) is ideal. Maybe she thought MoMo was like a security blanket or something.That’s not to say I didn’t get fed up with her towards the end, but the reasoning behind her constant appeals to MoMo made sense to me.

      1. That is true. I know she wanted what was best for him as I guess a normal mother would, but yeah the constant pushing towards the end was a lil much.

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