Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 4 Recap

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Jeremy backs Mei Nan up against a tree, demanding to know what she did (or said) to Tai Qing to make him suddenly become affable. Mei Nan stutters that she doesn’t know, and a frustrated Jeremy picks up a garden hose to threaten her to talk. When Mei Nan starts shaking the water out of her face however, Jeremy’s face glazes over…before he shoots her with more water to get the image out of his head.

Out of nowhere, Jeremy gets hit in the face with water. He yelps in surprise to find Xin Yu pointing another hose at him, and whines that Xin Yu is always helping Mei Nan, but nobody cares about him. Xin Yu sprays Jeremy a few more times for good measure, smiles, and tells him to clean up so as not to get a cold. Haha.


Mei Nan visits Tai Qing in his room, thanking him with a bowl of porridge. Tai Qing gruffily accepts it, but stops short when he spies a piece of shrimp. Mei Nan hastily apologizes, saying that she only prepared it because shrimp is a delicacy. When she asks if Tai Qing would be able to eat it since it’s only a few pieces, Tai Qing sarcastically asks if she wants to see him dead.


Mei Nan apologizes to Mark and the coordi for giving them trouble, and shows them the photo that “the woman in red” gave her. She speaks hopefully about staying with A.N. Jell to find her mother, and Mark and the coordi volunteer to help. Speaking of the woman in red, Mei Nan’s aunt sits with her friends in a holding cell (looks like they weren’t able to pay back the loan in time). She promises that as soon as she meets Mei Nan, she’ll have 20,000.


Jeremy is an avid follower of Xin Ning, and sighs over her hospital video while the band is eating lunch. He asks Tai Qing what he thinks of Xin Ning, to which Tai Qing scoffs that she’s a liar. A confused Jeremy asks what his type is then, and Tai Qing bursts out, “Gao Mei Nan!” Everyone looks at him in astonishment until he continues his sentence, berating her for eating “in the most disgusting manner”. Xin Yu doesn’t think Xin Ning is that special either, and when Jeremy asks Mei Nan what she thinks, she asks who Xin Ning is. Mark nervously tries to cover the slip up, but nobody really looks convinced.


Upon leaving the headquarters, the fans flock to the members for autographs. Mei Nan stands forlornly off to the side, until the head fangirl asks her for an autograph. Mei Nan is surprised and pleased, until she sees Tai Qing’s cool, professional signature and compares it to her simpler one. She asks him if he can help her design one, an idea which Tai Qing shuts down straight. Once she leaves however, he picks up a pencil and starts to design.

A disheartened Mei Nan sits outside with her sketchbook, and shows Xin Yu her designs. He remarks that they don’t have the star factor, to which Mei Nan sadly comments that Tai Qing said the exact same thing. Xin Yu is a little taken aback by the fact that Mei Nan went to Tai Qing first for help, and tells her to come to him next time. When asked why, he leans dangerously close to Mei Nan and tells her it’s because they have a heartfelt relationship. Mmhm, pushing your luck there.


In the end, Xin Yu helps Mei Nan design a suitably cool signature, and Mei Nan goes back to show it to Tai Qing. Poor Tai Qing stuffs the design he was bringing in his jacket pocket, and leaves right away when he finds out Xin Yu helped her. He continues to be grumpy when Mark informs the band members that they will be volunteering and performing at an orphanage, refusing to participate.


We fast forward through alternating shots of Xin Yu, Mei Nan, and Jeremy volunteering at the orphanage and practicing for their schedule. It’s clear that Mei Nan is overexerting herself, and everything comes to a breaking point when Tai Qing tries to get her to stop by pulling her knitting project away. It ends up ripping, and Xin Yu rips into Tai Qing – telling him that Mei Nan grew up in an orphanage and appreciated the guest appearances by celebrities, even if it was just for good media attention, so there is no reason for Tai Qing to scorn her hardwork even if he disagrees with her.

We see Tai Qing outside her door with medicine later that night, but he chickens out of knocking and leaves it right outside.


Mei Nan thanks Xin Yu for the meds, but he looks confused and says it wasn’t him. The team heads out for the orphanage to perform their Christmas concert (note that Christmas isn’t as big of a family holiday as it is in the west), and Tai Qing steps out of a shiny car to hang Mei Nan a bag. He uses the excuse that he was in the neighborhood, but looks pleased when Mei Nan gushes over the fixed and finished sock she was working on.


The band perform for the children as Mei Nan passes around gifts, and she thinks to herself that this Christmas is one of her favourites to remember. She soon shivers from the cold though, and is surprised when a jacket drops around her shoulders. It’s Tai Qing’s, and he tells her that he only gave it to her because he doesn’t want any more setbacks due to her health. Mei Nan sees right through his tough act however, and smiles as he walks off. Her smile grows wider when she finds the signature he designed in the pocket. Aw 🙂


Mei Nan’s aunt leaves the holding cell the next day as Mu Hua Lan tells the radio MC about her favourite song. Hmm, foreshadowing? Elsewhere, A.N. Jell gets ready for their first performance and run into Xin Ning. She pretends to be fans of the band, but unfamiliar with Tai Qing (petty revenge for the other day in the van lol). Mei Nan gets lost on her way back from the restroom, and walks into Mu Hua Lan’s dressing room. She tries to ask Mu Hua Lan where to go, but is told to give her a head massage (Mu Hua Lan hasn’t turned around yet). It’s only until Mu Hua Lan’s real assistant comes in with coffee that the blunder is realized. 


