Day 28: A Drama that made you cry?

This is going to sound awful, but I haven’t watched a single drama yet that has made me cry. I tend to stay away from known tear-jerkers (1 litre of tears I’m looking at you) because I view them the same way as horror movies, why purposefully put yourself through suffering/fear/sadness? Not to say that I’m an emotionless robot, I have no qualms to admitting that I shed a tear or two while reading the last HP book, watching Boromir die in LOTR, or the beginning of Land Before Time (there’s just something about that “sacrifice for the greater good” death that makes meΒ bawl my eyes out tear up a little).


The only asian related media that made me slightly tear up was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, when she couldn’t rescue him before the poison killed him. 😦


13 thoughts on “Day 28: A Drama that made you cry?

  1. seriously?! haha, i guess that’s one way of thinking about it. i on the other hand can cry over just about anything, but i also love the intensity of the sad moments in dramas, hehe πŸ˜› oh, and the music always adds to the moment! recently, it’s been fated to love you and faith.

  2. I love dramas that make me cry, but most of the time they don’t. When I first started they did. I was weak and cried during Boys Over Flowers, Goong, and a few others. I don’t think I really cried during 1 Litre of Tears, but Last Friends is probably my favorite and always makes me cry.

      1. It was one of those evil mother-in-law picks on Jan Di moments. I get involved in stories and characters no matter how horribly written or acted it is. If something is completely and outrageously unfair I’ll cry at times out of anger.

  3. I’m the same, I don’t watch sad dramas. If the show is about someone dying, i’m not going to watch it because you’re putting yourself into a depressing situation deliberately, lol. I’m not much of a crier, but sometimes something unexpected will happen in a drama and i’ll surprise myself by bawling my eyes out, lol.

  4. I watch sad dramas…I guess I’m just coldhearted enough to not be moved to tears πŸ˜›
    I remember crying as a kid when Littlefoot’s and Bambi’s mothers died, though…

    1. Oh man I forgot about Bambi 😦
      I think the most recent movie I cried for was The Help, because of the scene where Aibileen is walking away and Mae Mobley is crying for her. Breaks my heart every time 😦

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