01. When did you start watching Asian dramas?

My journey to drama-land was a bit complicated.

I saw my first drama (Meteor Garden) in 2000 while it was airing. I didn’t realize that Meteor Garden sparked a drama crazy all over Asia however, and continued blissfully unawares until 2003, when I watched The Pawn Shop No. 8 while it was airing. At this point however, I’d still managed to escape the drama-addiction.

Fast-forward to 2009, when my friends gushed over the dramas they were watching. Curious, I asked for a recommendation and got hooked onto Fated to Love You and Hana Kimi. I kept going, looking up dramas on my own, and wound up branching into Kdramas and Jdramas as well.

Give Me Dramas was an endeavor that started as a way to blog about Taiwanese dramas, because all anyone ever talks about are the korean ones and I felt like the Taiwanese ones could use a little love 🙂 It’s been just over a year now, and I have lots of plans for the future!


3 thoughts on “01. When did you start watching Asian dramas?

  1. Yeah, I wasn’t officially on the bandwagon when I first stumbled either. It helps that I also don’t have anybody in my family or friends who actually liked foreign dramas. In fact, my grandparents and other family still don’t get it. My 10 year-old sister calls my obsession with Asian dramas stupid. I wonder if that means she thinks her mother is stupid as my step-mom watches her Filipino dramas and programs all the time, too…

    I started out blogging reviews of Japanese dramas and that morphed into kdrama recaps which quickly fell by the way side as there is just sooo many people doing kdramas. Thus the focus shifted to recapping more jdramas and some twdramas while throwing in an occasional kdrama that no one else was doing.

    1. There are too many people doing kdramas – and the sad part is that while they get a lot more views doing it than jdramas/twdramas, they tend to burn out quickly because they can’t compete with the pro teams (ie, Couch Kimchi/Dramabeans) that recap 6-7 airing dramas at a time. I’ve seen so many bloggers who start out blogging kdramas, but give up a year or two down the road.

      Ha nobody in my family really likes them either, and they don’t understand my fangirl-ing either 😛

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