Mei Nan isn’t in trouble, and she shares with Mu Hua Lan that Tai Qing is a “big fan” of hers. Mu Hua Lan seems skeptical, but gives Mei Nan an autographed photo to pass on to Tai Qing.


The aunt comes to the performance area wanting to see Mei Nan, and Mark goes out to see her after promising Mei Nan that he’ll call as soon as he knows the fate of her mother. Mei Nan can’t help distractedly checking her phone every few seconds however, wondering how the meeting is going.


Tai Qing notices her lack of focus, and takes the phone away. He reminds her that she promised to give over 100% of her effort to making A.N. Jell great, and she has to commit to that. Mei Nan agrees, but tells Tai Qing that after this performance she might be leaving A.N. Jell – someone has come who knew her father. Tai Qing is shocked, but hides it behind a mask of indifference.


Insert concert scene/music!


After the concert, Mei Nan looks high and low for Tai Qing, but can’t find him. She borrows Jeremy’s phone to call Mark, just as Tai Qing sees a message pop up on Mei Nan’s phone…

Mark informs Mei Nan that it seems like her mother isn’t alive anymore as Tai Qing races to find her. Jeremy is shocked when he sees Mei Nan crying, and runs to get Xin Yu to comfort her. Alas, when they return, Tai Qing is already there. He slowly wipes the tears off Mei Nan’s face before pulling her up to cry against his chest. She sobs that she never got to see her mother because she left this world.


Tai Qing tells Mei Nan that there is no way she can face the horde of reporters outside in the lobby (he blames her puffy face when she tries to insist she’s okay), and the coordi borrows an outfit from Xin Qing’s wardrobe to disguise Mei Nan. Da Pai (the reporter) sees Tai Qing outside of Xin Ning’s room however, and vows to unearth the secret relationship between the two. When he tries to question Tai Qing for details, Mei Nan steps out (dressed very similarly to Xin Ning). Tai Qing grabs her wrist and runs, while Da Pai snaps photo after photo of the two running away. Uhoh 😦



I liked the orphanage tie in – it was in the Jdrama adaptation, but not the original Kdrama. In the Jdrama however, there was a big show of Mei Nan’s character winning over the director by herself, while in this one the volunteering was used to make Tai Qing realize not only Mei Nan’s past (and the reasons behind her feelings towards the project), but also her dedication. I’m not sure I like how Xin Yu constantly plays guessing games with Mei Nan, trying to see how much he can insinuate about her gender as a joke. Part of the reason Mei Nan follows Tai Qing around like a puppy is because she knows he’s aware of her gender and will help her keep it, giving her a sense of security. Xin Yu is extremely nice, but she likely feels that there is only so much she can share with him. What did you guys think?


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 4 Recap

  1. I think the saying “Timing’s a Bitch” would apply here. But unlike in the original K version, where it honestly felt like Xin Yu never had a good time to break the news before Tai Qing found out. This version of Yu seems to play up the game. He enjoys seeing her squirm a little. We can see this in how Yu interact with J too. unlike the K version, he encourages J to find out the secret, and unlike the K version. He squirt J with water even after Mei Nan leaves, because he’s a kid like that. I think the age gap between Qing and Yu gets played more here. Jiro is actually 10 whole years older than Yu’s actor (although you can’t really tell it’s that big of a difference).

    I think one of the things that makes me really like this Qing is how he honestly does not care about others opinions of him. The K version, i’m still baffled at how he’s got the most fans. This version, at least we see him being nice to the fans and the one with the most talent (at least according to the boss). Also, if he thinks it’s not right, he will not go through with it unless there is a really, really good reason. That’s quite endearing, actually, holding onto one’s principles in showbiz is hard to do.

    I cried laughing when J was asking everyone’s type and Q just burst out Mei Nan’s name. Even Yu looked shocked. I also find it interesting that while Yu knows everyone’s secrets, Qing is really just concerned with himself, and that one secret he kinda reluctantly learned about. He really doesn’t concern himself with others business if he could help it.

    again, thank you for the review. sorry for the late reply!

    1. I love how you have analysed Qing and Yu!!And I agree completely. And I also think the lead actress is doing a darn good job.. she is playing it more scared than dumb which I like…

    2. I agree! I actually really like how Xin Yu seems to play with Mei Nan, his choice not to come clean about knowing her secret will [SPOILER] play into his eventual loss in getting the girl, making it his fault, and not just it “not being the right time” which seems more unlucky than anything.

      I feel like the tw version has fleshed out the characters more (at least Tai Qing and Xin Yu), something which I really appreciate. Hope they continue this trend!

      P.S no worries! Sorry for the late reply 😛

      1. ha, I think the tw version is trying to ‘fix’ all the little things that bugged me about the K version. which is great, also the way to go for a remake, on top of getting talented staff and actors (the budget doesn’t hurt either)

        cannot wait for ep 5!!

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